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Autumn 2006

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

Intend. Relax. Trust. Allow. Receive. The universe always gives you what you need when you let it. How many times do we need to experience this before we stop worrying, doubting and resisting? The issue at hand: I was hoping to be able to take a fresh, new fall photo for this newsletter, and Rick and I planned our annual fall aspen-viewing trip to the mountains with that in mind. But the day we were able to go, it was snowing there, so I was “stuck” with using an image from past years. As I resigned myself to going through our photos to find something suitable, I began to relax about it, and this Rockies panorama, with the stands of aspen blazing bright gold in the distance, stood out as the one to use.

I think you’ll agree that this picture, while perhaps not the stunning rectangle of vivid fall color I had in mind, is absolutely perfect for the theme of my teaching: the higher you go in vibrational frequency, the higher your consciousness, the more you see, the greater your perspective, the more you comprehend, and the more ease, joy, harmony and peace you experience. When you rise in frequency, you meet up with your God-Knowingness, the Wisdom of All That Is. When you do, it makes it easier to recognize that we always have full access to what we need and desire. Intend. Relax. Trust. Allow. Receive.

This issue—my gift to you—includes multiple opportunities for raising your vibrational frequency. I hope you’ll take advantage of them!

Love and Joy,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

Power Tool: Acceptance

To call acceptance simply a power tool really doesn’t even do it justice—in many ways, it’s the power tool. Acceptance is the “escape hatch” from duality! The tethers to duality are judgment and resistance. The antidote to judgment and other forms of resistance is acceptance. When you practice acceptance, you are necessarily in Prime Matrix, because acceptance is in alignment with Source. Source does not judge or exclude; accordingly, Prime Matrix accepts and includes All.

Some people think that accepting something means that you’re condoning it or approving of it, and, indeed, this is consistent with the dictionary definition of the word. But what we’re talking about here is simply allowing something to be without offering resistance or judgment. “Allowance” is another term that may add clarity to your understanding of the evolved meaning of acceptance. Acceptance means that instead of characterizing something as either right or wrong, worthy or unworthy of your Love, your attitude toward it is “It simply is.”

The ego—that “always looking for a way to block the flow” entity—is the aspect of you that has problems with acceptance, of course. Judgment is its premier tool to keep us out of the Flow and mired in duality where it is the king. Without making judgments about who is good, who is bad, what is right, what is wrong, what behavior is is acceptable, what behavior is condemnable, ego would be out of a job. Some of us are looking to put ego out of work, or at least, give it a much lighter workload. Acceptance is how to do that.

Acceptance is like neutral in the gears of a car. When you are in reverse, you must move the gear shift into neutral before moving it into a forward gear. When you are in judgment, you are in reverse polarity, sustaining a magnetic gap between you and the Source of Life Force/Love. When you move into acceptance, you move into the place of neutrality so that you can realign with the Flow of Love again and move with the Flow instead of against it. Only when you are in acceptance, are you able to channel Love to the issue at hand. Love is the only transformational force in the universe. Acceptance is so powerful because it is what allows Love to flow.

The Greatest Love Affair of All

There is only one true Love affair—the masculine aspect of Source radiating Love, and the feminine aspect of Source receiving Love—or, as I like to think of it, Father God loving Mother God. All else is but a manifestation of this great love, and all that exists is the progeny of this relationship. All Love originates from the interaction of these two lovers.

Source is equally feminine and masculine. Source radiates Love; Source receives Love. Continuously, impersonally, without fail. When Father God radiates, Love goes forth and is received by every aspect of Creation that is aligned to receive it, and radiated forth to be received by Mother God and so on. But where does Father God get the love he radiates? From Mother God. Where does Mother God get the Love she receives? From Father God.

Fortunately, these lovers never withhold Love; never have a lover’s quarrel and refuse to relate. They are utterly faithful, and they have been relating in perfect balance for eternity. In order for our lives to be in perfect balance, we need to emulate this holy relationship within us. We have an inner feminine dynamic and an inner masculine dynamic, and when they are working in proper sequence, our lives are empowered.

