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Solstice greetings

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Happy Winter Solstice! (Or Summer Solstice, if you're Down Under)

It surely feels like Winter here in Denver--it's cold again--in the single digits--and the forecast is 1 below zero for tonight. I've hauled out the doggy coats again. I finally broke down and bought quilted, faux fur-lined coats for the poosers this year. Roly is practically bald and sending him out to do his bidness in sub-zero temps without a coat just isn't a wise idea! Here's a photo of them in their finery--I had to put them on the day bed to corral them as they were too eager to go ahead and head out so as to get back and collect their nightly treats. They weren't really that keen on posing for photos.

Roly Lilah winter coats sm.jpgMeanwhile, I put a sock hammock in the Mice Girls' habitat so they'd have a really warm spot, and they've really been having fun with it, both hunkering down inside of it, and lying on top like a hammock. The little face poking out of the sock is Christina--they made several alternative entrance/exit holes. They all use it, but Christina likes it the best. We're having so much fun with them. They're constant entertainment--when they're awake, that is! (For you rodent welfare advocates, worry not--they don't have to walk on the wire all the time--this is a tank topper, so they have the tank bottom and a cardboard platform in the part of the cage that isn't visible in the photo!)

mice sock setup.jpg

Chris peeps from sock sm.jpg








Here's another snippet from Choosing Easy World since I'm pouring all my originality and writing energy in it these days...

Your Spirit is perpetually operating in Easy World. It is a permanent resident, and never leaves. It is never seduced out of Easy World and the Design for Harmony--ever. Even when you are experiencing Difficult World, your Spirit is completely ensconced in Easy World. Anytime you're not aware of Easy World, it's only because another aspect of you has taken control and focused your attention on Channel Two, but your Spirit is steadfastly in Easy World--Channel One--and always ready for you to join it in consciousness for an EW experience of joy, harmony and fulfillment.

Yes, your Spirit is continually connecting you with Easy World, and thus, your highest possibilities for well-being and joy, even when you are unaware of it and not remembering to choose EW as the locus of your experience. It is even doing so when you're not feeling connected with your Spirit. 

There is never a time when your Spirit is not in Easy World, despite how far away from Easy World and from your Spirit you may be feeling. So, while you may go "unconscious" and drift back to Difficult World, you can be assured that your Spirit never does. It is always fully aware and fully attuned with the Design for Harmony, and orchestrating events so that the highest possibilities for your well-being are empowered.

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