The Crow

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I've had some close relationships with nesting birds this Spring. There's a cardinal's nest in the shrub just feet from where I sit to meditate, write in my daybook and generally attune with Spirit, and a Carolina Wren's nest in the eaves of the gazebo where I work most afternoons when the weather is conducive. It's been a joy to see Nature up close as the babies hatched and the parents nurtured them to fledglings.

As I sat outside this morning, writing in my daybook, I heard a mighty cacophony coming from the area of our neighbors' shrubs. It was a mélange of panicked baby bird cheeps and adult bird squawks. When I looked over, I saw a whirlwind of birds arising from the bush and several cardinal adults chasing a crow away. I did not realize until I looked it up that crows not only eat bird eggs, they eat nestlings as well.

As the scenario repeated a couple of times with the huge crow brazenly returning to do his dastardly work, I felt myself hating on the crow and wanting to intervene on behalf of the "good" birds--the birds I liked. And then it hit me: the crow is not bad or wrong. The cardinals are not right or good. The crow eating the baby birds is not evil. It is just as much Nature as the harmonious-seeming flow of nest-building, egg-laying and babies maturing to leave the nest and become adults. The crow, in the eyes of the Divine, is just the crow, doing what a crow is designed to do.

The crow does not do what it does to be cruel--it does what it does because it is playing its part in the balance of it all. This, of course, is not any great wisdom or original thinking, but what was profound to me was to realize that I had automatically chosen to see this in Difficult World terms. I had let the DWD determine what I perceived and had judged what was happening--what was at its essence, a neutral situation and that put me in DW, where "bad" things happen.

Judgment is an express ticket to Difficult World. The birds were only in Difficult World because I put them there. Just as I was only in DW because I chose to be. I choose Easy World where everyone plays their part in a higher harmony than judgment permits us to see.

As I finished writing this, I thought to Google to see what "crow medicine" is about. This stood out to me from this page "Crow is the sacred keeper of the law. Crow medicine signifies a firsthand knowledge of a higher order of right and wrong than that indicated by the laws created in human culture." Of course, the highest order of right and wrong is that there IS no right and wrong in the eyes of the Divine--there is only Love.

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Heaven On Earth!

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Here are the links I talked about on the teleconference:

Free download of Chapter 7 of Recreating Eden
Coupon code for getting $5 off the book (on my site only) is AWAKEN

Link to register for the Heaven On Earth: What You Need to Know to Experience It Now class

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Introducing the latest member of the Easy World family, Relax Into Easy World! Relax Into Easy World front.jpg
I have been super busy, creating new Easy World tools to help you get to and stay in Easy World, and this is the first one finished. I learned some valuable Easy World lessons along the way (I guess that was a given!). I felt so out of control of this and that really threw me off kilter, creating some doubt that it would turn out to be all that I hoped it would be. For example, while writing the script for it, I kept on going into such a deep trance, I could never write more than a few lines before being unable to continue! I just couldn't seem to get a grip on it. When you go to the place beyond words, there are no...words! So it took me what seemed like forever to get the script done and I never did feel 100% about it. (By the way, grip: not so Easy World.)

And then, even though it wasn't, to my mind, perfect, I needed to get to a recording studio without delay to record the vocal track if there was a chance of having it done in time for the holidays. That, in itself, was a totally new experience, and I was unsure of some aspects of that, too. So I felt vulnerable and like that was out of my control as well. Even after I heard the final version of the vocal track and liked it, I was unsure how it would work with the creation of the music.

Next, I had to turn it over to my amazing life-long friend, new age musician, Donna Michael, in Nashville to compose the music for it. It's always a little iffy to work with a friend--even one as dear and talented and responsible and spiritually compatible as Donna--so I was a little apprehensive about it even while I knew she was the right one to do it. (I will confess that it comforted me to know that Donna may be the only person in the world more picky than I am when it comes to the details!) The first sample she sent me was nice but it wasn't Easy World. I had a momentary crisis of faith before it struck me what the problem was. What I realized is that we had not come together to have a "prayer meeting" to begin the whole thing and to invoke Easy World. So we did and the next sample she sent me was beyond exactly right! Magical, even! (I have another cool story about the music I'll tell at some point!)

Lesson: Always start any collaboration by invoking Easy World together!

Once the music was perfect--and I mean perfect--and Rick and I had navigated the world of CD duplication, online sales options, procuring ISRC codes and barcodes and uploading big wav files and DDP images
and preparing the artwork for printing (which I'd already designed, in total joy, I might add) and more, it was time to put the word out there. I created the sales page (with the help of our fabulous web master) and the emails and then we launched. I then held my breath to see if a) anybody wanted to buy it not just so we could re-coup the sizeable dollar investment we'd made but more importantly, so that it could fulfill its intended purpose, and b) if they'd like it once they bought it. And of course, c) the most crucial part of all: Would it take them to Easy World and help them sleep?

Oh, Julia. Your biggest lesson is simply to trust Easy World!

