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My New Best Friend

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I've got a new best friend! If I've been largely absent from the blogosphere lately, it's at least in part because I've been in high gear with creating a new product. It's a "power tool" to help those of us who are devoted to living in Easy World to have an easier time being there. I'm so excited about it! It's a simple tool but it packs quite a punch in my experience.

It's My Easy World Daybook and it's a daily journal with prompts you respond to that put you in Easy World. I've been using it for weeks now and I really love how it causes me to commune with my Self--the real me--and raise my vibration up to where Easy World is my reality. Starting my day in Easy World really sets me up to spend more of my day in EW.

I was strongly inspired to create this and have found the process to be deeply fulfilling. I must confess that as much as I love it and have benefited from using the prototype of it, I wondered if other people would "get it" and be excited about it and see the value in it. Well, they sure seem to!

I sent out a mailing to my Love Letters From Easy World subscribers last week, thinking that because they're already committed to starting their day in Easy World that they would really like this. I was definitely right! We've had a tremendous response and people are not only buying one journal at the discounted advance-order price, more folks than I had expected are taking advantage of the 5 daybooks for the price of 4 deal we're offering! (Each daybook has daily pages for 90 days plus extra pages for recording other inspirations so if you use yours every day, 4 daybooks is a year's worth--the 5th one can be a gift or a start on the next year!)

Here's a quick, fun video Rick and I made today of me and my new best friend...

I'm really inspired to think about all the Easy World focus and time spent in EW (and out of Difficult World!) the daybooks are going to support. If people get as into using theirs as I do mine, there will be some serious vibration-raising going on!

Please check out the daybook page and let me know what you think! http://www.iliveineasyworld.com/easy-world-daybook/

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CEW progress report

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I need to get focused on packing and such--I feel like I've been in a complete fog and I'm just now waking up and realizing that there are only 3 days before the morning when I leave for Spain! So many details to handle. Very glad I know about Easy World. Now, to remember to choose it... (grin)

But I did just want to report the latest in the Choosing Easy World book saga.

I received the Spring/Summer catalog from St. Martin's Press, Choosing Easy World's publisher, today, and not only did they give it a 2-page spread, they had listed their marketing plans for it and they are HUGE and exciting and I feel SOOOOOOO blessed.

I also connected with the marketing manager for the first time today and in her email she said, "I LOVE the book. You have created an amazing, totally accessible and wonderful work. I'm so thrilled to be working with you on it!"

I'm in total awe of how Easy World is handling all this. Naturally, Easy World wants the book about itself to do great, but still--wow!!!

I'll see if there's a chance to write again before I leave, but I suspect my next blog entry may be from Spain!!!

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MY dream?

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I had a really cool experience yesterday when I was in the swimming pool--an exceedingly high-vibe place for me, especially with the movement and oxygenation I experience while working out there.

I was thinking about the successful launch of
Choosing Easy World at St. Martin's earlier in the day. (My editor sent word that it went great and that all involved--a couple dozen people--were, and I quote, "totally into the book." That's huge, as these are the people who will be designing the cover, producing the book, and marketing it, among other things!)

As I was contemplating this and how some other things were lining up for this book to be a success--you know, thinking about how beautifully the Universe and Easy World were cooperating with my vision--I "heard" the following, loving statement:.

"How delightfully amusing that you're wanting to measure our cooperation with you and your dream, even while we are observing how well you are cooperating with the vision and mission we provided you!"

Don't you love it? Silly, ego-driven me, thinking it was mine--forgetting where it came from! Thinking I had to gain cooperation! It was never "mine." It's so much bigger than me, Julia! It is Easy World's and I am the lucky human who is being guided to manifest it in the 3-D world.

"Will it succeed?" "Will it fail?" It's already succeeding and has already succeeded in Easy World! The only question is will I be in Easy World to see that?! I don't have to make anything happen, I just have to coordinate with what is being provided--with the success it already is--and allow myself to stay attuned to that. I can't mess it up. I can only mis-perceive it by being in Difficult World instead of Easy World.

Looking at the whole thing that way sure takes a lot of the pressure off!

What's the divine idea you're trying to make happen? What's the mission you've been charged with? It's not actually yours! You didn't make it up! It was shared with you because you're the right one to bring it into the 3-D realm so that others can connect with it that way.