Your vibrational frequency, and thus, your experience of life, is determined by how well you facilitate this great Love affair. When your masculine aspect radiates Love on behalf of Father God, and your feminine aspect receives Love on behalf of Mother God—without conditions—your frequency is at optimal levels and you are in joy. When you are doing what you were designed to do—radiating and receiving love faithfully, just as Mother God and Father God do—the reward is…everything!

For another article related to this topic, read Unconditional Love Really Means Unconditional Radiance.

A Book That Works Like a Crystal?

You’ve read my articles, my blog, and attended my teleseminars, and quite a few of you have had attunements with me. But have you read Recreating Eden yet? It’s the foundation for all I teach, and the quintessential guide to understanding your role in the scheme of things and creating a life of ease and joy.

Recreating Eden is not a lengthy book, but it’s kind of like a truffle: small, but very rich and intensely layered with flavor and a pleasure to consume. The comparison to candy stops there, however. I always say that if what you’re looking for is mind candy or an intellectual workout, then you won’t want to read Recreating Eden. It’s almost deceptively simple and unsophisticated—and definitely a book your ego wishes you wouldn’t read. Your Spirit, however, will rejoice over it!

It’s quite a powerful book. It seems right for me to speak highly of it because I feel it was written through me rather than by me. So much of what is in it, I had never even considered until it came out on the computer screen. Once, while I was in the process of writing it, I was bringing so much energy and information through, I turned a TV set on just by touching its wooden cabinet!

I understand from my guides that Recreating Eden has been layered with energy so that it acts like a crystal. And, interestingly, without knowing that, several fans of the book have said that they received a blessing and healing from just having it in their space or from simply holding it. When I wrote it, I was aware of creating a potent energy tool, but I thought you’d at least need to read it to partake of its gifts! Fortunately, people love reading it, too, and you can see what some of them say about Recreating Eden below.

Order Recreating Eden

Recreating Eden is amazing, and just what I needed to help heal the feelings of fractured spiritual beliefs and deep emotional contradictions so many of us experience in these modern times…I've noticed just holding the book in my hands is strangely relaxing and comforting.”

—Sarah C., Dallas, Texas

“Fabulous! If you are searching for answers within the spiritual nature of yourself, this is the book to read…Recreating Eden has helped me tremendously in hearing my own Divine Source.”

—Dawn M. Lewis, Pittsburgh, PA

Recreating Eden is brilliant and full of sparkly shining light and thirst quenching common sense!... We would truly be in Eden by embodying the qualities of our Original Self as outlined in this book!”

—Julia King, St. Petersburg, FL

“I have read Recreating Eden multiple times, and find that each time I read it, more of my questions about life are answered, and my relationship with myself, and the Holy Spirit within me, is enriched.”

—Hans Mittemeijer, Winston-Salem, NC

For more reader reviews of Recreating Eden, visit Amazon.com.

Instant Frequency Boosters

Get tense

Yes—I know, it sounds counterintuitive to higher frequency, but what I’m talking about is deliberately tensing up all your muscles—really squinching them up all up at once—then releasing and taking a deep breath in and really letting go. You can get to relaxation very rapidly that way, and relaxation is very conducive to higher frequency. This works especially well when you feel yourself all tensed up to start with. It’s like pushing the reset button. Try it!

Re-experience a peak moment

Your body does not know the difference between a present-time experience or a past experience—it only knows what you’re feeling in the moment. To lift your spirits, choose a peak moment from your life to re-experience. Don’t dwell in the past, simply remember the sublime feeling and recreate it in your body. Breathe into it and go higher!

Open your heart

When your heart is open, you are in position for a greater flow of Love, also known as Life Force, to flow through you, the requirement for raising your frequency. Next time you’re feeling a little low, try putting both hands, one on top of the other, over your heart chakra (center of your chest), taking a deep breath, and then opening your arms wide. As you move your hands away from your chest, imagine your heart chakra opening like a rose bud unfurling into bloom. Then, do the number one frequency-raising activity: radiate Love.