Turns out, it is selling like hotcakes--both the downloads and the CDs and we were in the black with it after 2 days. And the feedback from it has been beyond what I'd even hoped! All the comments I've gotten on it have affirmed that it is fulfilling my intention for it. Here's the mack daddy of reviews of it:

"Julia! I got your Relax Into Easy World download yesterday and couldn't wait to listen to it. I use A LOT of these type of programs, and I have NEVER been so profoundly relaxed, peaceful and blissful in my entire life, except maybe in the middle of an extremely relaxing massage.The music is deeply relaxing and yet so unobtrusive. Perfect meditation music. It is all I could have hoped for and more as an aid to get into Easy World. It is AMAZING!!!!" --Donetta R., Japan
I got another one from a woman who said she'd slept 9 hours straight after listening to it and she usually has a very hard time sleeping. And several more with similarly affirming comments. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

What I realized is that the whole feeling of being out of control was EXACTLY RIGHT! How could Easy World be in charge if I felt in charge and in control? It was far more effective that I stayed vulnerable and simply continued to move forward in the flow, doing my best in every moment to stay in Easy World, infusing Love into everything, and letting EW do the rest. I guess my being in a trance to create the script meant that the words came from a higher place than if I'd been firmly ensconced in my left brain, not to mention, if the meditation was to be optimally effective, it needed to put one in a trance! I had my evidence of its effectiveness of that first hand. Oh, me of little faith!

Anyway, I'm just thrilled with the outcome and I now listen to the meditation myself every night without critiquing it, just letting it take me to Easy World. I hope you'll be relaxing into Easy World soon, too. For the month of December, both the download and CD are at special introductory prices. I'd love to know how it's working for you!

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Love is intelligence.

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Is Anywhere Safe These Days?

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Is Anywhere Safe These Days?

After the horrifying events in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last week, many people are left asking, "Is anywhere safe these days?" My answer is yes--and no. There is no safe place in lower-vibrational, fear-dictated Difficult World. The only safe place, ever, in any geographical location, is the high-vibrational world that Love creates, the reality matrix I've dubbed "Easy World."

Those of you who have been following my work know that I teach that your vibrational level and your focus determine your reality--what you experience--at any given moment. When you allow Love to be your guide and the source of the energy you partake of, you will experience beauty and harmony. You will be at high vibration, ensconced in Easy World.

When you allow the greedy, conflict and sensation-hungry Difficult World Dictator to lead you and feed you, it will always lead you to pain and trauma-inducing Difficult World.

The following is from a news article about the July 20, 2012 theater massacre, in which 12 people were killed and 58 others were injured, describing the movie that was premiering, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. "The film has several scenes of public mayhem--a hallmark of superhero movies. In one scene, the main villain, Bane, leads an attack on the stock exchange and, in another, leads a shooting and bombing rampage on a packed football stadium."

What aspect of the creators of that movie were dominating them during its creation? Greed, manipulation and a fascination with violence and destruction are characteristics of the fear-driven ego. Hollywood knows it's a proven formula for profits: appealing to the reptilian brain and providing it with an adrenalin-rich banquet of fear. It's the ultimate celebration for the Difficult World Dictator! Why are we surprised when the DWD uses the nutrients partaken of at the banquet to fuel extreme Difficult World scenarios in real life?

When you're at higher vibration--and certainly, when you're in Easy World--that kind of entertainment is of no interest at all to you. It is unlikely you'd ever be attracted to it because it's simply not a vibrational match. No, the success of such a movie depends on enough people being at lower vibration, under the spell of the DWD.

In creating it, the DWD within the consciousness of the movie's creators (and its financial backers) were in collusion with movie-goers who were following their own DWD's urges to consume energy in reverse polarity (what the DWD thrives off of).

Am I saying "Don't go to Batman movies" or any other movies with violence? Am I saying the people who were killed and injured were being punished for the "sins" of being seduced by the prospect of watching the violence and the extreme duality play that is the Batman theme? Not exactly.

It is not wrong to follow the DWD. It is not a moral issue but a choice that our human free will affords us. We all do it to some degree or another. But it's important to know that when you do, you are choosing to experience and magnify the DWD's world, with all its ramifications. And some of them are very ugly, indeed.

I know the DWD in some reading this will be tempted to rise up indignantly and argue that, for example, the kids in the Columbine massacre were just at school, minding their own business when that horrific event unfolded--that they weren't actively seeking a fix for their DWD that day. I'm not saying that horrifying things don't happen in situations where no overt attraction to violence is being acted upon by those in harm's way. They do. All the time. But I am saying those involved are in Difficult World, just as most of us are prone to be when we aren't conscious of and managing our vibrational level.

In any case, this is the important point: When you're in Easy World, you are not subject to the horrors of Difficult World. Instead, you are elevated above them. This is not just an airy-fairy theory--it's an understanding that is powerfully practical. But it requires a choice--many choices--in order to realign to the natural high-vibrational state we are designed to inhabit and thrive in.

When you consciously follow your Spirit instead of the DWD, choose Love over fear, and stop feeding the greedy beast that depends on your energy to keep Difficult World going, you find yourself in harmonious, high-vibe Easy World. The experiences you have when you're there won't include being under attack by deranged, automatic-weapon-wielding sociopaths. So my advice is to choose Easy World, the world that Love creates.

It's the only safe place.

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Ease Is Divine

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I was driving by a church the other day and noticed that the DWD had composed the message on the sign out front...

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Just when you need it the most, your wisdom seems absent. What's up with that?

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My evolutionary adventures this week have provided me with an opportunity to refuse some very insistent invitations from the DWD...

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Trust the Gardener

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Maybe you can relate to having your life shaken up in a big way, feeling like everything was going wrong, and then looking back later and seeing that it had been necessary for you to thrive at a higher level...

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Don't be fooled by the DWD!

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Where To From Here?