And you don't have to make it happen! It already exists and your job is to translate it into form.
Your job is to provide the conduit for it to manifest. Relax, stay in Easy World, and act only in response to inspiration and energy.That's how you accurately coordinate with its divine blueprint. Allow yourself to be guided and for the wonders to be revealed to you. Know that it's already a success in Easy World. You'll see that and be in alignment with it when you're there! I mean, "here." 

By the way, I did ask who the "we" was in the statement "they" made to me. The answer was, "You can just think of us as the Easy World Chamber of Commerce."


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Clearing the way back to EW

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There are few conditions that a good, deep cry and a long nap--and, in this case, some ibuprofen--won't help.

I had about 7 different issues in various areas of my body hurting today. I won't go into what they all were--no point dwelling on them--but it brought it home to me that I had been feeling them all in the background prior to today, but I've been in resistance to them, trying to just get the last of the book changes finished up. Resistance is purely Difficult World!
Time to let go and move back to Easy World.

Today, I finished making what I believe are the last of the changes to the book and suddenly, all the aches and pains were so pronounced, I could not deny them anymore. If I hadn't been in such pain, it would have been comical. It suddenly dawned on me that my body was trying to tell me something. I'm not totally sure of the whole message, but part of it was that I needed to stop putting off self care. And that I needed to rest. And cry. So that's exactly what I did.

I laid on the wide, comfy sofa in the living room with some beautiful music from the CD Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon on--it was given to me by Ellen Kennon when I was in Louisiana in 2005, and at the time, I thought it was pretty, but too somber to suit me. Today, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I listened and cried and cried and cried. No idea what I was crying about, but no matter. When the tears are there, best to milk them.

I think part of it may have been post-partum depression. I've been so fused with this book for so long, and now, it's going to be out of my hands. (Is this what it feels like to give up your baby for adoption as soon as it's born?) What's more, it won't be out on the market for another whole year, according to my editor. Oh, there's lots to do between now and then to be sure it gets a big reception, but it's all I can do to stay in Easy World myself, knowing how much it is needed by people now. I just have to trust it's all in Divine Order AND find a way to get the EW message out in a larger way for now without the book. (Anybody got any ideas?) I'm sure when I'm rested and back fully in Easy World, I'll be guided...

Anyway, after my cleansing cry, I fell asleep and had a lovely 2-hour nap. I woke up feeling much better--not just emotionally, but physically, too. I will never forget one of the first times I was using the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System and I heard my inner voice say, "With every tear, you are clearing the way back to me."

You can't align fully with Source if you have stagnant emotional energy blocking the flow and keeping you at low frequency. Letting your emotions flow is the way to get to higher frequency, back to the realm of your Self. That was more than theoretical for me today.
I found myself in Easy World again this evening.

Have you had a good cry and a nap lately? You have my permission. (smile) Your Self is waiting...

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It's been a fascinating and rewarding last 48 hours. Not only have I been busy doing attunements, which I LOVE, but today I received an SOS from an old and dear friend--part of my family of choice--who has been going through a dark night of the soul. I spent an hour or so with her this afternoon helping her.

Without going into details, she was fired from her job in a shocking manner and treated disrespectfully afterward. This happened right before Christmas, but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone except her husband and son until today. My first reaction when I received her email asking for help was "This situation is for her benefit."

Her state of feeling broken and vulnerable has already produced something of a miracle--she is someone who has never really been open to my spiritual ministrations. You know, it's like Mark 6:4 says that Jesus said : "A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." But today, she was totally receptive to what I had to offer. Not only receptive, but eager. This was not just healing for her, but for me.

As we talked, I could feel Spirit take over (as I always do when I'm in a session with someone) and I could really connect with the immense blessing in this for her and was able to help her open to that in more than just a rote way (she already knew it rationally).

As I was, for lack of a better word, channeling Higher Wisdom for her, she asked me if this was written down anywhere on my website as she just wanted to focus on what I was saying and not try to take notes. Since it's not, I took notes as we talked and agreed to put the main points in a blog entry so that not only she could access them, but you could too. I'm sure someone else in addition to her who is guided here will find them useful as well. So...

