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Easy World magic strikes again!

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We have been in need for awhile--and now in dire need--of having our master bathroom--our Lilliputian master bathroom--remodeled, due to some loose tiles around the shower which have fostered mold and rot of the wood structure. No point in just fixing that, when we're going to need a complete remodeling for when we sell the house in a few years, so...

Earlier this summer, I got some designers lined up to come over to give us ideas and estimates, and our first one was a design-build guy who was not very warm, and not very creative--clearly not anyone I was eager to work with. His talk of this crew and that crew trooping in and out of  my small bedroom and tiny bathroom in our little house while I was at home trynig to work (I'm used to peace and quiet to write, etc.) gave me the willies. I am very particular about the energy here--it's my spiritual cave. So, because the thought of going through all that so turned me off, I just cancelled the other appointments and postponed the project!

I said to mySelf, "the only way I'm going to be able to stand this is to do it in Easy World. I would love for it to be arranged so that I can be gone while it's going on." I tried to figure out how that could happen, but felt very overwhelmed and was very clear I did not want to have to figure it out! So I put it on the back burner and went on with my life and figured I'd be given notice when it was time.

But the moldy shower continued to haunt me and the thought of falling through to the basement while I was showering has been a constant niggling fear...

Meanwhile, in what seemed a totally unrelated event, Rick and I decided we'd like to vacation at Lake Michigan in September where my family has been going for generations--just the 2 of us (plus the pups) for some much needed R and R together. Rick had 2 and a half weeks of vacation saved up--just enough so that we could drive up (2 days there and 2 days back) and have 2 full weeks of time to just be there, so we set it up to go.

One day, while showering, appropriately enough, and seemingly out of the blue, I remembered a guy named Patrick that I had connected with while looking for a house/dog sitter a couple of years ago. We had emailed back and forth a bit because he was into Gary Renard's first book (based on A Course in Miracles) which I had helped promote via an Amazon best seller campaign. At the time, he told me he did renovations and handyman stuff, so I found his email address again, sent him a message, hoping his address was still the same. I heard back from him right away and we set up a time for him to come and talk to us.

Long story short, he was delightful! We LOVED him, and feel we've reconnected with a long lost spiritual family member! I knew right away I would not mind having him in my space, and since he does all the work himself, it would be the least disruptive to my peace. He estimated it would take 2 weeks, plus or minus, to get the job done. We discussed that we would be on vacation in September and he said that was fine as he was busy till after we got back. So we planned for him to start in early October. Then he volunteered, "too bad I'm tied up with a big kitchen remodel while you're gone--wouldn't it be great if I could do it while you were away and you could come back and it would be done like magic?!" OH, yes it would! He said he'd let us know if his schedule changed, because the kitchen lady was having a hard time making up her mind about things.

Fast forward a few days and he calls to say his schedule just opened up and that he can, indeed do our bathroom while we're on vacation! AMAZING!!! AND, he's going to take care of the garden while we're gone! His business name certainly seems appropriate: Happy To Help Home Improvement!

So, though it's required a lot of time and energy to get all my choices made and the gazillion pieces and parts chosen and ordered before I leave, everything is falling into place beautifully!

I sooooooo love Easy World.


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Inspired and energized!

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I've been spending lots of time writing about Easy World, and it's no cosmic mistake--I've needed to be extra focused on EW. With the trip coming up, and house renovations on the near horizon, there have been many times I've needed to remind myself about EW and choose to be there. Here is a little of what I wrote this week in the chapter about taking action in Easy World (and yes, it's been the theme a lot lately--the most recent teleseminar was on this topic):


The only kind of action that works in Easy World is inspired, energized action.

Let's examine those words "inspired" and "energized." Inspired means that Spirit is motivating you from within. Your Spirit, being in continuous, perfect alignment with Easy World, and therefore, able to see the workings of the Whole of Creation, knows exactly what needs to be done and when. It informs you as to what you need to do in order to facilitate the perfect, harmonious outworking of things, and gives you the signal to do your part when the time is exactly right to do it. That's inspiration. Along with inspiration, you will feel energized to do whatever it is.

Energized means that the energy has welled up within you to do what needs doing. Feeling energized means you have tapped into the mighty power of the Divine Design for Harmony, the electromagnetic grid that under-girds Easy World. It means that you have sufficiently relaxed to be aligned with the Design and are thus "plugged in" to the immense energy that is continuously cycling there. (It is worthwhile to remember that it is imperative that you be relaxed in order to fully plug into the power grid!)


I really love the part about where the energy comes from when you're inspired, and that you need to be relaxed to plug into it. That was new to me as I wrote it--that's one of the main reasons I love writing--I learn so much cool stuff that I've never thought of before! There's a lot more I'm eager to share, but I need to leave some of it a surprise for when you read the book!

