The Giving Zone and All You Need is HART

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I've been truly blessed to have befriended NY Times Bestselling author, Peggy McColl, back when I was just getting started with getting my message out to the world. In addition to being an author and spiritual teacher, she is the force behind the Amazon Best Seller campaigns that have helped so many authors take their books to the tops of the charts. I've been fortunate to receive invitations from her to be a part of many such campaigns, including for Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Abraham-Hicks, and Gay Hendricks. As a result, my exposure has grown immensely, as has my email list. I'm so grateful!

So, when I got phone calls from authors Bruce Painter (The Giving Zone) and Helene Rothschild (All You Need is HART) saying Peggy suggested they call me to see if I would contribute to their campaigns, I wanted to be helpful, but had already committed to sending out an email to my list to help promote Marc Allen's new book in early December. I had just helped with the Five Wishes campaign for Gay Hendricks as well, so I wasn't willing to commit to more mailings in such a short space of time. I'm VERY careful not to overload the inboxes of the lovely folks on my list! So...I decided to help them out by including the information there on my blog. Fortunately, I found value in both books, making it easy to recommend them!

Consultant and life coach Bruce Painter's book, The Giving Zone (I love that title!) is about giving in all forms, from financially to generosity of spirit. Rich with self-assessment tools and examples, it is sure to be useful in moving into a state of greater awareness. One passage especially struck a chord with me.

He says, "I remember as a young child growing up in Chicago that there was a kind of peer pressure among many boys. We all had a silent code of agreement...It was so deeply buried in my mind that I didn't become aware of it till many years later. Our agreement was that we were to give as little to the teacher and other adults as possible. We decided to do as little school work as we could, to cooperate as little as possible, and to help as little as possible..."

I think this withholding attitude--a misguided attempt to take back our power--is pervasive in our society, and I think Bruce's book can help make a shift in this by showing that true power lies in a giving spirit. If this rings a bell for you (or you think someone on your holiday gift list might need it!), Bruce and many other teachers have some great bonuses for you today, November 14, when you buy a copy of The Giving Zone: Enter the Realm Where Your Dreams Come True. Be sure to visit to find out more!


I must admit when I first read the title of the other book I agreed to blog about today, All You Need is HART, I cringed a little at "HART"--it gave me the same feeling as someone using "luv" instead of "love"--until I investigated further and discovered that HART is an acronym (Holistic And Rapid Transformation) for the powerful healing method that marriage and family therapist, Helene Rothschild, developed to help her own clients and is now sharing with the world.

Once I dug into her book, I realized that she has put together something of immense value that includes many elements I have successfully used in my own transformation process. I love that she has spelled it all out so concisely and clearly and has made it a practical guide with self-assessment questionaires and exercises.  She also includes lots of real case studies drawn from her own therapy practice. I'm looking forward to using it myself!

It can be pretty challenging to stay focused on healing and personal growth and I believe Helene's book can be a great help in acting as a light and touchstone on your journey. If this is calling your name, today, November 14, is a great day to get a copy. Check out all the wonderful bonuses available when you buy ALL YOU NEED IS HART Create Love, Joy and Abundance NOW! A Unique Guide To Holistic And Rapid Transformation today. Just go to and see for yourself!


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