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I just finished reading Venus Andrecht's blog, which was started in April of this year and, frustratingly, is not that filled out yet. She hasn't been blogging frequently. But maybe I need to be glad there's not more there to read yet. At least I didn't get sucked in for days as I have some blogs in the past! And there is addictive material there.

Note to Venus: You really do need to blog more often!

I confess I came away from it wishing I blogged more like she does. (Yes--I do see that large red flag waving wildly as I compare myself to someone else!) 

She is a crack-up. She doesn't seem to suffer from the blog-dulling syndromes that I do--the compulsion to be politically correct in service to protecting the feelings of my family members, or the need to continually put my best spiritual teacher foot forward. She's just so...so...raw and REAL!  And funny! Would that I felt I could be so candid. It makes for such a lively read! Her accounts of her adventures, while all highly entertaining, range from mildly humorous to side-splitting (at least to my funny bone)--except for her latest entries, which are about the devastation of her fire-ravaged neighborhood in Southern California.

Venus is an author, intuitive counselor, and channeler you may have heard of through Hay House. She has a show on Hay House Radio, which I have not yet heard, but will make a point of tuning in to. She speaks of The Beings, whom she channels, and shares insights from them, as well as her own observations from a higher point of view, so there is spiritual substance there, too, but with just the right amount of froth.

Basically, to indulge my need to compare just a little further, I feel her blog is a mocha latte with whipped cream and sprinkles, or maybe a chai latte--but definitely with whipped cream--while mine is a cup of herbal tea. Satisfying and good for you--and sometimes there's some natural sweetener in the tea, but just not as much fun as the latte!

Anyway, if you're reading this, you must like my blogging style (either that, or it's your first time here!), but if it leaves you wanting dessert, do go on over to Venus's blog and enjoy!

(I think it's just right that my Nov. 27 teleseminar is on Self-Acceptance. We do teach best what we most need to learn!)


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