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This class has already been held, but will be on the schedule again in the near future. Be sure you're on Julia's email list to be notified when it is being offered. Click here for Julia's current events and classes."


Class postponed and will be rescheduled for January or February—please check back later!

Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life!

with Julia Rogers Hamrick

The quality of your life experience is absolutely dependent upon the level of vibrational frequency at which you are operating. The higher your frequency, the more joy, ease, peace, creativity and prosperity you enjoy. The lower your frequency, the more problems, pain, confusion, and sense of powerlessness you experience. To raise the quality of your experience to levels you may not even have yet imagined, you just need to learn to manage your vibrational level and have a plan for doing so on an ongoing basis! That's what this interactive, small-group, 3-session course is designed for. It will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the vibrational ladder and a powerful, motivating vision
  • Practical instruction in how to systematically raise your vibration with ease
  • Personalized guidance and support in moving through any stuck places
  • A fail-proof method for moving rapidly out of lower vibrational space into the higher vibrational space of brilliance, creativity and joy
  • Hands-on experiences of applying simple, powerful frequency-raising techniques
  • A personal plan for managing your vibrational state, including an emergency plan for when you slip into "low-frequency amnesia"
  • A higher overall vibrational level and the wonderful benefits thereof!

To keep this class an optimal size for personal interaction, only 12 people will have this opportunity now, so register as soon as possible to assure your place in the group!

3 consecutive Thursdays in October, 2008, beginning October 16

In the US, classes will be held at 9:00-10:30 pm Eastern / 8:00-9:30 pm Central / 7:00-8:30 pm Mountain / 6:00-7:30 pm Pacific; In Australia, 12:00 noon-1:30 pm (Fri.) Sydney time (For all other time zones, please consult the time zone converter and use 9:00 p.m. New York time as your reference)

Investment: $88.00 (Includes a 20% discount off a one-hour personal attunement session, regularly $111. You'll receive the discount code after you've paid for the class.)

You'll receive an email with the phone number to call and the access code to use once you register and pay for the course.

Registration now closed. Keep an eye out for future offerings of this course.

*If you've never done a teleconference before, be assured that it's easy as pie. You'll just be calling the phone number you'll receive from us, and once you connect and are prompted by the voice on the line, you will punch in the access code we'll be sending you. And that's it! You'll be connected to the classroom. Any other instructions will be given then.

You will be paying your own long-distance charges, which, if you're using a calling plan or calling card with a 5-cents per minute rate, will be around $5 per session. There are many cards with better rates to be had.

Here's what some former participants in this class had to say about it and about Julia:

"Your class has been both enlightening and inspiring, and the attunement was a remarkable experience.  I have never met anyone quite as intuitive as you are.  It’s as if you could read my mind.  You bring such wonderful energy, insight and passion to your work. I will definitely be back for more!"

—Jill G.

"Julia distills spiritual truths so that they are easy to understand, remember, and apply. She fosters an atmosphere of openness and support among class members, so we create a cohesive community over the phone. She gives generous support that is always deeply, totally compassionate, profound, simple to understand, and realistic to apply. I highly recommend her classes!"

—Pamela M.

"In my many years of self-healing through enlightenment, there have been a few teachers who have touched my vibrational cord, letting me know that there was a message for me.  Whenever I hear Julia's voice, I feel this way. She is calm and easy going as they come, yet clear and true with the message that speaks of letting love flow.  Julia is also one of the first people I have worked with who is committed to the truth, and it's not all about money.  She is as refreshing as a spring garden!  She is everybody's sweet big sister.  She cares.  I love her and her message!"

—Judy H.