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A Light In This World

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I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when an email came in from my longest running friend, Donna. "Sorry I haven't been able to make plans for a phone call," the message started, and then gave all the reasons why. So I grabbed the phone and dialed her number. Phooey on the planning--we'd been talking about having a phone chat for months!

She answered and we proceeded to have a lovely visit. Not as much fun as in person, over a cup of tea, but she's in Nashville and I'm in Denver and it was as good as could be for now. She'll be here in June for her annual performances at INATS (International New Age Trade Show) and we'll get in our tea and hugs then. If you've been reading my blog for long, you'll remember that she's a fabulous singer-songwriter, New Thought minister, and has been my friend since 7th grade when I was kind to her as a new kid in my class (still glad I was feeling magnanimous that day--you never know at that hormone roller-coaster age!). You can learn more about her work at www.DonnaMichael.com.

Anyhoo, we got caught up, talked a little about her June trip here, and about doing some cross-promotional things. She off-handedly mentioned she has a new YouTube video, so as soon as we got off the phone, I went to check it out. It's beautiful! It features one of her song-chants and it really sticks with you, which is great because it's a perfect affirmation. Enjoy!

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What a day! It started with news that one, maybe two more of the A-list authors on my endorsement wish list are willing to review Choosing Easy World to make an endorsement. Yay!!!

Then, I got several heartfelt, unsolicited messages of appreciation for my work. I love those.

This afternoon, I finally got my pansies planted, and being outside (it was 76 today) was magic. I was astonished to get a whiff of an intoxicating scent and was trying to identify it, when I realized it was exuding from the dark purple pansies I was planting! I have never smelled a pansy before today, and I've been a pansy devotee for something like forever.

As I was getting ready to swim in preparation for tonight's teleseminar, I had the sudden terrifying notion that I had never actually reserved a conference line for tonight. Sure enough, I checked, and it was true! I then reserved a line, only to find out that the usual one was filled for tonight and not available. This, after mailing the regular number out to the list(s) this a.m. Yikes!

So I woke up Rick, who was napping in preparation for a later-than-usual evening, and alerted him of the emergency. I called Tony, our devoted and very responsive webmaster, to ask him to put a notice on the events page of my main website. Meanwhile, I gave Rick a message to send out to the list with a correction, and posted it on my blog as well (you may have seen that--I've deleted it now). Then, I went to swim and had a really great workout and lots of cool insights. I did not let my faux pas put a damper (is that even possible?!) on my swim.

The most remarkable thing is that I did not panic. I did not freak out as I once might have. Though I considered them, I didn't worry about the possible ramifications. I simply did what needed to be done. It was almost like a new person was inhabiting me! Even Rick noticed it. Fortunately, had Spirit nudged me 2 hours ahead of time so I could send out the correction email instead of when I picked up the phone to dial in for the call and couldn't get on!

Even when I called in a bit before the appointed time and couldn't get through, I stayed calm. Fortunately, Rick was able to make it through and tell the folks waiting what the problem was. I talked with folks on his line for a bit only to find out my voice was breaking up too badly to be understood, when Rick finally got through on my phone and all basically proceeded as planned. Somehow, I managed to stay unflapped. We had 40 + people on the call even with the phone-number mix-up.

The best thing is that, despite the craziness, I was totally centered and "on." For once, I was completely pleased with the job I did with delivering the message and of getting out of the way and letting things flow!

Based on all the evidence, I'd say I may well have reached a new vibrational set-point. I'm lovin' it!

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I want you. (LOL)

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The weather is the big story here in Denver this weekend. Thursday, it started out raining for most of the night, then it turned to snow and piled up about 8 inches--maybe 10--then it started raining again for most of today. Can you say "slush"?! I really can't complain--some places in the mountains got 52"--well over 4 ft of the white stuff!!!

