The Red Diamond

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I was wanting to direct someone to this story and couldn't find it on the blog anywhere, so I must have never posted it before! So here it is...

The Red Diamond: How My Soulmate Came to Me

As of September 26, 1997, it had been almost 18 years since my first husband and I divorced, 9 years since my last serious boyfriend, and 8 years since my last real date. While I longed for partnership, and had made list after list of the qualities I wanted in a mate, I always added, “someday” to my thoughts about being with that special man of my longings.

You see, like pretty much everyone else, I had experienced pain in relationships because of limiting beliefs and unhealthy behavioral patterns taken on in my Earth sojourn, and I was determined to protect myself from more of the pain. The last relationship I had manifested had been the last straw in a string of relationships with unavailable men, mirroring my own belief that I was the “good time girl,” and not the one men wanted to marry. While I longed for partnership, intimacy and deep committment, I had taken on a belief that I couldn’t have it. The last man I had been involved with was a perfect mirror for my fear. We got very, very close, then he got scared, and pulled away. That hurt so badly, I swore off relationships until I could perfect myself to the point I’d never draw in another unavailable man as long as I lived.

I had been intently “working on myself” for many years, doing all I knew how to clear out old, damaging belief systems, to grow spiritually, and to heal myself so that the next relationship I would create would be healthy, harmonious, intimate and committed. I had deliberately pulled the plug on any relationship that smacked at all of my old pattern, signifying to the Universe that I was not just paying lip service to the concept—I was serious about shifting it. I was trying in earnest to be sure that I would not attract yet another dysfunctional relationship, and I was not about to open myself to a relationship until I felt I was no longer vulnerable to the old patterns.

Even though I was at the pinnacle of my physical attractiveness, I had not even had one nibble in eight years, nor even a mild heart flutter! Sure—I’d had some male admiration, but no approaches. It was almost as if I were wearing a neon sign saying, “Stay away!” And truthfully, it suited me just fine—I never even felt unhappy about it, and never came across anyone I’d be really interested in. My inner sense of things and my outer experience were matching up just right as far as I was concerned. Still, I worked on my list for that right man of the future. He would be funny, kind, affectionate, easy-going, willing to grow, and on the same wavelength spiritually as I.

This last qualification was the kicker. Having a nowhere-near-mainstream spiritual perspective, and not having found, at the time, anyone, male or female, who seemed to see things the way that I saw them, it seemed like it would be quite impossible to magnetize someone who looked at things as I did. And it seemed really safe when I declared that I would not ever have a relationship with anyone who didn’t share the same spiritual wavelength, since I had little or no confidence such a man existed! As a game to prove to myself it was impossible, I said to the Universe, “If there is such a man, please show me a sign.” Having taken a workshop on “signs and wonders,” and having been told it is crucial to choose a specific sign so you’ll know when you’ve received it from God, I decided to make my sign something I had never heard of, and the idea of a “red diamond” popped into mind. I then said to the Universe, “If there is a man for me who meets my stringent qualifications, please show me a red diamond, and do so within the next 24 hours.” Not only was I pretty sure there was no such thing as a red diamond, I had no plans to leave my house in the next 24 hours, so I felt it was a sure bet there would be no confirming sign, and I could rest in smug safety—and a little disappointment—that no “man of my dreams” existed.

That evening, as I channel surfed, I came upon a shopping channel, and the image on the screen was a red faceted stone, a red zircon, and the chirpy host was saying, “This isn’t like a ruby, it’s much more like a red diamond.” A chill ran up my spine. But I thought, “she is probably making that up—there’s probably not such a thing as a red diamond.” And I went to get my gem and mineral book to see if, by any minute chance, there was a listing for a red diamond. There, in full color, was a photo of the “extremely rare red diamond”! It was clear to me that God was telling me that there was, indeed that very rare man that would be just right for me, and that he would come to me “someday”…when I was ready.

