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Today was glorious! After the long, hard winter we’ve had, it was Spring at last! Okay—so the calendar doesn’t say Spring, but the sun on my face and the ground under my feet sure did!

With the snow finally mostly melted in the back yard (it’s on the north side of the house) enough for me to move past the huge frozen ridge of drifted snow that has been blocking me for months, I was able to go examine the ground for signs of life. And I sure found some! I took a bunch of photos, but I had a setting wrong and most--okay, all--of the pictures turned out blurry.

But here’s the magic in that. Look at this picture, with the very tiny tulip leaves just coming up--what I was intending to show you--all out of focus. But see the little sprig of lavender foliage in the very top left corner with the light on it (kind of blue-gray-green and soft looking)?

As I was setting up to take the shot by moving the flax out from on top of the tulips to uncover them, I kept thinking how I wished you could smell the beautiful lavender fragrance I was enjoying when you looked at the photo.

I was so mentally focused on it, while presumably focusing the camera on the tulip foliage, guess what came out to be in about the best focus in the photo?! Not the tulips, but the lavender! A little un-planned Law of Attraction lesson there!

Can you smell the lovely lavender? Ahhh…

In addition, I found myself feeling very energized and focused in other ways. Though I hadn't thought I'd do so, I worked on a writing project today that I am stoked about, talked to my buddy Andrena for the first time in a long time and really enjoyed that, Stepdaughter #3 came over and I made one of her--and my--favorite comfort food dinners (tarragon-roasted chicken thighs with garlic-y rice pilaf, green beans, and cherry tomatoes), and a bunch of new folks discovered Easy World. What a fabulous day!



Sibylle said:

Hi Julia,
thanks for the spring-y picture! It reminds me of my old flat in Austria, I used to have a huge lavender there in the garden.
Spring has even made it to Ireland! There are blossoms coming out all around, and the weather is sunny much more often. Most noticeable for me is the longer days, it's such a blessing to wake up in the morning to the sun already shining through little gaps in the blinds :-)

Julia said:

Love it! Sounds like Spring is farther along on the Emerald Isle than here in Denver! We don't have blossoms yet. My home state of North Carolina is starting to bloom, but not here yet.
We start with Daylight Savings Time here in the US this weekend. I love it because I'm almost never up early in the morning, and it means it will stay light till later in the evening--perfect for gardening!
Hugs back!
Happy Spring, Sibylle!

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