Talk about your heavy, wet snow. Instead of flakes, it came down in globs, as you can hopefully see in the pix.
You may remember my "happy place" from my garden photos--a little different right now! Check out the tulips in the snow and the green, green grass peeping through the footprints today after the rain had been coming down for awhile, melting the snow...
tulips in snow 2.jpg spring snow on happy placesm.jpg Globs of snow pine tree.jpg

green footprints in snow.jpg While I'm in photo-mode, here is one of some cut daffodils we had recently.
I always love a little Spring in the house. I'm really, really, REALLY ready for sunshine and warmth and garden time. It's supposed to be 76 on Wednesday here. Come on, 76!

I really got a good laugh today. I was on my YouTube account, getting a link to my Techniques for Boosting Your Vibrational Frequency video, when I happened  notice a few of the many comments on the video, pretty much all of which were complimentary and appreciative. The one that cracked me up so read thusly: "I am really turned on by you! I want you! (lol)"

The "LOL", of course, was the funny part. I guess that's as close as a chubby, bi-focal-wearing 55-year-old is going to get! LOL!!!

happy daffies sm.jpg

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This is for late bloomers everywhere. Have your tissue box handy. (Sorry not to embed it but embedding was disabled for this video.)

I have now watched this video 4 times after discovering it 45 minutes ago.


My favorite part besides the obvious is the utter transformation of the faces of the judges as they are pulled out of their critical egos and into Love...

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solemate_cover.jpgI've always said that in order to create a healthy love relationship with another person, you first need to create that within yourself. Well, there's a new book out that was written to help you do that. Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness and Transform Your Life (notice the play on words), by Lauren Mackler, is a guide to  having a whole and loving relationship with your Self--not just so you can attract a healthy relationship partner, but so you can be happy and fulfilled with or without one.

Lauren's own story is a dramatic one of betraying herSelf to be in a relationship that was a match to her wounds rather than her wholeness. She writes the book from a place of having personally done what it took to emerge from the trap of unconsciousness into the clear light of true wholeness and independence. She is now a a renowned coach, keynote speaker, and host of the Life Keys radio show on www.hayhouseradio.com.

I was privileged to read an advance version, and I think the thing I like best about the book is that she shares very practical exercises for uncovering and healing the wounds within you that are keeping you from fulfillment. They are simple, yet powerful, and I must admit that even though I've been doing similar work with mySelf for decades, I found exercises in the book I plan to do to strengthen my own inner relationship (and thus, my outer one).

As I read, I kept thinking of all the people I know that I would recommend this book to--not just to those who are partnerless, but even to those who are in strong relationships as I am. If you're feeling an attraction to Solemate, great news! Right now, there's campaign going on and when you buy the book between April 9 and May 7, 2009, you will be eligible for a bunch of great bonuses, including being entered to win a coaching session with Lauren, and I Can Do It! Tampa (the Hay House Conference) including travel and accommodations for 2. Here's a link to the offer: http://www.laurenmackler.com/solemate/

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I started writing a blog entry to follow up on the last one, but what came out was so much more substantial than expected, I decided to make it a whole article. If you're not already on my email list, be sure to add your name (on this blog page or any page of www.JuliaRogersHamrick.com) and it will come to you in a mailing soon.

What I'll post here are the original thoughts that inspired the article--basically, my notes, taken with fumbling hands as the concepts blazed into my consciousness. (I think that I should be able to put them in writing as fast as Spirit downloads them to me, but they come into my head more rapidly than I type!)

Here is something that I have been saying for awhile now: A desire is your Spirit's notification that something you would love to have is ready to be delivered.This is the backdrop for the following:

The "can't have" reaction some of us experience when we are reminded of something we desire is the DWD's defensive move. It is for the purpose, as always, of keeping us out of Easy World, where true fulfillment is experienced. It's a threat response. A survival mechanism. The Difficult World Dictator / fearful ego can't survive if we allow the fulfillment of our desires. It needs our wanting and longing and sense of unfulfillment to maintain its very existence. When we experience joyful fulfillment, the DWD evaporates.

So, when you get that pesky "I can't have that" reaction, just take it as a sure sign that ego is threatened. And if ego is threatened, it means fulfillment is very close, indeed. It's a sign you can, indeed, have that which you desire--and already do, in Easy World.