Here are some of the points I made and suggestions I gave her (I've also added a couple of things we didn't get to today):

  • First and always, surrender this to God-Realized Self/Higher Self/Spirit.
  • Ask Spirit to help you see what the gifts are in the situation.
  • Go ahead and offer gratitude for the situation even though you don't yet fully understand it and even before you're able to see the gifts!
  • Work the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System and be sure and have a #3 (i.e. do as directed in Step 3). Do that on a regular basis.
  • Instead of condeming yourself for the thing you did that led to getting fired, focus on non-judgment. Instead, know that what you did, even if ego would judge it so, is not bad or wrong. What you did simply moved you away from the direction of your joy.
  • Joy is an indicator of being in alignment, pain is an indicator of being out of alignment (and in Difficult World).
  • Ask the question of yourself, "Next time I'm in a similar situation, how can I change my approach so that my joy is served and not my pain?"
  • Ask yourself, "How is the person(s) I'm angry with mirroring something within myself that I need to embrace, forgive, and accept, and thus, transform?" (A clue--what is it that they did that's making you angry?) "Now--how does that same thing find expression in me? Or if it doesn't, how is it that I'm repressing its expression because I so desperately don't want to face it in myself?"
  • Drop the "I don't deserve.." and "I'm not good enough..." and so on. That's just your fearful ego lying to you trying to keep you in Difficult World, the only place it exists.
  • You are having an experience on behalf of God, All That Is (that's the totally inclusive God that includes both the "nice" and "not-so-nice" aspects--both the parts we like and the ones we don't like) so that GATI can have a complete and diverse experience of what it is to be a human being--in this case, a human being being YOU. Therefore, if that is your purpose for existing, and it is, nothing you can ever do is wrong! As long as you are having a human experience of any kind, you are fulfilling that purpose.
  • Right and wrong, good and bad, are judgments. Judgments are not of the Divine--they're ego traps to keep you in Difficult World! So if you want to get out of your pain, you need to drop the judgments and just classify whatever it is that you're judging as wrong or bad, right or good (or that you're judging as wrong or bad, right or good about someone else) as simply something that IS. Period. It simply is.
  • If you want to attract a new job, get back to joy first, because the vibration of depression will attract a job that isn't happy for you.
  • Don't do anything based on "shoulds." Follow the Easy World guideline of "act only when inspired and energized." That's your guarantee of being in alignment with the Design for Harmony, and that's where all the joy is!

Now. I need to get back to writing. I realized I want to add a bunch more to one chapter, so I'm not as close to finished as I had thought! That's okay--I'd rather it be complete than simply completed! If you know what I mean.


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I am coming down the home stretch with the manuscript! I got a bit of an extension which takes some of the pressure off, but I'm still determined to get this done a.s.a.p. I've been working on the chapter that features the Easy World stories that other people have either sent into me or that I got from the old Easy World Forum. I just love reading these--it reassures me that Easy World is not just a figment of my imagination--or if it is, other people are having the same figments!

I did take time out today to answer the daily question at CarrieandDanielle.com. Today's question was What were the highlights of 2008 for you? Here was what I answered:

Finding a fabulous literary agent who believes in me 100%...attracting a major publishing house with an amazing editor who went to bat to be able to acquire Choosing Easy World, the book I'm in the process of polishing up right now...writing Choosing Easy World so that I am so immersed in Easy World I've been able to accept the potentially traumatic, life-changing events that have come our way over the last few months as the blessings in disguise that they are...Our 2 blessed weeks at the family cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan in September...and, like so many others, seeing our nation choose an inspiring leader in the person of Barack Obama.

What would your answer be? I'd love for you to post it here--or both here and at CarrieandDanielle.com if you'd like! If you go there, you might want to subscribe to their daily question list--even if you don't bother to answer, it's fun to get the question each day and consider what your take on it is...

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Solstice greetings

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Happy Winter Solstice! (Or Summer Solstice, if you're Down Under)

It surely feels like Winter here in Denver--it's cold again--in the single digits--and the forecast is 1 below zero for tonight. I've hauled out the doggy coats again. I finally broke down and bought quilted, faux fur-lined coats for the poosers this year. Roly is practically bald and sending him out to do his bidness in sub-zero temps without a coat just isn't a wise idea! Here's a photo of them in their finery--I had to put them on the day bed to corral them as they were too eager to go ahead and head out so as to get back and collect their nightly treats. They weren't really that keen on posing for photos.

