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I am coming down the home stretch with the manuscript! I got a bit of an extension which takes some of the pressure off, but I'm still determined to get this done a.s.a.p. I've been working on the chapter that features the Easy World stories that other people have either sent into me or that I got from the old Easy World Forum. I just love reading these--it reassures me that Easy World is not just a figment of my imagination--or if it is, other people are having the same figments!

I did take time out today to answer the daily question at Today's question was What were the highlights of 2008 for you? Here was what I answered:

Finding a fabulous literary agent who believes in me 100%...attracting a major publishing house with an amazing editor who went to bat to be able to acquire Choosing Easy World, the book I'm in the process of polishing up right now...writing Choosing Easy World so that I am so immersed in Easy World I've been able to accept the potentially traumatic, life-changing events that have come our way over the last few months as the blessings in disguise that they are...Our 2 blessed weeks at the family cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan in September...and, like so many others, seeing our nation choose an inspiring leader in the person of Barack Obama.

What would your answer be? I'd love for you to post it here--or both here and at if you'd like! If you go there, you might want to subscribe to their daily question list--even if you don't bother to answer, it's fun to get the question each day and consider what your take on it is...

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Solstice greetings

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Happy Winter Solstice! (Or Summer Solstice, if you're Down Under)

It surely feels like Winter here in Denver--it's cold again--in the single digits--and the forecast is 1 below zero for tonight. I've hauled out the doggy coats again. I finally broke down and bought quilted, faux fur-lined coats for the poosers this year. Roly is practically bald and sending him out to do his bidness in sub-zero temps without a coat just isn't a wise idea! Here's a photo of them in their finery--I had to put them on the day bed to corral them as they were too eager to go ahead and head out so as to get back and collect their nightly treats. They weren't really that keen on posing for photos.

Roly Lilah winter coats sm.jpgMeanwhile, I put a sock hammock in the Mice Girls' habitat so they'd have a really warm spot, and they've really been having fun with it, both hunkering down inside of it, and lying on top like a hammock. The little face poking out of the sock is Christina--they made several alternative entrance/exit holes. They all use it, but Christina likes it the best. We're having so much fun with them. They're constant entertainment--when they're awake, that is! (For you rodent welfare advocates, worry not--they don't have to walk on the wire all the time--this is a tank topper, so they have the tank bottom and a cardboard platform in the part of the cage that isn't visible in the photo!)

mice sock setup.jpg

Chris peeps from sock sm.jpg








Here's another snippet from Choosing Easy World since I'm pouring all my originality and writing energy in it these days...

Your Spirit is perpetually operating in Easy World. It is a permanent resident, and never leaves. It is never seduced out of Easy World and the Design for Harmony--ever. Even when you are experiencing Difficult World, your Spirit is completely ensconced in Easy World. Anytime you're not aware of Easy World, it's only because another aspect of you has taken control and focused your attention on Channel Two, but your Spirit is steadfastly in Easy World--Channel One--and always ready for you to join it in consciousness for an EW experience of joy, harmony and fulfillment.

Yes, your Spirit is continually connecting you with Easy World, and thus, your highest possibilities for well-being and joy, even when you are unaware of it and not remembering to choose EW as the locus of your experience. It is even doing so when you're not feeling connected with your Spirit. 

There is never a time when your Spirit is not in Easy World, despite how far away from Easy World and from your Spirit you may be feeling. So, while you may go "unconscious" and drift back to Difficult World, you can be assured that your Spirit never does. It is always fully aware and fully attuned with the Design for Harmony, and orchestrating events so that the highest possibilities for your well-being are empowered.

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My hot man

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Well--I'm making great progress on the book, but not making time for much else. Apologies for not updating my blog more frequently. That will all change in January once the manuscript has been turned in. I'm very happy with how it's shaping up, but there's still a ways to go. I think you'll agree when you finally get to read it that Choosing Easy World was worth least I hope so!

It's bitterly coRick at zero sm.jpgld here tonight--it's 15 below zero out at the airport, but our thermometer on the back patio is registering -1 at present. As you can see from this wacky photo of my insane, sparsely clad husband and the thermometer, it was +2 at 6:00 pm when he was lighting the fire in the grill.  And, no, he was not drunk! The man is just always warm--I call him my "hot man"--and according to family lore, it's been that way since he was a little kid. He did not have much padding back then--he was quite a skinny child. Anyhoo--he was outside like that for about 5 minutes. Crazy.

Here is a little snippet from the chapter I'm polishing up tonight:

"One of the blessings of Easy World you will probably discover right away is that Easy World allows you to be your Self. In fact, you might even say it demands that you be. It not only allows you to align with your own natural preferences, desires and energy, and gives you permission not to be or do what anyone else thinks you ought to be or do, it requires it.

When you base your thoughts and actions on anything other than your own divine guidance system, you automatically leave Easy World. When you deny your own pleasure and joy, you are automatically out of Easy World. When you try to be anyone but the authentic you, you are not in Easy World. Honoring your Self is a big part of being in Easy World because that is how you stay aligned with the Design for Harmony."

Stay warm, everybody! (Of course, you Aussies who are in the midst of summer, stay cool!)

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A bit on change and resistance

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Here's a little tidbit from tonight's work on Choosing Easy World:

The fearful ego, with its devotion to resistance, is attached to things staying the same forever. But constant change is one of the primary characteristics of the universe in which we dwell. So right there, we have the makings of an ongoing challenge and an ongoing invitation to Difficult World.

The more we resist the flow of energy and the transformation of forms, the more painful things are and the stronger Difficult World is in our experience. Resistance equals friction. If you've ever worn a new pair of shoes without socks and gotten a blister, you know that friction does not lead to feeling very good. Choosing Easy World, however, allows you to be fine with change and to flow with it, because in Easy World, every change evolves your experience to a higher level.

It's fascinating to me that years ago--long before I started doing inspired writing and such--I asked Divine Intelligence why people resisted change. The answer I got back was kind of startling to me! It was something to the effect that "Human resistance slows things down so that physical form can manifest. Once human beings stop resisting, everything will speed up so fast that nothing will be distinguishable anymore." Hmmm...

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I'm just checking in briefly to say that I've been really keeping busy with finishing up the book. It's been an interesting process. I have tried, at times, to whip myself to get the work done, and yet Easy World doesn't include self-abuse! So I'm having to stay very honest with myself and trust myself to get it done regardless of the fact that I am only inspired to write a few hours a day!

The interesting thing is that I get more done in those inspired few hours than I do when I make myself sit at the computer longer. It feels pretty good to be muting the voice of the fearful ego telling me I have to spend all day, every day writing and, instead, conforming to the Easy World rules for action: Act only when inspired and energized. It really works. I'm loving what's coming through. I really am pleased with this book! I think you'll love it, too...

I sent out a mailing today with this year's holiday gift in it. If you aren't on my main mailing list or the Easy World Power Thought list, you might want to be so you'll get the gifts in the future. But while I'm thinking of it, I'll go ahead and post a link to the download here, too. This is a PDF of a mini-poster with a decree on it that I hope will help you move through the holiday season with ease and grace. Enjoy!

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