Past Traumas: Let Go!

Have you noticed how much human beings seem to revel in re-living, re-feeling, and, essentially, celebrating past traumatic events such as 9/11, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Holocaust, various weather-related catastrophes and all kinds of shocking occurrences including personal traumas like deaths in the family? And, that we do so, ostensibly, so that we can honor those involved? Here’s the problem with that. Lowering your vibration to "remember" and “pay tribute” is not a help to anyone, and, in fact, contributes to creating even more pain and trauma. The ones who have moved out of this reality because of these events would be the first to tell you that. And, while the prevailing view is that we have to keep events fresh in our minds so that they aren’t repeated, that “wisdom” is exactly backwards!

Maintaining a focus on past events doesn’t help us prevent them from happening in the future, it actually assures that they will happen again. They may manifest in another form, perhaps, but they will continue to happen because our focus on trauma, and the feelings associated with it, makes us a vibrational match to trauma, and what you match with your vibration, you are also attracting! Nursing and reviewing and dwelling on past trauma is simply a way to be stuck in the vibration of the trauma. You don’t help anything—or transform anything—or prevent anything (except joy) by focusing into the remembered horror of an event.

Your ego knows this, and because it revels in the realm of duality, where trauma occurs, it needs to keep you there. Yes—it’s your ego that keeps you hooked into the drama-trauma. Egos are like dogs with bones (no offense intended to the canine world!) and are loathe to let go of hurts. That’s because they feed off trauma energy and so are the aspect of us that wants to cling to past woundings and dwell on things—especially traumatic things—and generally offer resistance to the Flow. Ego doesn’t even exist in the Flow, so hanging onto trauma is a survival strategy for your ego. Ego uses every trick in the book to keep control over us, but once you understand how it works, you can thank it for its misguided "help" and opt back into the Flow.

The media is very aware of the ego’s insatiable appetite for trauma, and issues countless invitations for us to step out of the Flow and into the drama-trauma vibration. Certainly, we are easily caught up in it, but those of us who are more conscious and aware are responsible for making higher choices such as the choice not to wallow in the media’s offerings to revisit, relive, and dwell unrelentingly on traumas past or present. Your choices may seem insignificant in the larger picture, but it is your increased consciousness that makes your choices carry more weight vibrationally. When you move out of the drama-trauma consciousness and move into the shimmering Light of higher frequency, you assist everyone in moving back into the Flow.

A little extra help in the alignment department

The first part of attaining higher frequency is alignment with Source. Here’s a tool for helping you achieve that. Try out the Decree of Surrender:

Decree of Surrender

I now surrender completely to my Spirit—the Great Divine Being within whom I live.
I turn all my burdens over to my Master Self in relief and allow resolution in simple and magical ways.
I yield my body, mind, and heart to this Great Intelligence and
every cell and fiber of myself opens now to be infused with its
Light, Love, and Healing.
I am now saturated with the energy of Love, and only Love dwells within me.
I release my life to the Power of my Spirit.

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Vibrational Upgrade

Could you use one? Since higher vibrational frequency means more ease, more clarity and more joy--and less struggle, less foggy thinking, and less pain and turmoil, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t! Find out how to get yours.

Need a little tune up?

Due to the popularity of my personal attunement sessions, I'm now offering 75-minute Group Attunement Sessions via teleconference on a regular basis. on the first and third Mondays of each month at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Pacific. Attendance limited to the first 7 participants who reserve and pay ($15 per session). When you register, you'll submit in writing, a question/concern relative to any area of your life and I will tap into Higher Wisdom to provide input from a spiritual perspective (you can be anonymous on the call if you wish). To register and for more information, click here. To read what people say about my attunements, click here.

The Isle of Light interview

Julia was recently interviewed by Chyrene Pendleton for The Isle of Light radio show. Click here for a link to the show, called "Raise Your Frequency and Return to Paradise," which is available via the web.

Ego 101

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