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This afternoon, I was sitting in contemplation of a situation that pretty much anyone who has been indoctrinated into Difficult World (and that's anyone who was reared on Planet Earth lately) would find scary. I don't really want to discuss the details, but I'm guessing there are few folks who wouldn't have their Difficult World Dictator jumping up and down, frantically waving on a constant basis, trying to hijack their energy and focus into fear in light of such circumstances. In fact, I'm quite sure there are millions of people experiencing this right now.

So, as I was saying, I was relaxing and thinking about the (potentially) scary thing and I was in total peace about it. No fear. No apprehension. No passion about it whatever. I even felt hopeful about it with no concrete reason to. And the DWD couldn't stand that! It shouted, "Hey, wait a minute! You're CRAZY if you're not afraid. You HAVE to be afraid or you don't get to be a bona fide member of the human race. You have to DO SOMETHING PRACTICAL TO CHANGE THIS!!! NOW!!! I don't care if you're inspired to or not! Something, ANYTHING!!! It's IRRESPONSIBLE OF YOU TO NOT BE AFRAID!!!"


And my spontaneous (this is progress!), Easy World response was a smile, a calm, deep breath, and this very strong thought: "I owe no allegiance to the Difficult World Dictator. I am not required to be afraid, apprehensive, or 'practical' by the DWD's definition. At all." Indeed, I owe my allegiance to my Spirit. To Easy World. To inspired action only. I don't want to be in fear. And nobody can make me!

Amazing how much inspired, Easy World, practical measurable action has flowed from this peaceful, confident, fear-less, unflappable place. I feel great! Empowered! Unflappable! I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy.

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Crying is a miracle

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Crying is a miracle. It is a beautiful, wonderful release of all that doesn't match the vibration of Love. It is a loving act because it clears the way for the experience of full connection with Source again so that Love can flow freely through you once more. And that is not only the key to all kinds of miracles, it is the key to everything.

I was doing a "#3" one day, and writing notes about it as I cried (what can I say? I'm a compulsive teacher!), and what came pouring from me was something to the effect of, "When you cry, you are clearing the path Home to Me. With every tear shed, you are closer to Me." ("Me" being my Spirit)

Crying not only gets the stagnant energy cleared out of your pipeline, your tears actually carry toxins out of your body. Crying facilitates the release of all kinds of stuff that is keeping you from full radiance and the higher awareness and joy you crave. One of the most disempowering messages we've been given in our societal indoctrination is that crying is a sign of weakness. If carried out consciously, it's anything but!

The crucial factor in whether crying is a beautiful, aware act of release and Homecoming, or a wallowing in self-pity and lower vibration, is your intent and your stance. When you are feeling like a victim and perceiving crying as weakness--something you have no dominion over, and resisting it even as you cry, that's not very helpful and not likely to clear out that much.

But claiming stewardship over your emotions and purposefully allowing yourself to release the stuff that has built up and clogged the pipe is sure to make you feel better/lighter/happier afterward. Doing it ON PURPOSE is so, very, very empowering.

If you have not seen my Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System yet, check it out and look closely at #3.

Happy crying!

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