Hummer time

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I had yet another epiphany today. I was sitting out on the patio, intending to work on the outline for the next book, and as I contemplated what to add, I found myself “distracted” by the beauty of the day. There’s a shift in the quality of the light at this time of year, and it is such a refreshing change! Here in Denver, the Mile High City, the hazy summer turquoise canopy has given way to crystalline, cobalt skies, shimmering with bright light, making everything just that much more glorious to behold. The paper in my lap did not hold a candle to it, and I found myself in a reverie of appreciation for my surroundings.

Our transient hummingbird (who seemingly has fought off the only competitor we’ve seen this year) was alternately milking the sunset hyssop, and retreating into the shade of the apple tree branches. As always, I was mesmerized. I knew my frequency was climbing just from being outside, and felt it rise exponentially as I focused on the glory of the flowers and perfection of the hummer and other winged creatures working the garden. I thought, “My, how hard he’s working!” And then I realized—he wasn’t “working” at all! At least, not in the sense of efforting, or in the sense of it being difficult. Without an ego-mind to distract him from his purpose, he was totally in the flow. And talk about your high vibrations—a hummer is the epitome of something moving so rapidly, it is partially invisible! That little being was simply being a hummingbird, doing what hummingbirds do, at the highest frequency at which a hummingbird can operate! And being a total inspiration to me.

As I continued to relax in complete appreciation, I could feel my frequency continue to rise. Magically, I began to spontaneously have an influx of higher and clearer ideas to add to the outline. It was thrilling! I was not making any effort whatsoever—I was simply being Julia, doing what Julia does—and it was so easy! I realized that our egos are so sure they know what we are supposed to be doing, they freak out when we relax and aren’t doing it! But (at least) two important things happened by me simply relaxing and allowing my frequency to rise instead of being uptight about getting my work done.

One, I came up with super, creative ideas that were totally aligned with the purpose of the book, instead of straining to churn out a lot of stuff that wouldn’t really fit once I boiled it all down. And two, I recognized that by relaxing and allowing my frequency to rise by appreciating all that was going on around me, I was naturally radiating Love—easily, effortlessly, and without having to think about it. I was a crystal-clear transmitter of Love, creating a “sweet spot” of joy in the stew of less-than-joy that is being created by all the many people efforting, struggling, and being caught up in the ego-driven world as they work. It was truly a beauteous thing to behold: the clear knowing—not just the theorizing—that my peace, joy, and Love were making far more difference to the uplifting of the world than all the efforts I’ve made to that end! The next time you are feeling guilty about relaxing, please think of that. (I know I will!)

To top it off, I was wishing I had a dripper for the hummingbird to bathe in, since they don’t particularly like stagnant water. I suddenly had the thought that if I took a gallon water jug, filled it up and capped it, hung it by its handle on the shepherd’s hook over our hanging birdbath, and punched a tiny hole in it, I’d have a dripper. So I did! Took about 60 seconds from the time I thought of it till I had it hanging up. (Talk about easy!) And it worked great! I’ll have to refill it in a few hours, but in lieu of a “real” one, this is a fine solution! How many times have I wished for a dripper but didn’t think of this? Why today? My relaxed, higher-frequency state, of course! High frequency IS the mother of invention, after all! It’s where creativity thrives.

I haven’t seen the hummer in the dripping water yet, but it’s located under the apple tree canopy where he loves to rest, so I imagine he’ll discover it soon…


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