Roly Lilah winter coats sm.jpgMeanwhile, I put a sock hammock in the Mice Girls' habitat so they'd have a really warm spot, and they've really been having fun with it, both hunkering down inside of it, and lying on top like a hammock. The little face poking out of the sock is Christina--they made several alternative entrance/exit holes. They all use it, but Christina likes it the best. We're having so much fun with them. They're constant entertainment--when they're awake, that is! (For you rodent welfare advocates, worry not--they don't have to walk on the wire all the time--this is a tank topper, so they have the tank bottom and a cardboard platform in the part of the cage that isn't visible in the photo!)

mice sock setup.jpg

Chris peeps from sock sm.jpg








Here's another snippet from Choosing Easy World since I'm pouring all my originality and writing energy in it these days...

Your Spirit is perpetually operating in Easy World. It is a permanent resident, and never leaves. It is never seduced out of Easy World and the Design for Harmony--ever. Even when you are experiencing Difficult World, your Spirit is completely ensconced in Easy World. Anytime you're not aware of Easy World, it's only because another aspect of you has taken control and focused your attention on Channel Two, but your Spirit is steadfastly in Easy World--Channel One--and always ready for you to join it in consciousness for an EW experience of joy, harmony and fulfillment.

Yes, your Spirit is continually connecting you with Easy World, and thus, your highest possibilities for well-being and joy, even when you are unaware of it and not remembering to choose EW as the locus of your experience. It is even doing so when you're not feeling connected with your Spirit. 

There is never a time when your Spirit is not in Easy World, despite how far away from Easy World and from your Spirit you may be feeling. So, while you may go "unconscious" and drift back to Difficult World, you can be assured that your Spirit never does. It is always fully aware and fully attuned with the Design for Harmony, and orchestrating events so that the highest possibilities for your well-being are empowered.

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My hot man

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Well--I'm making great progress on the book, but not making time for much else. Apologies for not updating my blog more frequently. That will all change in January once the manuscript has been turned in. I'm very happy with how it's shaping up, but there's still a ways to go. I think you'll agree when you finally get to read it that Choosing Easy World was worth it...at least I hope so!

It's bitterly coRick at zero sm.jpgld here tonight--it's 15 below zero out at the airport, but our thermometer on the back patio is registering -1 at present. As you can see from this wacky photo of my insane, sparsely clad husband and the thermometer, it was +2 at 6:00 pm when he was lighting the fire in the grill.  And, no, he was not drunk! The man is just always warm--I call him my "hot man"--and according to family lore, it's been that way since he was a little kid. He did not have much padding back then--he was quite a skinny child. Anyhoo--he was outside like that for about 5 minutes. Crazy.

Here is a little snippet from the chapter I'm polishing up tonight:

"One of the blessings of Easy World you will probably discover right away is that Easy World allows you to be your Self. In fact, you might even say it demands that you be. It not only allows you to align with your own natural preferences, desires and energy, and gives you permission not to be or do what anyone else thinks you ought to be or do, it requires it.

When you base your thoughts and actions on anything other than your own divine guidance system, you automatically leave Easy World. When you deny your own pleasure and joy, you are automatically out of Easy World. When you try to be anyone but the authentic you, you are not in Easy World. Honoring your Self is a big part of being in Easy World because that is how you stay aligned with the Design for Harmony."

Stay warm, everybody! (Of course, you Aussies who are in the midst of summer, stay cool!)

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Go ahead and fly!

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What a wonderful Easy World day I had today! After a somewhat shaky start (sorry, sister Ann!), I clicked right in and was totally in the flow with the writing and had a wonderful time finishing a chapter that I hadn't really been looking forward to finishing. I received inspiration for just the right personal Easy World stories to add in, and writing those is always fun because it connects me with the magical energy of Easy World.

Sweet Julie, my inner child, was especially pleased today because she was craving a cafe mocha after going cold turkey from coffee for the last 3 weeks, and Rick picked her up one when he went to the bank, which happens to be next to a Starbucks. It was delicious. Now, maybe I can go another 3 weeks without one! I've actually been fine without coffee because I've been drinking Dandy Blend, which is roasted dandelion root, chicory and barley. I know you're probably going to think I'm lying when I tell you it tastes close enough to coffee that if you didn't tell someone it wasn't, they'd totally believe it was! Instant coffee, but coffee nonetheless. Another thing that Rick did that I was really pleased about was that he did some spot cleaning of the filthy carpet. I am loving having him around, and not just for his many great services!

