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Order Recreating Eden

Please ask for Recreating Eden at your local bookstore. If it's not in stock yet, they can special order it for you from New Leaf Distributing Company.

If you prefer, you can order your copy from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher via our secure online ordering form:

To Order Online

Please enter the quantity desired for any item you wish to purchase.

If you are ordering a book and would like the book to be signed by the author, please indicate that on the order form on the next page. We will make every effort to see that Julia signs your book (no extra charge, of course!).

If your order includes downloads of Julia's seminars, your order-confirmation email message will contain a link for each download ordered. You can use the links to download the MP3 files to your own computer.

Order two or more of our mp3 downloads, and get them for $5.00 each. Use the voucher code AUDIO-DL in the shopping cart to take your discount when you order multiple mp3 downloads.

Item Description Unit Price Quantity
Recreating Eden ISBN 0-9749277-2-4 $14.95 Buy Now!

A Simple Matter of Allowing: the Whys, the Whats, and the Hows of Allowing Your Blessings to Flow (from 10/30/07)

Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!

Vibrational Management Basics: How to Embrace Your Emotions for Higher Vibrational Frequency (from 10/2/07)

Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life! (from 10/24/06)

Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!
All You Need Is Love: The Key to Having It All (from 11/28/06) Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!
The Only Safe Place: How to Align With the Divine Design for Ease, Harmony, Joy, and Peace (from 9/13/05) Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!
Coming Out of Earth-Induced Amnesia: Empower Your Life by Remembering Who You Really Are and Where You Fit In the Divine Design (from 9/20/05) Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!
Your Spirit's Language: How to Tell Who's Who in Your Inner (and Outer) Conversations for Greater Alignment (from 9/27/05) Downloadable MP3 File $6.00 Buy Now!
Got A Problem? Raise Your Frequency! The Remarkable Problem-Solving Function the Creator Built Into The Divine Design (from 10/15/05) Downloadable MP3 $6.00 Buy Now!
Loosening the Grip of Shoulds, Ought-Tos, and Supposed-Tos: Reclaiming Your Energy Autonomy for A Greater Flow of Life Force (from 12/6/05) Downloadable MP3 $6.00 Buy Now!

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Recreating Eden is currently available through New Leaf Distributing Company.