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I’m back, and I am going to post more about the conference and my delayed trip home a.s.a.p., but here is what I wrote on Friday, just after my class at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference finished up, and haven't had the chance to post till now:


Just a quick note while I’m still buzzing like an electrical transformer from the last session of the class I’ve been facilitating! In case you missed it, I’m at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Greensboro, NC, and I’ve been teaching a 5-part class for 2 hours a day called, “The Paradise Process: Keys to Reclaiming the Bliss That Is Your Birthright.” I so very much want to share this with you, and yet I find myself speechless with joy! I guess it’s the kind of experience that is so beyond words, that it is silly to try to put it in writing.

BUT, when did silliness stop me?! It was truly a remarkable group of openhearted beings, who were totally present in every moment. Okay—that’s a very slight exaggeration—it was right after lunch, so there was a moment here and there where people were moving into…shall we say…an “altered state’! But no one flat out fell asleep and snored! We took lots of frequency-raising breaks.

I took them through, essentially, what amounts to everything in Recreating Eden. Well, THAT’S an exaggeration, too—we hit the highlights of most of the book and went beyond it as well. I have definitely grown in understanding since I finished the book, and that is all woven into my teaching.

What a thrill to have a class so ready and eager! Just about everyone in the group had been on the spiritual path for awhile and jumped right in. Everyone seemed to “get it” and that made it really easy for me to bring through information rapidly and cover a lot of ground. I truly felt that it was a meeting of the minds—and hearts—on the leading edge of the recreating Eden wave!

While I love my telephone classes, there is nothing that surpasses seeing people’s faces and be able to use that as input to get a sense of whether or not they’re on the same page, not to mention, it’s more fun to dance together when we’re not in separate rooms!

On this last day, we covered unconditional radiance and intentional joy, and for the closing exercise of the class, we had a dance party to….Earth Wind & Fire, of course! I had to chair-dance, as my knee is still feeling the insult of the last upright dancing I did 2 weeks ago at the graduation party for stepdaughter #2, and while I wished I had been able to move freely, it did not stop me from rocketing further up the vibrational scale to ecstasy!

I am doing my best not to wish the class could have gone on longer, but the synergy we co-created was so powerful, it's a challenge not to want it to go on and on and on. Of course, it does, but we human beings tend to like to be able to be with each other in the flesh!


More soon about my trip home and some other conference highlights!



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