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Relationship issues. There are few things more upsetting than having an unhealthy dynamic in place between you and someone important in your life. In response to Deborah’s comment on my last blog entry, I told her I’d post a tool for healing relationships.

In order to change a relationship, it’s vital that you make a shift within yourself. First, you need to take responsibility and claim creatorship for the whole enchilada. No matter “whose fault” you perceive the problem to be, you are the one creating your experience, and as such, you are the only one who can make a difference in your experience. By shifting your own vibration by moving out of ego and into alignment, you shift the vibration of the whole, and a change is guaranteed.

In addition, you must accept what is. Acceptance of something, whether you like that something or not, is the way you move out of resistance and into The Flow of Love so that whatever the situation is can be realigned and transformed. You do not need to fully understand or analyze what is going on to simply accept it. Acceptance is like taking a deep breath and letting it out; it is releasing all resistance around the situation. Express your willingness and intention to allow Love to flow in regards to the situation and all involved. This includes you, of course! Use your power of imagining to place everyone involved in The Flow of Love. This is profoundly transformative in and of itself.

At the level above the ego, we are always firmly ensconced in The Flow of Love and we are always profoundly wise and peaceful. One exercise I frequently recommend is shifting your focus to that higher level of being and convening a meeting of the Higher Selves of all involved in a relation issue, including your Self, of course. Understand that there is only Love and Light at this level of Being and that there is never any conflict whatsoever. So when you imagine this meeting, you will see the true relationship, not the ego-involved relationship.

There are several things you can do once you have convened the meeting. First, simply observe the divinity of these radiant beings and notice that there is perfect harmony between you and the other person at that level. Notice that the Light emanating from and surrounding the two (or more) of you finds no barriers or boundaries—see the Light of your Higher Self and their Higher Self as one Light melded together. Notice the looks on your faces and notice the beautiful compassion and radiant joy there. Feel your own physical face taking on the expression of compassion just as the countenance of your Higher Self is wearing. You might even see these enlightened selves laughing and having fun together just as you would like the reality to be at the mundane level.

Just doing this obervation is extremely powerful and may be all that is needed to catalyze a shift. But if you sense that more is needed, you may ask these Light beings for assistance. Simply ask them to heal whatever needs healing. If you still need more, you might ask them to tell you what you need to do to facilitate this healing. As you close the meeting, offer your appreciation and gratitude for the healing that has already occurred, and then go about your business with the feeling of joy that the resolution of the relationship issue inspires.

A key component is that you choose to know, at your core, that all is well and that in due time, you will experience a difference in the outer dealings you have with the person or people involved. Remember to be patient and trust in Divine Timing. Also, although there’s a definite chance that things will suddenly show improvement, remember not to judge how things look in the process of healing. Sometimes it can look for all the world like things are going wrong and getting worse when actually, it’s just that something needs to come to a head to be released so the healing can proceed. Stay centered in Love and trust in Love’s transformational power.



Andrena said:

Excellent advise,Julia, and very much needed right now. Thanks for all of your help and being so willing to share and be a valuable resource.
Blessing and Love,

Julia said:

Glad it is helpful to you, Andrena--you came into my mind while I was writing it!
Thank you for your appreciation and support, which mean more than you know.
Love and Joy,

Amit said:

Hi Julia,
A truly wonderful post. I know of someone who could really do this kind of advice and blessings right now so I'm going to forward this article onto them also. Thanks Julia! :)

Julia said:

Great, Amit! So happy to be of help!
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

Thanks Julia! Working to incorporate your method into my daily meditations. Don't know if it is working yet, but I am feeling more relaxed about situation.

Julia said:

Great, Deborah!
Just know that you inspired something that others will be benefitting from and if you also benefit, that's wonderful!
I'd say feeling more relaxed is a sign that *something's* working...:-)
Love and Joy,

Lovely Clarity said:

This seems to be the perfect tool that I need to work out a few issues within myself. I have been asking my higher self to direct me toward something to heal. Of course I knew right where to look. :) It never occured to me to picture my higher self interacting with the others in my experiance. HOW PERFECT IS THAT? Thank you for all the time you spend helping.

Julia said:

Lovely Clarity!
Lovely, indeed, to see you here. Actually, *I* needed this today myself, so your comment brought my attention around to just the right thing for me!!!
Don't you love how the Divine Design for Harmony always benefits everyone and everything at once?
Love, Joy, Ease,

zannie said:

it is great to be reminded of this. only yesterday I went to a crystal healer and asked that I open to divine love even more and now I see this blog entry...synchronicity or what. I love it..zannie

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