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I’ve been really busy over at the Raise Your Frequency! forum today. There’s lots of energy there. People are really taking to the amygdala clicking! You can read about it in the threads called “Amygdala clicking has me inspired,” and “POP! your frontal lobes for bliss all the time.”

One of the most powerful frequency-raisers is clearing out blocked emotional energy, and so I started another thread called “Unclog your emotional body for maximum frequency!” I had been meaning to do it anyway, and today I was inspired by someone who was having a challenge that I think is inner child/emotional-congestion related. This led to me seeing what a mirror this person is for me. I’ve been having acute knee problems over the last week or so, and some of my first conversations with Sweet Julie (my inner child, so named in order that I not think about her as being a villain) were about the fact that she was hiding out in my knee. Don’t you just love how you will always create a mirror for yourself when you’re in need of one?

So, tonight I did some inner-child communication, and found out that she thinks I’m a total hypocrite for encouraging others to communicate with their inner children when, and I quote S.J. without spelling corrections, “I want you to play with me. You jerk me around and expect me to keep up with you but I can’t. I am falling down and you’re still dragging me. For pete’s sake I lost my mama and you just keep chargin on. I want naps and for you to stop being usch a know it all. The nerve of you telling other people they need to do inner child stuff when you don’t even talk to me! You are a big hippo crit!"

Alrighty then. So it seems S.J. and I have some fence-mending to do. And some napping. And less advice giving without practicing the topics about which I’m preaching. There was more, but I don’t think Sweet Julie wants me to share it all with the world!

As I was going through some documents tonight, I did find this that I wrote as the introduction to a part of my autobiography, which stalled out about 2/3s of the way done. Maybe someday, when I’ve lived the last chapters, I will publish it—at least as an E-book. We’ll see. Anyway, this is the account of my first encounter with Sweet Julie:

“Take me home!” a tiny voice whimpered aloud. “Take me home, take me home, take me home.”

I was no longer alone in the car, no longer my normal self. As I struggled to maintain control, a pair of tiny hands tightened around my throat. A little girl had taken me over.

Again the small voice cried, “Take me home!” Growing more insistent with each repetition, it was clear that this child meant business.

At the mercy of this desperate toddler, I drove as skillfully as I could, trying to get home as quickly as possible. The tears that I had been holding back for what seemed like forever finally brimmed over and I struggled not to fall apart completely.

At each traffic light, I hung back, praying that no one would see the three-year-old at the wheel and that my contorted face and abundant tears would not be obvious.

When I reached home at last, I ran as fast as I could to the front door and into my bedroom, but I could not escape her. She was still with me as I threw the package on the table and crawled in bed.

Drawn up into the fetal position, I cried myself to sleep, sobbing the deep, residual sobs of a long-abandoned child, knowing that there was no way to avoid her any longer.

So, you see, Sweet Julie has a history of getting my attention in dramatic ways. At least now, I’ve learned how to listen, even if she might disagree with that statement!

I’m sure there will be more to share here as I do more inner child communicating.

I’ve asked Tony to upload some of the handouts I used to use in my inner-child journaling classes so that I can refer people to them for help in opening up the lines of communication with their inner children. I’ll post the links to them when he gets them up.

‘Night, Sweet Julie. Love you.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the inner child communication handouts:



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