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The end of the world?

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This is what I sent out this past Friday, October 28 to my email list. I'm posting it here in case you didn't receive the mailing and want to partake:

Today, October 28, 2011, is the date some experts say is the actual ending of the Mayan Calendar--not December 21, 2012. So, if they're correct, does that mean the world is going to end today? And, if they're not correct (there's a lot of controversy over this), that it's going to end in December of next year?

Forget what the fear-mongers are saying! To think that the end of the world is what's afoot here is as crazy as thinking that, every time your annual Gregorian-based calendar stops at December 31st, there's not going to be a January 1st!

I, myself, am no Mayan Calendar expert, but I believe what this portends (whatever the actual date of the completion of the calendar is) is a new era--the only ending being a completion of a large cycle of consciousness. And it doesn't take being a Mayan scholar to see that a new era, is, indeed, upon us! The challenge for us is not how to cope with the world ending, but how to operate in the new world that's beginning!

The best guidebook I know for this is my book, Recreating Eden.

You know, when it first came out, I was puzzled that some people had trouble reading it, when those who did read it were raving fans of it! Is it because it's a difficult read? Not if you're ready to read it. Indeed, it's extremely simple. What I have come to realize is that it carries a built-in "security system" so that if you are not at the vibrational place where you are ready for it--if you are not ready to at least consider giving over your life to the stewardship of your Spirit--you simply won't connect with it.

Make no mistake, folks--the time has come when maintaining an ego-directed existence may mean the difference between life and death--or at the least, between joy and fulfillment and pain and suffering! Recreating Eden explains exactly how to create your life according to the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony, the foundation of the new world that is being born, and to raise your vibration up to be a match for the wonders that are unfolding.


From now through November 11, you can get your copy of Recreating Eden for only $10 plus shipping (regularly $14.95) using THIS LINK ONLY.

Update on the BONUS
: I've decided to offer my report, "The Unfolding Shift" (the bonus I had originally offered just to the first 25 to purchase) to everyone who orders their copy via the special link. It's just too important to be stingy with!

Cheers to us all as we embark on this grand adventure!

Love, Joy, Ease,

P.S. If you missed me on Louise Crooks' Keys to Clarity radio show, Wednesday, you'll want to remedy that! It was one of my favorite interviews ever with some new Easy World insights I haven't talked about before. Listen to the archived show at your leisure!

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One of dozens of five-star reviews of Recreating Eden:

An Amazing Book! by Jon Lamb, UK

"Put simply, Recreating Eden is THE best book I have ever read regarding the nature of reality, the human condition, the meaning and purpose of life and the universe.

It does exactly what it promises on the cover - it gives you an exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan for transforming your life and your planet into an experience of ever-expanding joy and fulfillment.

I have been pursuing philosophy and spirituality for over 10 years - I have read and studied texts and systems of thought from all over the world. None is so simply explained, so practically applicable, nor uplifting and joyful as this one!

            It is a must have - the benefits and blessings that flow in material and emotional ways from reading this text are many millions of multiples the price you pay for the physical copy."

Get Recreating Eden for only $10 at this special link! (thru Nov. 11)

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