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I’m busy packing, packing, packing! I leave Friday for North Carolina and the Southeastern Spiritual Conference. I’m getting excited, despite the dream I had the other night where 100 people showed up and I wasn’t prepared. Yikes! No worries in real life, though—there were 15 people signed up for my workshop as of Monday, and as I recall, I asked them to limit my group to 20 or so. Not to mention, I’m pretty well prepared and will be more so by the first class meeting!

I have had “teacher not prepared” nightmares for much of my life. Not sure what that means, but I know it is something that haunts me. The funny thing is that it’s when I over prepare that I am more likely to get in trouble—too rigid—not going with the Flow. But I believe it will be just right. The way this is set up—5 days of 2-hour classes—I can rest assured that there will be time to cover everything, and time between classes to figure out what didn’t get covered that needs to be. I am determined to be relaxed about this, and to not try to cram too much down their throats! I have been accused of delivering way too much information with not enough integration time. It’s nice that there will be 22 hours in between classes.

The thing is, I’ve been craving an opportunity like this to really immerse people in what I have now dubbed “The Paradise Process,” which is, basically, what is covered in Recreating Eden, plus additional insights I’ve had since I wrote the book. It will be really fun to go in depth with people and see how that goes!

Here is the description of the workshop:

The Paradise Process - Keys to Reclaiming the Bliss that is Your Birthright

In this paradigm-shifting workshop experience, you will gain a revolutionary perspective and tools to unlock the gates to the sublime realms of higher frequency. For untold generations, humanity has been entangled in the duality matrix, operating at lower frequency, and thus, our experience has been fraught with turmoil, struggle, and pain, instead of the peace, ease, and joy we once knew and long to know once more. We will learn what we must do as individuals to disentangle from duality and rise in frequency back to the level where Paradise—the realm of Wholeness and Harmony—manifests fully in our experience.

Doesn’t that sound like a cool workshop? I don’t think it’s too late to get in on the fun, so if you are in the vicinity, or just feel like jumping on a plane and joining us in Greensboro, come on!!! You can use the link above to find out more of the details..

So…I’m flying to Greensboro on Friday afternoon and will arrive late that night. My sister will pick me up and I’ll spend Friday and Saturday nights at her house. It will be great to spend time with her and to get to rest up before checking in at the conference Sunday evening.

I’m planning to take my computer, and supposedly will have Internet access, but just in case I don’t get a chance to post to my blog while I’m gone, I’ll do so a.s.a.p. when I get back! I’m returning late Saturday night, June 24. Please think joyful thoughts for my journey!


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