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Can you hear me now?

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We had a nice turnout for the teleseminar last night--we even had a woman call in from the Netherlands, where it was 3 AM--love those dedicated Europeans!!! In addition, we had some very electrical excitement. No--not just the energy of the topic, but there were electrical storms going on in the Denver area throughout the entire call. It caused weird phenomena like triggering the conference call announcements to go off spontaneously in the middle of my talk, and people getting cut off, including Rick (who was on the house phone) and me, who was using the office line.

At one point, I could hear the other people on the call but they couldn't hear me. So frustrating--I'm calling out, "Can you hear me?" and no one is answering! I loved what I heard, though, as they discussed the situation. People were lamenting that they had "lost" me and one lady very enthusiastically said, "And just when it was getting REALLY GOOD, too! Perhaps that was Spirit's gift to me, as it really was nice to hear. I don't always get such candid feedback!

Fortunately, Rick was able to reconnect and reassure them that I was going to be calling back in, so we didn't lose many, if any, of the people on the call, and I was able to get back in and finish. Folks had some great questions and I do LOVE answering questions!

On a different note, I connected with Amanda Tunney via Powerful Intentions this week, and have been emailing with her a bit. What an interesting person with an interesting project! She and her husband are raffling off the gorgeous resort in Indonesia that they built and have been running, and the drawing is August 31.If you have dreamed of escaping to the tropics and living an exotic, and, may I suggest, Easy World-conducive lifestyle (there is management and staff in place so you don't have to work too hard!), you just have to check this place out! Heck--it's relaxing and refreshing just to look at the pictures, so be sure to click on "Photo Gallery."

They want to move back to Australia and had the idea that they could create a contest for selling "Imaj." They've already sold their minimum number of tickets (25,000), so the drawing is on. If you're feeling lucky, you might want to spring for a ticket--they're $100 each. Just think--someone with powerful intentions and the right vibrations can have a $1.5 million property in paradise for only $100...

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Yes! I CAN take "no" for an answer

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As I was swimming this afternoon in my fabulous Endless Pool, the self-same pool that started my whole Easy World awakening, I found myself in that ubiquitous workout struggle. You know the one: I MUST push myself, or I won't reap the benefits I need to lose weight / get aerobically fit / build muscle (you fill in the blank with your favorite exercise benefit). The problem was, about halfway through the most vigorous part of my workout, my body said  "no."

The harder I pushed, the more my joints, including my knee, which I'm intent on healing, protested, and with quite a bit of joint damage already, pushing through pain for me is Russian roulette. That has not always stopped me--I have reveled in pushing--and, hence, some of the aforementioned joint damage. But something different happened today. Today, I heard "no," and I respected it. I pulled back and said, "I CAN take "no" for an answer! I CAN trust that my body knows what it needs and doesn't need. And so I continued my workout, but at a natural, easy, comfortable, pleasurable pace.

But then "the voice" started up. Again, you know the one: The drill sergeant that is the compilation of every external authority you ever heard: "You're never going to get in great shape that way!" "How do you expect to do what needs to be done if you back off so easily?" "NO PAIN, NO GAIN." As if moving at a natural, easy pace in the water would be worth absolutely nothing. As if working out at lower intensity were a complete waste of time.

As this strident "voice" continued it's diatribe, the toxicity of it threatened to nauseate me to the point of having to stop moving altogether. I literally felt queasy from it. And then I knew that, if I were one to believe in evil--if I believed in the devil--that would be its essence.

I started to think about nature. There's no drill sergeant in nature! Have you ever seen a wild animal push itself due to some kind of nagging external authority? If so, it was an aberration! The only reason I know of that a wild animal pushes itself is to procure its dinner or to avoid becoming dinner. Animals move at whatever speed they do either for the usefulness of it or for the sheer pleasure--it's just what they do. If they're hurt, they back off and rest. And, yes, in such a case, they may well become dinner. But as far as I know, no one is out to eat me if I don't swim faster!

I haven't fully worked this all out, but what I do know is that the ego-based internal voice that we acquire from society telling us to push, push, push is toxic and unnatural, and I can definitely say "NO!" to it, even if it means not being at the peak of fitness. But I suspect one can become fit by following their body's cues as long as they are not split between what is natural and that nasty voice. Surely, like everything else, a lot of it--perhaps ALL of it--is in what you believe and what you tell yourself. I'm going to try telling myself a new, loving story about fitness.

Today I created a new Easy World tee shirt design, and the message on the back sums it up: It says, "I live in Easy World, where everything is easy. I breathe...relax...allow...enjoy,  act when inspired and watch the magic unfold." Does the toxic drill sergeant voice fit with that? I don't THINK so!

