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I’ve just got to share with you a new discovery! Please go now and listen to this short audio file and then come back and read the rest of my entry! http://www.heathermacauley.com/children_bedtime.htm

Did it bring tears to your eyes? Tears of joy and tears of grief for what might have been? My wish immediately upon hearing it was that every child could have this be the soundtrack of their life. Can you imagine the difference it would make if that was the message you were given from the moment of your birth—or even before? How much easier it would be to remember Who You Are! And creator Heather Macauley’s dream is that it be so! She is wanting to make this available to every child.

After both Rick and I were so very moved by listening to the sample of the Children of Light CD, we knew we needed to order it—for ourselves! After making the purchase, I emailed Heather to make a personal connection. We had interacted a bit on the Powerful Intentions forum, but I felt the desire to reach out to her. She emailed back with enthusiasm for making the connection and shared her BIG intention and plan with me--the intention that every child be able to have this, and her plan to make it so.

I had been reading Heather’s PI posts with interest as she is a sound healer and that has been a passion of mine. In fact, I was immediately drawn to her as soon as I saw her photo on PI. It was not just her appealing and very radiant face, but her energy that was/is so attractive. You can hear it in her voice in the audio sample above—she has very calm, loving, very open-hearted energy. I know that’s what is so potent about the children’s CD—not only are the words just perfect, the energy behind them feels like a deep embrace by the Divine Mother.

Heather’s plan is just being formulated, and when she has it ready to unveil, I’ll make sure to post a link to the page on her site where she will share it. Meanwhile, if you’d like to donate to support the intention of children having access to this wonderful CD, here’s a link to do so: http://www.heathermacauley.com/donate.htm


UPDATE: Heather gave me this link to share with you so you can download the affirmations part of the CD for free!


(I hope you'll consider making a donation to help defray the cost of the extra bandwidth the downloads take)



Amit said:

I just emailed Heather also to wish her the best on for her intentions!
Loving wishes,

Julia said:

Hi, Amit~
I know she appreciated that!
I love having you stop by my blog!
Love and Joy,

Nellie said:

Dear Julia,
Thank you for sharing this with us. I have been away for awhile, but been thinking about you. Sending you light and Joy.
Nellie :)

Julia said:

Hi, Nellie~
You'r welcome and glad you're back!
Love and Joy,

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