Ready came sooner than I expected! On September 25, 1997, just a few weeks after I saw my sign, I wandered into the book department of a large discount chain store, and was drawn to a book, The Unimaginable Life, by Kenny Loggins and his wife, Julia, about their relationship. I bought it and immediately began to devour it. It was so intimate, and so revelatory and so rich with feeling, I found myself wanting what they had. They had acknowledged that their relationship was a sacred spiritual path, and in reading it, I realized that growing in relationship with someone is like taking a graduate course in spiritual growth, and with spiritual growth being my prime focus, I knew it was what I needed as my next step. As I turned the last page, I said, haltingly, to the Universe, “I’m ready now to grow spiritually within an intimate relationship with a man.”

That was September 26, 1997. Just after I finished the book, I went online to visit Kenny’s website because the book had advertised that there was a forum for people interested in the principles in The Unimaginable Life. There, I saw a message from a nice man named Rick, who lived in Denver. We became email buddies, and then, after some weeks, lovers. Miraculously, his spiritual understandings were so on par with mine that when I read a spiritual essay that he had written, I wondered if I, myself, had written it! He matched all the other qualifications on my list except some silly ones—instead of the six foot tall guy I’d asked for, he was 5’11 and a half! On May 31, 1999, a year and a
half after we met, Rick and I were married, and we have been growing in love ever since.

I learned from that experience that the Universe is so very ready to provide for you, you just need to say “Yes!” with gusto, and in your blessing will flow!


©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Recreating Eden



Imelda said:

Julia, Hi
The title drew me to this article (I love red gemstones) and found a lovely heart-warming and quite amazing story.
Thank you.

Julia said:

Hi, Imelda~
Happy you appreciated it! And happy you left a comment--I just love hearing from my blog readers!
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

Thank you for taking the time to write this beautiful story~I am inspired by your experience. I am going to get Kenny & Julia's book so I can be inspired even more.
Much Love & Appreciation,
Oceana Julia

Julia said:

You're welcome, Oceana Julia! I actually wrote this for someone who is making a collection of LOA stories, but have permission to use it however I please, so I decided to put it here as it seems to have a message that people are internally asking for.
I think you'll like The Unimaginable Life, too. The only people I know of that didn't really get into it are the ones that are not comfortable with intimacy and intensity. It has lots of both!
Love and Joy,

Mel said:

Hi Julia,
Just wanted to say that I love this story. It has touched me deeply. In parts of it I felt like you were talking about my life. Thanks again I feel as if this is the Universe speaking to me.
Love and Blessings,

Julia said:

Hi, Mel~
Thank you for your appreciation! More than happy to be the messenger for the big U!
Love and Joy,

Tetje said:

Hello Julia,
Thank you for your beautiful Red Diamond story. It reminded me of the first time I had the feeling the TV started ""channeling"" with me, I thought I went completely bonkers!
Now I am using it every now and then to see if I am on the right works :))
Bless you and your relationships

Julia said:

You're welcome!
I think you need to write out the story of the TV ""channeling"" with you--sounds fascinating! Maybe it's a new tool for the new age! LOL!
Love and Joy,

Stephanie said:

Thank you for your inspiring story. In regards to relationships, your life seemed to be very similar to mine. I'm just getting into the whole idea of LOA, and I can already see a shift in the the way things are unfolding in my life. I'm very aware I need more practice and almost wish I could find a ""life coach"" who I can turn to for guidance. Anyway, thank you again for sharing that story. You've given me some valuable insight that I was looking for on having a beautiful relationship with my Mr. Right. :)
Take care and God bless,
Stephanie :)

Julia said:

Hi, Stephanie~
Just relax with it--that's the key! LOA is something that is always at work whether you're aware of it or not. Now that you're aware, the most important thing to remember is that it works according to your vibration, and a relaxed, happy vibe attracts what you desire!
I do offer personal appointments--I call them ""attunements,"" so if you come to the point where you feel you'd benefit from some spiritual coaching, you might consider that! Just go to my website ( and click on ""Attunements"" in the left-side menu and you can read about them and read testimonials of others who have had attunements with me.
Meantime, BE the partner you want to have, and enjoy the adventure!!!
Love and Joy,