(To check out the new shirt design, visit the Easy World Boutique)

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Keep your mind from interfering

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I came across the following while sorting through my EW notes and had the sense that someone might need to read it (maybe ME!):


The more you are able to keep your mind from interfering, and the more you simply relax, allow, and have faith in the perfection of Easy World, the faster you will have the experience of things falling into place.


Heads up--the August f'ree teleseminar  is this coming Tuesday, August 14, and the topic is "The Only Kind of Action that Works in Easy World"

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This afternoon, I sat at my desk and realized, as I have most every day lately, that my office was feeling a little dead, and started, as I've done just about every day lately, to do the things that counteract that feeling. I turned on my salt lamp, cranked up iTunes, started up the aromatherapy diffuser, and generally did what I could to get the energy up. But this day, I took a closer look at my space: what a mess! It was like the scales fell from my eyes and I could suddenly see that a big part of the reason it felt dead was all the deferred action--all the papers and cards and things that I kept just because I didn't know what to do with them. Even the stuff in the drawers that were out of sight, weren't, apparently, completely out of mind.

Well, one of the great things about waiting a long time before going through papers is that when you finally do, they're pretty easy to deal with because most of them are so old as to be totally irrelevant. I told myself I only needed to do as much as I felt like doing and I could quit anytime, so of course, I got a lot done! I was able to make huge progress in a couple of my drawers, and it felt fantastic to lighten the albatross! With every paper I put on either the recycle or the shred pile, I felt new energy pouring in.

Suddenly, I started having new ideas galore, which Rick and I met about this evening, and we have all kinds of things we're planning to implement to make my website(s) more interactive and interesting. As if that were not enough reward, I also unearthed the business card of someone I am going to call to help us out with some painting projects around the house (that was an Easy World find as I have been needing to find a painter), and I found 2 Chinese fortune cookie fortunes that seemed just perfect for the day. The first one said, "Your luck has been completely changed today," and the other said, "You emerge victorious from the maze you've been traveling in." OH, yes!

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 "I pursue my passion and everything lines up to prosper my life."

That is the affirmation that came to me today, and I thought you'd like it, too!

When we do that which we feel passion and energy for, it means we are lined up with the Divine Design for Harmony, where all the Life Force is and where all is continuously working together to prosper our well-being at every level.

The sizzle--the energy--we feel when we're impassioned is our interface with the electromagnetic field of the Design, which is alive--and sizzling--with Life Force from Source.

You know you're aligned with The Flow of Life Force from Source when you experience energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

What a cool system, eh?!

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It must be because its summer, but for some reason, I've just been letting my blogging slide these days. I'm thinking about vlogging--video-blogging--but that's about as far as I've gotten with it--thinking about it! BUT, I did have an Easy World experience related to it. I had expressed my desire to do some video stuff to Rick, and a few days ago, he came home with a new Canon Power Shot Digital Elph (don't remember the numbers and don't have it on hand at the moment) that will make videos. It was kind of magic because it was virtually free. (We have Amazon credit cards which we use for just about everything and had enough reward/rebate certificates for him to buy it.) We haven't used it yet, but I'm excited to. It did feel very Easy World the way it just showed up!

Nothing really spectacular has happened lately--unless you call making progress on the Easy World book spectacular--which, now that I think of it, it is! I was telling Rick last night about how thrilling it is to be able to work on it so casually--so easily! Whereas always before, I've needed special, large blocks of time where I could get really centered and focused before I could work on a book, this time, I'm finding I can work on it whenever I have a few minutes. I still need some longer, undisturbed periods, but generally speaking, I believe this one is going to get done in a much more casual, easy way. And I've not had hardly any need to whip myself to go faster with it--I figure it's an Easy World production all the way and I trust myself to write when it's right! LOVE that. (If you've read the preface to Recreating Eden, you know that self-flagellation was formerly a part of my author m.o.)

Tonight, Stepdaughter #3 called to ask if she could bring her boyfriend over for dinner (she was due to come anyway as it's our designated kids' night) and of course, we said "yes." Oh--an Easy World tie-in--the housecleaners were here today for our bi-weekly cleaning! So no hustling to get things cleaned up! Anyway, he was adorable and personable--very clear, very conversational (but not tooooooo much so), very look-you-in-the-eyes, and unless he's a really, REALLY smooth con artist, I believe he will be a wonderful influence. Of course, the kiss of death to a teenage relationship is to get too invested in it lasting, but I confess that I sure hope this one does for at least awhile!

Okay. All for now. Hopefully, there'll be a video here soon!

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