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CEW progress report

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I need to get focused on packing and such--I feel like I've been in a complete fog and I'm just now waking up and realizing that there are only 3 days before the morning when I leave for Spain! So many details to handle. Very glad I know about Easy World. Now, to remember to choose it... (grin)

But I did just want to report the latest in the Choosing Easy World book saga.

I received the Spring/Summer catalog from St. Martin's Press, Choosing Easy World's publisher, today, and not only did they give it a 2-page spread, they had listed their marketing plans for it and they are HUGE and exciting and I feel SOOOOOOO blessed.

I also connected with the marketing manager for the first time today and in her email she said, "I LOVE the book. You have created an amazing, totally accessible and wonderful work. I'm so thrilled to be working with you on it!"

I'm in total awe of how Easy World is handling all this. Naturally, Easy World wants the book about itself to do great, but still--wow!!!

I'll see if there's a chance to write again before I leave, but I suspect my next blog entry may be from Spain!!!

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A bit on change and resistance

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Here's a little tidbit from tonight's work on Choosing Easy World:

The fearful ego, with its devotion to resistance, is attached to things staying the same forever. But constant change is one of the primary characteristics of the universe in which we dwell. So right there, we have the makings of an ongoing challenge and an ongoing invitation to Difficult World.

The more we resist the flow of energy and the transformation of forms, the more painful things are and the stronger Difficult World is in our experience. Resistance equals friction. If you've ever worn a new pair of shoes without socks and gotten a blister, you know that friction does not lead to feeling very good. Choosing Easy World, however, allows you to be fine with change and to flow with it, because in Easy World, every change evolves your experience to a higher level.

It's fascinating to me that years ago--long before I started doing inspired writing and such--I asked Divine Intelligence why people resisted change. The answer I got back was kind of startling to me! It was something to the effect that "Human resistance slows things down so that physical form can manifest. Once human beings stop resisting, everything will speed up so fast that nothing will be distinguishable anymore." Hmmm...

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