Anyway, I had a fabulous, refreshing, enlivening swim, thanks in part to my new SwiMP3 player that I bought with a little bit of my advance money. (I decided it was a fitting expenditure since swimming helps me to be in Easy World and music helps me swim more vigorously!) After my swim, while I was showering, I was way up there vibrationally, and feeling a tremendous amout of joy and appreciation for the moment. I was happy with the day, and happy that we'd be having dinner courtesy of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. As I was revelling in the moment, appreciating the day and thinking how great it was that Stepdaughter #3, who has been away at college and has been seldom seen lately, would be coming for dinner tomorrow night. Suddenly, I felt my vibration drop as the thought intruded, "You're a fool to let yourself feel this good--something could happen to mess things up and if you're flying this high, it will really hurt to land!" It was really a split-second, non-articulated thought until I slowed down and deciphered it.

Imagine--the fearful ego removing you from Easy World and the joy that's found therein by telling you that being there is risky--that you won't always be there, so better to get out before you're forced out. That's preposterous! I wonder how pervasive this problem is? I wonder how many times that's happened without me noticing it? I know that it is a so-called protective habit that some of us form--to not allow ourselves to really soar so that the "inevitable" fall from higher frequency will not be so jarring. The "Difficult World  Dictator" (the term I'm using to describe this part of you that's invested in you staying in Difficult World) has what seems like an infinite number of strategies to pull you out of Easy World, but this is one of the sickest! Go ahead and fly as high as you can! The more you do, the more faint the DWD's voice will become. The way you say no to the DWD is by choosing Easy World as many times as it takes.

Have you ever exited joy--or decided not to even go there--due to your fearful self trying to "protect" you?

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Our Easy World test

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I guess it only stands to reason that when you commit to writing a book about Easy World, you will be tested to see if you can stay in Easy World yourself! This last month has brought several major challenges to my residency in EW, culminating with what one might consider to be the biggest one (at least I sure hope it is!), which I'll tell you about in a moment. But so far, so good. Not that I haven't dipped into Difficult World, but it hasn't been for long and it hasn't been as painful, despite the stuff that would have, in the past, catapulted me into the pits. As I recently wrote in the book, the more time you spend in Easy World, the less deeply embroiled in Difficult World you are when you slip back into it; the less you are fooled into believing that Difficult World is real; and the easier it is to get back to Easy World.

So here's the one that would have knocked me for a loop if I didn't know about Easy World and if I hadn't been devotedly choosing Easy World particularly religiously while writing this book: After celebrating 20 years with the same company the first of last week, Rick was given his walking papers from that company last Thursday in a layoff of a number of IT folks. Some new executive blood came into the company over the last nine months or so, and they are cutting folks loose right and left to bring in their own people. It saddens me a bit that they have no clue the measures to which Rick has gone to bring what was a struggling department when he took it over eight years ago to the smooth running operation it was on the day he left. It was also hard for me to witness how this hurt Rick. (He has been amazing, though.)

But the fact is, as shocking as it was, and as uncertain as the future looks to our limited left brains, this departure is a blessing. I'd even go so far as to say it is a major gift from God.

The day after he was given his walking papers, I raised my vibration really high by swimming, etc., and I rose up to that magical place where problems are no longer problems but blessings. I was able to see with great clarity that this is truly a gift, not a tragedy. First off, the situation he was in was toxic and he just simply wasn't a vibrational match for it anymore. Being there was extremely stressful, and having a break from that can only be beneficial for his health and total well-being.

The bonanza for me, personally, is that with him not having to go to the office everyday, it frees him up to help me and to get lots of other stuff done. He's not only helping me get this book finished and polished up by being my cheerleader, consultant, and copy-editor, he's been taking over some of my household duties like doing the dishes after dinner and such so I am more free to work when I feel Spirit calling me to the keyboard. Plus, I love having him here. I just seem to focus better when he's in the house. I had prayed for help in getting the book done. Seems my prayers were heard!

Thankfully, after 20 years with the company, he has a substantial severance package which gives us quite a few months' worth of income, etc. This means that there is no immediate pressure for him to jump into a new job. He's not going to dilly-dally, but he's going to wait till it feels right. He needs--and has earned--some time to rest. regroup, and get psyched up for it. Never mind that the Difficult World mindset says that with the economy in the dumps, a 54-year-old computer guy might have a hard time finding a job and that there's no time to waste. We are going about this from an Easy World stance, knowing that the right job situation will present itself when the time is right, and the way we coordinate with that is to only act when inspired and energized to. It surely does not yet seem like time for him to start looking. I'm sure we'll know--he'll know--when it is.

