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You Can Do Magic

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This classic by America invites me back to Easy World everytime!

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I am just the messenger

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A theme that's been very present over the last couple of days is that of the utter futility--and pain--of trying to live up to an ego-imposed standard of perfection. I have managed to attract an abundance of evidence to match my fear of being judged not being perfect and not consistently living in Easy World. (Who, by the way, is?)

Instead of focusing on what I have to offer of value, my focus has been riveted to how I'm not living up to the perfection I aspire to. Time to drop that aspiration!

I am so very human. The message I bring forth is divine. I intend to live the message, but I don't always. Like the many I share my message with, I use it as guidance, but I am not the message. I deeply desire to more fully embody the message, but I surely need to relax about it. Clearly, judging my progress is setting me back. Time to ease up on myself.

I must admit, I sometimes envy Esther Hicks for channeling Abraham--not because the info coming to and through me is any less valuable, but because when you ascribe the wisdom you offer to another entity, it lets you off the hook from being judged according to how well you live up to the message. But as I've said before, my own inner guidance has very strongly blocked me from claiming the information I share comes from anyone but Universal Wisdom.

Let me make this loud and clear: I am the Easy World messenger. I am not in Easy World all the time. I need the EW message every bit as much--maybe more--than anyone. (I am making that loud and clear primarily for myself.)

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Okay. Confession time again. This is a little embarrassing, but since it's just between us...I always see people quoting spiritual teachers and wish people were quoting me (my face is red right now). So it occurred to me that *I* can quote me!

That way, my affirmation, "My work is quoted a lot" can be fully accepted by my left brain!
And, people will know where to find quotes from Julia Rogers Hamrick.

It was time for a new message for my home page, so while I had Tony (wonderful webmaster) change that, I decided to put a quote at the top of the welcome message. I was going to have it change once a week, but he suggested that it change each time you refresh the page.

I thought that sounded cool so he has it set up so that the quotes appear whenever you enter the site or refresh the page. The order is random (one time I refreshed it and got the same quote back, so I know it's random!). I think it's a pretty cool feature because now, not only am I quoted a lot, when someone first finds my site, they can get a feel right away for what it is I teach.

And, if they were so inclined, they could share the quote with others (My work is quoted a lot. My work is quoted a lot. My work is quoted a lot...)!

Please do check out the new, improved homepage and see which quote shows up when you get there!

Are you on board for tonight's free teleseminar about intentional joy? If you'd like to attend and are not yet on my email list, just add yourself to the list, send me a message saying you need the phone number and code, and I'll make sure you get it in time. (9 pm Eastern)

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Woofer and Tweeter

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In my quest to generate interest in Easy World and the other aspects of my ministry, I finally decided I could no longer afford to avoid Twitter. (I need to get a clickable banner to put on my blog, but till then, you can find/follow me on Twitter here: I came across an article that was titled "Twitter Is Not Stupid," and it made sense.

I was attracted to the article because I had been saying "Twitter is stupid," for months! I mean, it was hard to see how anybody would care what I'm doing--and I sure wasn't all that interested in what most everyone else was doing--but now I see that's just a default cue--you can say anything you want as long as it's under 140 characters. I signed up for it over a year ago and almost never used it. All that has changed.

I can surely see why people say it can suck the life out of you if you're not paying attention! Between last night and today, I've spent hours and hours learning about it and using it, however clumsily. It's a whole culture to assimilate and assimilate into, and I just hope I don't do something to get myself shunned!

My friend Jacqueline is helping me figure it out. She's a pro--the quintessential new-media networker. She's perfect for it because she is very personal-relationship oriented and loves to promote her friends. And she has a heart as big as the galaxy. She's done tons for me!

I want to use Twitter not just as a networking tool, but as a way to spread Easy World, so I'm doing "Easy World breaks." Jacqueline does "joy breaks" where she tweets (listen to me talking Twitter lingo!) uplifting words from time to time throughout the day. I decided to remind people to choose Easy World and to breathe..relax...alllow...enjoy...and watch the magic unfold!

So you know what the "Tweeter" is in my post title. What's the "Woofer" referring to? My computer speakers are a wreck--so messed up it drives me nuts to listen to them. Since I need my music to keep my vibrational frequency high, I consulted with Rick and he used the credit we've accrued (we have the Visa) to buy new ones. I'm excited. I'll have my music back! (Get it? Woofer and tweeter?)