Next time you experience a desire, and that "can't have it" pang strikes, celebrate! It is evidence that the fulfillment of your desire is, indeed, close at hand. Not to mention, celebrating moves you into Easy World, where all your desires are fulfilled.

As long as you don't buy into that sad, tired "can't have it" song and dance that keeps you in the vibrational realm where you can't possible see it, much less enjoy it, and as long as you breathe...relax...allow...enjoy, what you desire will show up in divine timing--in Easy World, of course!

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Just now, as I am sitting here at my desk, I was thinking of something I wish I had. Immediately, that feeling you have when you are in victim-mode--that feeling you have when somewhere within you, you believe that someone is keeping something from you; that something you want, you can't have--came over me. I heard my inner pitiful voice say, "I don't understand why I can't have that."

Contemplating this, I suddenly had an epiphany. This is it:

Bemoaning what you haven't got is your fearful ego's way of making sure you never get it!

In that instant, I realized once again, how dang crafty the DWD (Difficult World Dictator / fearful ego) really is. You have a thought about something you'd love to have that would be expansive (OR expensive!), and in order to keep you in the pain of Difficult World, the DWD jumps in with thoughts like "I don't understand why I don't have that." And even more potently, shuts the "Love gate" within which diminishes the Flow of Love through you, drops your vibration, and causes that sad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Who says I can't have that? And why would I listen to him?

Here's the thing: Everything you could ever want or need is already yours in Easy World. You just have to be there to get it. When you identify a desire and your heart sinks and the "can't have" voice starts up, it's just the DWD doing what it can to keep you out of Easy World and away from your fulfillment. It knows that when you're in EW and fulfilled and empowered, it can't feed off your disappointment, sadness, resentment, etc.

I've got your number, DWD. You can't control me anymore!

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Making connections

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I am loving Twitter, and making such cool connections in the time I'm spending networking there. At the same time, I'm mildly wondering how best to manage my time so that I don't end up twittering my time away! I'm not too worried as I think that will self-regulate as I get more used to it and naturally integrate it. But it is seductive to check in constantly so as not to miss anything!

One of the connections I've made has to do with quotes. Yes, quotes--the topic that got dicey last week for me. One thing I love to do on Twitter is to "retweet" the things others tweet if they strike me as relevant, funny, important, helpful, or otherwise interesting. I'm not at all unique in that--it's part of Twitter culture. I seem to retweet lots of quotes, and pour some of my own into the stream as well.

So, a fellow twitterer named Rick Itzkowich commented "I notice you like quotes, Julia," and then suggested I'd like his daily "Quote Actions" mailing. After signing up for it, I suggested he read my "Quotes" blog entry to see how right on he was in his assessment of my interest in quotes! Not but a few minutes later, he replied and said if I'd pick out some of my quotes and write an action to go along with each of them, he'd use them! How's that for the Universe delivering my desire?! Pretty cool, I thought. So I've sent him a few, and I'll share them with you at some point.

Another cool thing that happened is that Dr. Annette Colby, someone I am following and who is following me on Twitter, sent me a lovely message to say she was so happy we'd connected on Twitter because she'd been a fan of mine for years, and added some other very, very kind and complimentary remarks, including calling me an angel. (My reply: "It takes one to know one.") From reading her Twitter profile, I could tell our work was quite similar, so I visited her blog and it is lovely. I think you'll love it--go check it out! http://annettecolby.com/blog/

And did I tell you I'll be on Live Your Purpose Radio with Michelle Vandepas on April 28? I am! I connected with her via Twitter, too!

One more little tidbit--this, of a personal nature. Today, my 88-year-old dad called. I saw from caller ID that he was on his cell phone. When I answered, he said, "Hi, J" (He has called me "J" for as long as I can recall). Then he said, "I'm at the airport and I need you to pick me up." My heart stopped! As you may or may not recall, on his last plane trip by himself, he fell and broke his arm and ended up in the hospital and then rehab for many weeks--a nightmare. And then, of course, he said, "April Fools!" He got me good, something he has been wanting to do for 40 years, ever since I played a great trick on him during my teen years. I'll share that with you some other day...

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