Stephanie said:

Thank you, Julia. Thanks for the advice. I may take you up on the offer of ""attunement"". Right now I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride. I'm happy and excited about the possibilities as I envision my life with a wonderful man, but I still get stuck in the space of feeling lonely and longing for a relationship I see others have. I think I have to watch ""The Secret"" again! :)

Janice Edwards said:

Hello. I was so inspired by your article. A friend of mine had told me about the "sign" you put out to the Universe, but she didn't tell me the context in which you required the sign. She said she couldn't remember what the story was about, but she zeroed in on your sign of the red diamond. When I read your story and learned it was about relationships, my mouth fell open. I have been struggling with what/how to ask to draw to myself love, intimacy and someone to flow with me spiritually. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really appreciate it. It gives me hope!

Julia Rogers Hamrick said:

Hi, Janice~

Happy this inspired you! It really is as simple as saying a deep YES and trusting yourSelf to handle what the YES brings back to you!



Hi Julia,

Thanks for sharing your story. I recently read about it in Elaine Williams' recent book, "A Journey Well Taken."

Something very similar happened to me on those exact dates - on September 25, 1997 I was praying in the morning and right afterwards, I "received" the lyrics to a song about Our Lady of Guadalupe - "Las Rosas de Maria" (The Roses of Mary.) As I drove to work, I began humming the melody and that night, I plunked out the notes on the piano and published the first draft of the song on my computer, the very next day, September 26, 1997, I went on a weekend retreat with what turned out to be 34 women. The retreat was led by Sr. Mary Southard and its focus was: "Harvesting the Cosmic Garden: Living in a Sacred Universe."

Later that fall, I recorded the song, sang it at a banquet and in March, 1998, my wife and I made a pilgrimmage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City to pray for a child. We had been married 15 years with no children. On April 2, 1998, we discovered we were pregnant and our daughter was born on December 3, 1998 - nine months after our visit.

So, we share a precious set of dates that brought about new life for both of us and our families. May these dates always be a marker of grace and goodness in your life.

God's blessings to you,

- Dave Pipitone

P.S. There is a beautiful scripture found in the Bible in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapter 54. The chapter compares a "wife cast off" taken back by God after a time of trial to the city of Jerusalem rescued after exile, whose foundations are laid in Carnelians and carbuncles - red precious jewels of the time. "Coincidence" to the image of the red diamond?

Hi, Dave~

Very interesting!

Have you looked at the cover of my book, Recreating Eden? Go to and click on "The Book" in the left side menu. There, you'll find an image of the cover and you'll also see the main elements on the web page--especially the animation at the top. I brought through the design for the cover without really understanding the full reason behind why I was choosing a rose in what I interpreted as a plus sign. Later, many, many people told me it was a "rosy cross," the sign of Mother Mary.

Then, some months after the book came out, I was at a holistic fair and was oddly drawn to have a personal session with an intuitive counselor--something I had not had the slightest interest in for many years. The first thing he said in the session was, "You are a channel for Mother Mary's energy." He had not seen my book, nor even heard of me or it before that moment. I have been acknowledging and channeling the Mary energy to help people ever since.

So there are even more coincidences in the experience you related!



Hi Julia,

We do call these events, "God-incidences" and they point to the Divine action in our lives.

I did visit your site and saw the animated rose and what looks like star dust. Very cool.

I have a website, which offers prayer cards that recall the presence of the three strands of love, faith and hope in every relationship, which includes three persons - God and two people. For married couples, that would be husband-wife-God; for parents, that would be parent-child-God, and so on.

We seem to be in harmony with each other. One of the later outcomes of my 1997 retreat and the song, Las Rosas de Maria, was a book I self published in 2004, titled, "The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day." In it, an eleven year old girl travels from a barren land to a lush land of uniform color flowers to retrieve the stolen Rainbow's End. The chief gardner, Bilnot, remembers "who he is" and participates in a restoration of the land, which in a sense is recreating Eden. The website for that book is:

Love & prayers,

- Dave

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