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This is my first blog entry ever! Seems like blogging may be just the thing for someone like me who always has a LOT to say and no regular forum to say all she’d like to. You know—a place to ramble where people can read or not read all the stuff this extrovert needs to say so she’ll know what she knows—and doesn’t know. It seems a great way to get things down on…well…not down on paper, but down before they evaporate and go the way of so many unrecorded thoughts! So…

Yesterday, after months of hearing raves about it, husband Rick and I went to see the film What the Bleep Do We Know. I must admit for the first 20 minutes of it, I was wondering why as I’m not generally plagued with many deep questions about the nature of reality. While I certainly don’t have all the answers in my conscious mind by any means, I have received enough of the answers directly from Higher Intelligence that I don’t find myself craving answers—when I have a sincere question, I usually find a workable answer downloading into my own brain pretty soon. Indeed, that’s how Recreating Eden was born—it largely contains answers to things I’d wondered about—as well as to questions I didn’t even know I had. It’s clear to me that all the answers are available—if you know what questions to ask. That’s the trick!

But, despite my initial skepticism that there was anything in the movie for me, I found What the Bleep to be quite stimulating of new insights and that it contained several scientific animations that were really helpful in shaping what looks from here to be some new strategies that have the potential to assist my liberation from some of my stuck places—indeed, aspects of me I hadn’t thought to ask the right questions about. I’m excited about that! I think it’s an awesome resource particularly for people who are needing a nudge from the universe to start seeing things from the standpoint of being a creator instead of a victim in life. (And that seems to be just about all of us to some degree or another!)

Today I started the day by deciding it was going to be a high-energy, joyful day...and it was! Even more so than usual. I felt that my frequency stayed higher than normal all day and evening. I was inspired to do this because one of the contributors to What the Bleep said that he expressed his intentions for the day every morning with powerful results, and he said it in such a way that I felt moved to try it. I'd done similar exercises, but the way he explained it seemed a bit new and different, and it felt new and different even as I was stating my intentions. (That was an interesting challenge because I didn't remember to do it until Lilah and Roly (dogs) were already alerted that it was time to get up--they were hanging out leaning over the edge of the bed quivering with anticipation as I was focusing!) I'll be working with variations of this "state your intentions for the day" technique to see what is most effective! And, of course, I'll report on it when the time is right...


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