Easter goosebumps

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A year ago, I was scrambling to finish Recreating Eden so I could get it to the typesetter to meet our deadline. I was working every waking hour, sometimes barely coming up for air. I pretty much didn’t even know what time it was from hour to hour, much less what day of the week or month it was. Interesting things were happening, like I would come up with an “original” analogy and afterward, discover that it was almost exactly like a parable that Jesus had used. Hmmm… Late one night as I was polishing Chapter Seven, I was feeling a very strong connection with Jesus, and what he had sacrificed to come and blaze a trail for us. I wrote several impassioned paragraphs about it—but, for various reasons, ended up only including one paragraph of it. I’m feeling prompted to share the uncut version with you now…


Can you even begin to imagine what Jesus was up against, coming to Earth at the point in time he did, teaching what he was teaching? Trying to get his message of the “kingdom of heaven” across in a civilization that was not only not operating at a very high consciousness level, but also was not exactly welcoming of revolutionary ideas? And can you imagine reaching his level of consciousness—of total knowing of his identity as God, and his level of frequency, where he could experience the utter, unending bliss of being perfectly aligned with Source, residing so close to the Core of Creation, we can hardly conceive of it—and then agreeing to lower his frequency to the degree that he had to in order to be able to manifest physically and operate in the harsh conditions that existed due to the prevalence of the schema for disharmony? Now that is Love. (And if you don’t get why this was such a big deal, just wait till you have escaped the schema for disharmony and see if you are eager to re-enter it!).

It seems to me that Jesus’ greatest gift to us was not that somehow our sins are automatically forgiven because he died on the cross (which, in the way it is normally discussed, has never made logical sense to me, nor has it rung true at the deepest level), but that he willingly re-entered the world of pain and suffering to show us that the way to stop being punished (to be forgiven) for the “sins” of violating Prime Principle and participating in the schema for disharmony, is through Love. His message was that when we love God with all our hearts and minds, and obey perfectly the voice of God sounding within us—even when it guides us to do something as horrifying as being tortured and nailed to a cross, we, too, will rise up out of the reverse polarity world. In my understanding, this is what the reference to the forgiveness of our sins is actually about.

To this end, he voluntarily underwent a hideously painful, reverse-polarity-world, physical death—an experience that he could have delivered himself from by rising up in frequency, but chose not to in order to show that he was, like us, subject to the schema for disharmony as long as he was in the lower-frequency world. He wanted to show that he was a human at the same time as he was God, so that we could see what was possible for us. He “died” and rose from the dead to show us that death is an illusion, and that the truth of us does not die. This extraordinarily advanced being also masterfully demonstrated that spontaneous regeneration—total healing—“coming back from the dead”—occurs when Spirit/Life Force Energy fully inhabits matter, as when he re-entered his body, and that ascension is possible. He packed a lot of teaching into one stunning act!

So much of what Jesus came to impart has been misunderstood. Viewing his words from the prevailing perspective of duality, we have not understood that when he said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me, he was not speaking of himself from the standpoint of an ego-individuated being named Jesus, but from his Christ nature—his Spirit expressing his true identity through him—the Christ nature that is in potential in us, too, and our only way of moving closer to the Radiant Core of Creation—what he called “the Father.”

We also missed it when he said that, after he ascended, we would do those things that he did—raise ourselves in frequency and demonstrate the superhuman qualities of elevated frequency, and thus, help raise the frequency of all humanity: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” I hope you will realize that this perspective takes absolutely nothing away from Jesus, but empowers us to be and do all that we were created to be and do, and charges us with the responsibility of increasing our frequency by loving God, so that we can rise up out of the schema for disharmony and manifest Heaven on Earth as Jesus said we could.


So that’s what I wrote that one night when I did not even know what day it was. It was not until the morning after that I realized it had been Easter Sunday. And yes, I got goosebumps!



Patti said:

Julia - That's great material! And, it gives me a whole new perspective on the man Jesus, and his life. Makes it more meaningful to me - makes it make sense. I'm glad you shared it with us!
With Joy!

Janet said:

Being raised as a Catholic and four years ago becoming a Luthern I had to laugh with JOY on your comment. Again you hit the nail on the head. This is what I know inside but have always held it inside as if it was a secret.Thanks for being our VOICE. Perhaps the new energy that is all around us will enable people to listen. So many of us are stuck in fear. Since I have been in a kind of fear as well( rejection)people are afraid to think for themselves and are brain-washed to feel that any other thought other than the NORM of what religion teaches constitutes blasphemy. Thanks for your faith. Your book and your awareness helps me raise my own conscience level and alleviate fear.
love, Janet

Julia said:

Last night before I posted that, I was thinking how I really ought to be posting more of the soulmate saga, but this very insistent voice kept saying, ""That can wait. You NEED to share your experience from last Easter!"" As I wrote, I realized I was supposed to share exactly what I had written last year about Jesus.
After I posted it, I started having doubts about it--I worried that I was opening a can of worms by directly challenging what mainstream Christianity teaches, and that maybe I'd be offending some people who read my blog but who have not read R.E..I even wondered if it was ""correct""--if maybe I needed to ponder it some more to be sure it was the highest truth I could come up with. I thought about editing it a little, too. But, due in part to how late it was, and how tired I was, I decided to let it stand.
When I woke up this morning, I still had a tiny sliver of doubt about it. But when I read what you guys had written, it felt like God In Me, and the ascended master we call "" Jesus,"" were saying, ""TOLD YA!"" And I knew that I could not let the concern that some people might be repelled from the message keep me from sharing insights that were ""unusual."" And not to worry so much if everything I said was ""right.""
So thanks for the feedback! It's a wonderful confirmation. I really appreciate your participation in this process. It really is a co-creation!
Love and Joy,

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