Today was very Springish here in Denver. I had intended to go and buy pansies today, but was pooped and had a lot to do. Instead, I took a break in the garden and cleared some of the last year's dead growth from one of my perennial beds so that the tulips weren't covered up. Just stems and leaves so far, but the flowers aren't far behind!

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Walking my talk

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Something I'm coming to realize in a big way is that if you're going to be the Easy World messenger, you need to be in Easy World! Or at least make a total committment to being there and then sticking to it. But that's the one thing about Easy World that is sometimes not easy: talking your ego into letting you be there when it is all stirred up.

What has it stirred up at the moment is that my agent, Lisa, told me today that my editor is expecting the book to be published in April or May 2010. More than a year away. I have found myself from time to time feeling sick at the thought of waiting even till next March to get this book out there. I can hardly even go on Powerful Intentions, because most every question that someone is asking there is answered in the book, and it just makes me frustrated that they can't yet read it.

So I'm thinking the only thing to do is find other avenues for getting the Easy World message out there. For starters, I'm teaching a class that will be recorded and made into an info product that will be available for sale on my website(s). It's called How to Tap the Power of Easy World for Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Love. The class filled quickly today when I sent out an announcement about it. I was surprised not to get any signups from my much smaller Easy World Power Thought list yesterday, because it's a $111 value for only $22! But I am sure that the people who are a match for the class are the ones who will be in it.

So I'll be doing lots of stuff to get the word out in other ways and I have lots of other ideas for projects. Jennifer (my editor) wants to take time with getting the book out so we can maximize marketing/publicity efforts, which is great and even though I'm feeling impatient, I am grateful.

We had a meeting yesterday--Jen, Lisa, and I--to come up with a dream list of A-list authors we'd like to have endorsements from, and though I've only had time to approach 2 so far, I'm 2 for 2 as far as saying they're willing (YAY!), and Lisa has had great luck with one as well as with another big, big name who has to run it by his publisher. Fingers are crossed. Jen is going to be pursuing some really big names as well. Easy World will get the right endorsements--of that, I am sure. Meanwhile, it's fun to send out the manuscript so that at least somebody is getting to read it! (Or, skim over it, as the case may be!)

I'm also certain EW will assure that Choosing Easy World appears in bookstores at exactly the optimal time, even if my ego doesn't approve of the schedule!

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Which door is open?

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Fish that I am, my most profound insights seem to come when I'm in water. Usually, it's while I'm swimming--the combination of the immersion in water with the oxygenation just puts me way up there vibrationally. Oftentimes, it's when I'm showering after swimming, but what I realized Tuesday happened in the pool.

I have a Swimp3, which is an mp3 player made for using in the water. It's really cool--it uses bone conduction so that you don't have to have anything in your ears or directly over your ears to hear.
swimp3.jpeg It's a challenge to deal with its tiny control buttons when you have on swim mitts (for resistance) like I always do, and it sits on your head where you can't see them, so I just keep it set to "shuffle" and keep the volume the same so that I don't have to mess with once I have it on. So whatever song comes on is what comes on. I don't have much control over it as I swim. I have about 40 songs on there at this point, and only hear about 10-12 songs per session in the pool.

Monday night, we watched American Idol, and they were doing songs from Michael Jackson's song book. It reminded me how much I used to like to workout to some of Michael's songs, so after the show, I downloaded some of them to iTunes (Off the Wall, Rock With You, P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing), etc.) and then loaded them onto the Swimp3.

And now, for the reason I just told you all that.

While I was swimming, I noticed that none of the new songs were playing and I really wished they would. I said to my Self "I would love to hear at least one of the Michael Jackson songs before I finish swimming." (I only had about 10 minutes left in the pool.) I received an immediate reply of "It's already arranged" and felt an accompanying surge of energy, which is always my sign that it's coming from an authentic place.

But just as immediately, I felt the door slam within myself. Right there in my solar plexus, a block to the flow went up. My energy dropped, and that old, sad feeling of "can't have" asserted itself, and the little pathetic inner voice said, "You just made that up. I wouldn't count on hearing one of those songs if I were you." I could literally feel the shift into Difficult World, and it was quite pronounced. Imagine a garden hose with water flowing freely through, and then someone stomps on the hose, and blocks the water from moving. That's how it felt.

My next move was to think, "Well, it's no big deal either way." I just let it go (non-resistance). I kept swimming, and changed the subject in my mind, and felt myself returning to higher vibrational frequency.

Would you believe that the very next song that came on was P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)?! And before I finished swimming, another MJ song played!

