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Here are some of our favorite sites.

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    • Raise Your Frequency! forum
      Forum Julia founded and moderates about frequency raising techniques and ideas. Part of the Powerful Intentions community.


    • 123 Greetings
      Free e-cards with spiritual themes
    • Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory
      Links to hundreds of thousands of spiritual and alternative health sites
    • Awaken the Genie Within
      Linda Salazar, Certified Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Emotional Energy Management and Law of Attraction. Author of Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire audio program
    • Barbara Rose, Ph.D. - Born To Inspire
      Internationally acclaimed spiritual author, public speaker, founder of Institute of Higher Self Communication, and inspire! magazine
    • Cartoons by Meredith
      NLP and LOA Cartoons by Meredith Bede Aldrich, including one on Easy World!
    • Celestial Liasons
      Astrological articles, quarterly newsletter on currrent planetary trends
    • Donna Michael
      Donna Michael is a New Age Artist, Pianist, Vocalist and Keynote Speaker
    • Enlightened Beings
      "Secrets to Manifesting an Abundant Financial Situation, Loving Relationships, Ideal Career, Optimum Health and a Spiritual Awakening"
    • Full Spectrum Paints
      Magical light-filled paints and interior design by Ellen Kennon
    • Heal Thyself
      A resource for self-healing and transformation where you can access excerpts from Ian Cameron's empowering book, Heal Thyself
    • I Am Complete
      Inspiration and spiritual wisdom from author, healer, teacher, and mental illness survivor Karen Ryan
    • Les and Nahid Carney
      Home of the Centers of Light Directories, listings of individuals whose intentions are to live lives committed to love
    • Mayan Majix
      Mayan calendar information, Ian Xel Lungold, link to Matty's Journal
    • Neil Slade's Amazing Brain Adventure
      Learn about experiencing God by clicking your amygdala to "pop your frontal lobes" and much, MUCH more from student of renegade brain researcher, T.D. Lingo.
    • Powerful Intentions
      The community for people with powerful intentions!
    • Priestess Alchemy
      Bringing ancient Egyptian alchemical science into the new millennium, Priestess Alchemy provides exceptional quality skincare and nutritional supplements to a clientele seeking an expansion of CONSCIOUSNESS. Creators and purveyors of fine ORMUS products.
    • Quiet Miracles
      An Open Forum for self-exploration and discovery
    • Rosetta Stone Press
      Practical New Thought for Living Today – ancient wisdom; spirituality and inspirational articles, book excerpts, book reviews, and author spotlights.
    • SelfGrowth.com
      SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web
    • Soul Future
      Spiritual enlightenment via dream interpretation, spiritual counseling, personal growth courses inspirational quotes and spiritual growth articles. Online dream dictionary.
    • Southeastern Spiritual Conference
      17th Annual Southeastern Spiritual Conference June 21-26, 2009 Greensboro, NC "The Human Experience of a Spiritual Being"
    • Spirit and Sky
      The Definitive Spiritual Directory
    • The Roberts Group
      Editorial and design services for book, newsletter, and Web publishers.
    • Unifying Fields Foundation
      A retreat and counseling center for "Downloading your Higher Self"