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After getting my 1GB iPod Nano this spring, and loving it and using it daily, but being very judicious about what I put on it due to the limited capacity, I began to “work” on attracting an iPod with more memory.

My work consisted of saying to the Universe, “I love my iPod, but I don’t like the feeling of being limited by such a small capacity. I like the feeling of having more room than I need to put all the music on there that I would like to and more. Please acquire at least a 4GB iPod for me--something that would let me put all the songs I want to on it. And oh—make it free.”

I thought about it casually a few times, but didn’t focus on it for long at a time. I just felt quietly confident that my bigger iPod would be showing up. No longing—just a moment now and then of feeling how nice it would be to have lots of room to add all the music I would like to. That seems to be keythe desire and the feeling and the detachment.

Guess what I am listening to at this moment? A brand new, 30GB video iPod! Pretty close to unlimited space--it will store up to 7,500 songs. And guess how much it cost? Zero! Well—okay. It cost Rick 40 minutes of time to listen to a sales pitch.

Rick is a director of IT for the Denver branch of his company, and is responsible for purchasing a lot of computer-related equipment. I don’t know exactly what this guy was selling, but he wanted to bend Rick’s ear. When he told Rick he’d give him a 30GB video iPod simply for listening to his pitch, Rick knew he wasn’t going to be buying what he was selling, so to his credit, he honorably declined.

But then, (and no, I did not twist his arm!) he decided to tell the guy that he really could not see that he’d ever be purchasing anything from him, but that if he wanted to give him his pitch, he would listen. So he did. And afterward, the guy handed over the iPod to Rick!

And after playing with it for a few days and deciding he wouldn’t get as much use out of it as I would, Rick handed it over to me. Nice “work,” eh?!



Amit said:

Woah, I would almost rate that as ""freaky""! But LOA strikes again! :)
I've got the same one as you, a black one, and I absolutely love it! I have my docking station in the car and I can listen to all of my music without ever having to change a single cd!
Good on ya!

Julia said:

Hi, Amit~
Yes--this one is black also. I am the options queen, so I really love having the option of putting all my music on it! I can't see me carrying videos around--maybe The Secret--but that leaves more room for music! And the option is there! (grin)
Glad you stopped by!
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

Hey Julia,
Maybe I should put you to work visualizing for me. Very little going the way it should for me today, but I suspect it is because too many things have piled up and I simply don't know which one to concentrate on first.
Really sad, pulled out my grandmother's old sewing machine because my grown child asked me to make Halloween costume on short notice. Retrieved it from storage, but couldn't get it to work, but a little tinkering proved successful only to be brought down by one thread caught in lower bobbin case while testing tensions and thread lengths. No luck removing after several hours of intense work on it. Ironically, the whole exercise provides me some escape (distraction) from more serious things on my immediate horizon.
Letting my child down depressed me immeasurably because I want so much to be part of my adult child's life in even a small way, yet the serious issues are what created the distance to begin in the first place. Sigh.
So, now I will decompress by taking the dogs for a walk, clearing my mind, focusing on better prioritizing, and then willing positive resolution on the more pressing ones.
I use your site as a touchstone when I hit mental and metaphysical walls and it usually provides me real inspiration. Thanks oodles and oodles.

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~
Relax. Feel. Radiate Love without conditions. Allow. Imagine that you and your child get along famously. How would that feel? Feel it! Your relationship will manifest according to your vibrational state around it.
You've inspired me to make a new blog entry which I'll do later today with an exercise for healing relationships at a higher level.
Meantime, let yourself off the hook about the sewing thing. All is in Divine Order.
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

P.S. I'm so glad to know that being in this bit of cyberspace of mine is uplifting to you!

Nancy Madlin said:

Way to go, Julia! I love hearing your story!

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