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A cautionary tale

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It has been longer than I meant for it to be since you've heard from me, but if I'd written something sooner, I'd have been violating an Easy World guideline for action--you know--the one that says you only act when you're inspired and energized to! And I've done quite enough violating of that rule lately...

It's been an exhausting (but also exhilarating) time in my life. Till now, I don't think I really realized just how much of the 2 years between signing the publishing contract for Choosing Easy World and the actual launch of the book back in August that I'd spent in Difficult World, trying to do everything "right" according to what I'd been told I should do to have a best seller (and failing as much as succeeding) in that endeavor.

Then, I underestimated how much oomph it took to pack a household, prepare a house for leasing out (renovations, etc.), and move across the country, which we did this fall. And there have been some other unrelenting invitations back to DW that I won't go into. Suffice it to say, the stress of DW--and of dealing with the Difficult World Dictator--will wear you slam out!

So when we got to our new home in North Carolina and I didn't heed the subtler messages that I needed to chill out and rest, I (unconsciously, of course) created a scenario where I'd have to: I fell down and broke my hip.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I was walking the dogs on their leashes in the back yard when a neighbor cat jumped out of the bushes, startled the dogs, they bolted, and it threw me off balance. While trying to regain my balance, I kicked a landscaping tie, which threw me even further off balance, and I ended up falling with a direct hit to my right hip. I couldn't get up and Rick was afraid to move me, so I had my first-ever ambulance ride to the ER. We spent 6+ hours there and I came very close to being prepped for surgery after a CAT scan indicated a crack in the top of my femur, but the ortho doc came in, checked my range of motion, etc., and said he was pretty sure I didn't need it and sent me home with orders to see him in his office a.s.a.p.

 After an MRI, it was determined that I had a non-displaced fracture. My first (and hopefully, last) major broken bone of my life.
The good news is, I broke it in the only way that doesn't require surgery to repair. (Hallelujah!) It's also not very painful except in certain positions which are not ones required for getting around. I'm restricted to using a walker for 6 weeks and then it should be healed.

You can bet I have let go of every unnecessary thing--no holiday busyness for me--and am following not only doctor's orders, but, more importantly, my own inner guidance, to chill out, rest, and heal! I'm thanking my lucky stars for Rick, who is doing pretty much EVERYTHING to keep the household running and me, comfortable and cared for.

Moral of the story: If you don't heed the whispers of your inner guidance, and listen instead to the Difficult World Dictator, who is always telling you to push, push, push, you'll eventually be forced to hear your Spirit's message in a way that's not quite so subtle!  My wish for you is that you'll use my experience as a cautionary tale and back off some of the busyness to be quiet enough to hear the still, small voice of your Spirit that is always guiding you to greater well-being and joy.

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