Meantime, I'm amazed at how calm and optimistic I feel about it all. I've had a couple of fearful-ego-based outbursts, but I've been able to stay in observer mode with it. Basically, I've really been in Easy World with this, trusting in the process and even being grateful for it, despite my pitiful inner child's fears about her future.

It's really cool, too, that writing this book necessarily keeps me focused into EW. What with my January 2nd deadline, I simply cannot take time off to wallow in Difficult World! I wonder if this was all planned at the Spirit level so that I would be extra prone to being in the flow with all this. Spirit is so efficient, you know! I do feel very spiritually enfolded these days. Reading back over what I had written in the chapter I was working on just prior to learning of Rick's dismissal was eerily like reading a pep-talk from my Spirit to me about this very situation. Just like it was all in Divine Order...(wink) What a great story this is for the book!

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True security

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I'm having a wonderful time writing this book! I'm so, so excited to be able to turn people on in a major way to Easy World. Wow. What a privilege!

As I was searching my desktop (I just LOVE Google Desktop!) for something else just now, I came upon this that I had saved, and thought it might be useful to put on the blog. It is from a reply I once gave to someone on The Secret Forum (now defunct).

Consider this: your fearful self--your ego--thinks there is security in a steady job, paycheck, etc. But those things are temporal. There is no security in them. Especially if they are not in alignment with the highest possibilities for your life. The part of you that is aware of that will not likely allow you to successfully continue avoiding expansion!

The REAL security is in having complete and utter faith in the Universe (You-niverse) to provide for you and to be continuously advocating for you. There's no job steady enough or no paycheck regular enough to provide true security. Those are just pacifiers for your ego and can so easily go away. But when you build your faith in the Universe's absolute devotion to serving your highest interests, now THAT is true security.


I wrote that before I was blessed with the concept of Easy World, but the nature of Easy World is that it is absolutely devoted to serving your highest interests and providing total well-being. Once you understand Easy World, you just don't have to worry about security ever again. Everything you need is there and is yours when you simply show up in Easy World to claim it.

Can you imagine how your life will change--how much less stressful it will be, with all the benefits a lack of stress confers--once you fully, completely understand that you never ever need to worry again because everything you could ever need is already yours in Easy World? And that worry is just a trap the fearful ego sets to hook you into Difficult World so it can be fed with the energy that sustains it?

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As is sometimes the case, I came away from Tuesday night's teleseminar feeling that I could have done better if I had managed to be more focused. I was a little all over the place in my mind for a number of reasons. So, after the main talk about how it's always--no matter what--your choice whether to be in Easy World or Difficult World, I think I may not have managed to communicate something as clearly as I would have liked to when answering a question. So I'm going to do that here.

I wish I could quote this exactly, but somehow, even though I was recording it, it ended up not being on the tape! Someone asked me about staying in Easy World when the economy is in crisis--they were facing some potential problems--and I said something to the effect that when you're in Easy World it doesn't matter what the economy is doing in Difficult World. I then said the thing that may have been misunderstood. I said that I had not been affected by it at all--that I simply couldn't get myself worked up to even be concerned about the downturn in the markets, etc. And that's true.

But when Rick and I were talking about it while eating dinner after the teleseminar ended, he suggested that it might have come across like I was implying that we had so much wealth amassed that I was insulated from the problems manifesting in the economy. So I want to set the record straight. That is absolutely not the case! It's just that I haven't felt drawn to that particular quadrant of Difficult World. I simply have not been seduced by the Difficult World Dictator into being concerned about it. It's not that it couldn't happen--though I sure don't plan on allowing it. It's just not something that is standing out for me at this time.

I have been spending as much time in Easy World as possible, especially because of writing this book and wanting it to be imbued with Easy World energy, and I think when you do that, you begin to understand that borrowing trouble is ridiculous! If you encounter a problem in Difficult World, you just need to move into Easy World and it will be handled. When you do that, you are surrendering it to your Spirit, who is your personal constant connection to Easy World, and if you allow it, it will be resolved no matter what is happening in DW! Having a financial buffer isn't anywhere near as powerful as knowing how to choose Easy World!