It was so clear that I have an automatic "you can't have" response, BUT, that I have a choice of whether to lock that in and stay shut down, or to just become neutral to it and dissolve the blockage to the flow. The "can't have" is a lie. It's a lie of the Difficult World Dictator to keep us out of Easy World and in Difficult World where he gets fed.

Later, I got the image of me, standing in a space between 2 worlds--Easy World and Difficult World--like standing in a hallway between 2 rooms--one on my left and one on my right, with only one of the 2 doors open at any given time. The door that was open depended on whether or not the flow within me was shut down. If my solar plexus was open and there was a free flow of energy, the door of Easy World was open and I was there. If my solar plexus was shut down, the door to Difficult World was open and that's the reality I experienced.

Having or not having is a matter of keeping the flow going and not letting the DWD shut it down.

Do you relate to the "can't have" feeling? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Clearing the way back to EW

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There are few conditions that a good, deep cry and a long nap--and, in this case, some ibuprofen--won't help.

I had about 7 different issues in various areas of my body hurting today. I won't go into what they all were--no point dwelling on them--but it brought it home to me that I had been feeling them all in the background prior to today, but I've been in resistance to them, trying to just get the last of the book changes finished up. Resistance is purely Difficult World!
Time to let go and move back to Easy World.

Today, I finished making what I believe are the last of the changes to the book and suddenly, all the aches and pains were so pronounced, I could not deny them anymore. If I hadn't been in such pain, it would have been comical. It suddenly dawned on me that my body was trying to tell me something. I'm not totally sure of the whole message, but part of it was that I needed to stop putting off self care. And that I needed to rest. And cry. So that's exactly what I did.

I laid on the wide, comfy sofa in the living room with some beautiful music from the CD Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon on--it was given to me by Ellen Kennon when I was in Louisiana in 2005, and at the time, I thought it was pretty, but too somber to suit me. Today, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I listened and cried and cried and cried. No idea what I was crying about, but no matter. When the tears are there, best to milk them.

I think part of it may have been post-partum depression. I've been so fused with this book for so long, and now, it's going to be out of my hands. (Is this what it feels like to give up your baby for adoption as soon as it's born?) What's more, it won't be out on the market for another whole year, according to my editor. Oh, there's lots to do between now and then to be sure it gets a big reception, but it's all I can do to stay in Easy World myself, knowing how much it is needed by people now. I just have to trust it's all in Divine Order AND find a way to get the EW message out in a larger way for now without the book. (Anybody got any ideas?) I'm sure when I'm rested and back fully in Easy World, I'll be guided...

Anyway, after my cleansing cry, I fell asleep and had a lovely 2-hour nap. I woke up feeling much better--not just emotionally, but physically, too. I will never forget one of the first times I was using the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System and I heard my inner voice say, "With every tear, you are clearing the way back to me."

You can't align fully with Source if you have stagnant emotional energy blocking the flow and keeping you at low frequency. Letting your emotions flow is the way to get to higher frequency, back to the realm of your Self. That was more than theoretical for me today.
I found myself in Easy World again this evening.

Have you had a good cry and a nap lately? You have my permission. (smile) Your Self is waiting...

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Today, I was fussing at Rick about getting something done (so important, I haven't a clue what it was!). His response was, "I'm getting ready to do that. Then I'm going to (whatever the other thing that needed doing was), and then I'm going to love you forever."

Wow. Here I am b*tching at him, and that's his response?

"How did I ever end up with someone who loves me that much no matter what?" I asked myself.

And then it hit me. How lucky I am to have had parents who prepared me to be loved in that way! My dad's professions of love multiple times a day used to get on my nerves when I was a teenager. Now, I appreciate it. It conditioned me to be comfortable with hearing "I love you." No matter what.

I am very clear that not everyone is able to accept the kind of big, unconditional Love I receive from Rick. (If they were, they'd have it.) So thank you, Mom and Dad, for blazing that trail in my psyche so that I can have a husband who is that devoted without me needing to run away out of a sense of unworthiness!

If you didn't have that kind of parental upbringing, you can just claim it for yourself, anyway. In fact, you need to. So, your mother and father didn't give you that kind of steady, "I'm loved no matter what" experience. Even though you may not have recognized it, Mother Source and Father Source have always loved you completely and unconditionally, and have been demonstrating that to you in infinite ways your whole life.

No matter what you do, they just keep on radiating and receiving Love, modeling the perfect relationship, and providing you with everything you could ever want. Open yourself to that! It's time to be comfortable with being loved no matter what. You are.

It's time to claim all the blessings that being loved unconditionally has to offer!

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