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My Romancing Your Spirit teleseminar went very well tonight with a lively group which included people from just about all regions of the US, plus a couple of callers from Canada, and even a caller from Down Under! Even though Rick needed to attend daughter #4's choral concert, I managed to handle things alone and even got the tape flipped over at the right time.

One of the things we talked about is that despite what we tend to believe, Love never comes from another person--it ONLY comes from God and returns to God in the grand cycle of Father God (masculine aspect of Source) radiating Love and Mother God (feminine aspect of Source) receiving Love. So often, human beings believe another human is the source of the Love they are experiencing, but they simply don't realize where Love comes from. Another person may catalyze your ego to allow more of the flow so it FEELS like the other person is where the Love is coming from, but that is not the case. All Love is from God moving through you and back to God.

Every love song written to or about another human is actually human beings mistakenly ascribing God qualities to other human beings.(Of course all is God, but I'm referring to the ego-focused level of being.) When you listen to any love song as a song either to you from God, or to God from you, it is very aligning and uplifting. Even the most sappy, co-dependent songs become anthems to the perfect Love that only your God-Realized Self can provide.

I promised the group that I'd post the lyrics to Earth Wind & Fire's "Fall In Love With Me" as an example of a great love song to imagine your God-Realized Self singing to you. so here they are. The music to this song is SO uplifting, the words are just not nearly as dynamic without it, but hopefully, you'll get the gist. This is one of the love songs that always raises my frequency way high and brings tears of joy when I imagine that God is singing it to me!:(Yes--I know I'm a little...different!)

Fall In Love With Me (Earth Wind & Fire)

I can tell you that love
Is too deep to be played on
Down the line, you'd find
Time would reveal who to count on
I'm well inclined to use the lines
That come from the learning tree
Let the seed that grows, and ages old
Give us our destiny

Baby, you know, I could pick you up
Turn your life around
If you fall in love with me
I would build you up, never let you down
If you fall in love with me

If you're having second thoughts from the past
I can cool you out
I've been there before, right down to the core
I can sing and shout
I can't hold back what I feel
I bring experience
I'll be your rock when Gibraltar falls
Baby, give me a cause

Baby, you know, I could pick you up
Turn your life around
If you fall in love with me
I would build you up, never let you down
If you fall in love with me
Baby, in love with me, find yourself a part of me
Baby, in love with me, help yourself to all of me

I've got your number and I wanna shout
I dig you baby, come and check me out


I also promised to post my release decree for those who were seeking help in letting go, so here it is:

Decree of Dynamic Release

I willingly release the elements in my life that do not fit who I AM.

I allow them to be free to find the niche where they next belong, knowing that they no longer prosper me and that they must be freed to prosper someone whose vibrations are a closer match.

I understand that to try and hold on to something that no longer matches my vibration requires me to expend too much energy—energy that, when freed, can create something more desirable and appropriate for me.

I owe no self-sacrificing allegiance to any person, place, situation, or thing that would hold me back from my progress and growth in Spirit.

I understand that, regardless of the perceptions of anyone else involved, if a relationship no longer prospers me, it no longer prospers any others involved either.

I know that by consciously and lovingly letting go of forms that I have outgrown, I make way for those things that reflect the new, more evolved me.

I know that it is the nature of the Universe to fill any emptiness I create with something more vibrationally appropriate, therefore I have confidence that the release process is the first step in receiving bright, new blessings.

I am rewarded with peace of mind and the joy of manifesting forms that embody the essence of my desire in even more appropriate ways than I can yet imagine as I let go of that which I have outgrown.

I magnetize harmony, perfection, abundance and Love into my experience through my trust in the harmony, perfection and abundance of the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony.

I release with JOY!

©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick

(Copy and share the decree if you like, but be sure to include my name and web address with it!)




Angie said:

Wow that's fantastic Julia. Pure Magic! What an extraordinary twist on the love song! I just sang the words to one of my favorite songs by Sade which is 'By Your Side' It was the first song that popped into my mind. What an incredibly beautiful and nourishing message from soul. Listening to this song will never be the same again. I've always 'attached' this song to a particular person. From now on this song is from 'me to me! And I get it now! The message has always been there, only now I can see it. When I lose sight of things from now on, I can call on this song as a reminder that I am not alone! To me the song has always been about devotion and now I'm devoting it to me!
Thank you for this gift Julia. Here are the words.
By You Side - by Sade
You think I'd leave your side baby?
You know me better than that
You think I'd leave down when your down on your knees?
I wouldn't do that
I'll do you right when your wrong
I-----ohhh, ohhh
If only you could see into me
oh, when your cold
I'll be there to hold you tight to me
When your on the outside baby and you can't get in
I will show you, your so much better than you know
When your lost, when your alone and you can't get back again
I will find you darling I'll bring you home
If you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
and in no time you'll be fine
You think I'd leave your side baby
You know me better than that
You think I'd leave you down when your down on your kness
I wouldn't do that
I'll do you right when your wrong
I-----I, ohhhh, ohhh
If only you could see into me
Oh when your cold
I'll be there
To hold you tight to me
Oh when your alone
I'l be there by your side baby..
Brilliant...just brilliant...
This is better than an EFT Aha moment.

Julia said:

So glad you found your way here! And thank you SO MUCH for posting the words to that Sade song! It's an ideal ""God-Self singing to you"" song! I will use that as a great example as I continue teaching this topic.
And I'm so happy for your aha! I can feel the energy of your new alignment popping out of your words!
I also want to thank you for your appreciation. I know who it really belongs to. ;-)
Love and Joy,

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