Here is a little excerpt from Choosing Easy World I think is pertinent:
"Now, let's examine this false but pervasive notion: The key to security is having lots of money. Even in Difficult World, although it's one of the main concepts the DWD is constantly hammering, the key to security cannot be found in having a stash of money to protect against hunger, homelessness, or some kind of attack.  Stashes of money can be stolen, devalued, or otherwise lost. In DW, there is no true security.

"But in Easy World, you are always inherently secure because there is nothing at all to threaten your well-being. In Easy World, there's no starvation, no homelessness, no loss of status--no threat of any kind. And everything you need is always supplied with ease. Because EW is a completely different reality matrix that is built upon and runs on total integrity, Difficult World rules simply can't be applied to Easy World."

I hope I have managed to explain what I meant about not being affected by problems with the economy that are manifesting in Difficult World!

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The Ultimate Easy World Test

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I'm putting Easy World to the test. Or, rather, Easy World is putting ME to the test. It's very fun. AND, my ego is starting to get a little irritated that none of it's machinations are needed!

As I have already expressed, I got a literary agent for my Easy World book with ultimate ease--my top choice: wonderful
Lisa Hagan. She already got 3 publishers to ask to see my book proposal (we still haven't heard back from many of the publishers she queried and have gotten a few "no thanks" as well). Meantime, she has fallen in love with Easy World and is not hesitating a whit to make sure I'm remembering to be in Easy World, too.

Even when I had stepped only so slightly out of it--so slightly I might have sworn I was still in it, she invoked EW and called me back. Love that. The student turns the tables on the teacher. Not that I really consider her my student. But it is quite fun to see someone newly on fire with EW (she's already had a bunch of EW successes--I need to get her to write some testimonials) and it tickles me that she is a new Easy World evangelist--who better than that to help me sell the first book about Easy World?

A couple of days ago, the editorial director for a big, big, BIG New York publisher who had asked to see the proposal called me to talk about the book. Before she called, Lisa rang me up to tell me she had asked for my phone number and would I be willing to talk to her. Huh? WOULD I?! I asked Lisa why she would likely be calling and Lisa said most probably to see if I'd be open to making some changes. I figured I'd sure listen and let Spirit guide me about that, so I told her to go ahead and give her the green light.

The editor called not long after Lisa and I hung up and, instead of wanting to talk about changes, she wanted to ask some questions about Easy World and some things I'd mentioned in my proposal that she was not familar with, and just get a better idea about who I am and what Easy World is about. She also asked who I might be able to get to endorse the book, so I named a few people I have access to, and a few I may be able to find a way to access. (If anyone has a connection to Mike Dooley, please let me know how to contact him--he'd be perfect! Or, any other "A-list" self-help authors/experts.)

We had a fabulous phone visit--talked for 30-40 minutes. At the end of the conversation, she said with great enthusiasm that she very much hoped we'd be talking again and soon, and I inferred from that she was hoping to publish the book if she could get it approved. I immediately called Lisa to report on our conversation and she got the same impression and seemed to think she'd/we'd hear from her really soon.

This is where my challenge to stay in Easy World comes in. After a couple of days with no further word, I'm really called upon to totally release, again. And again. And again. Every time I've thought I had, I have caught myself trying to figure things out. About 100 times! Even though I am rationally well aware that Universal Forces are so very capable of handling this and that the less I mess with it, the more perfectly it will be able to work out, there is still a part of me that is impatient and wants to try to interpret the evidence (ego is all about the evidence!), pick at it and manipulate it, and try and see into the future. Silly, busy ego. It isn't capable of knowing what is actually going on, and certainly not of knowing what is in alignment for the highest possibilities for the book and for me!

That publisher may not even be the right one for Easy World at all. There's certainly a chance that the editor just needed a little dose of Easy World and that's why she was so attracted. Whatever the case, it's not serving me to try and figure anything out. Everything is unfolding in Divine Order in Easy World. It's my job to be there when the results come in!

It is a relief to know that I am not in charge of this--or, at least not my ordinary self. I figure if there is ever a time for me to be confident in Easy World, it is in the matter of getting my EW book published and out there in the way that will be the most beneficial for all involved. It's absolutely my responsibility to keep my hands off the wheel so that can happen.

What a cool adventure! Surely it's going to turn out to be my best Easy World story ever!


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