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Confession is good for the soul

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There is much more to what I'm about to tell you than will fit in this one blog entry. I believe it's important enough to devote as much space as necessary to it, so this will be the first of a series in telling my current healing story. It's my huge learning at this time, and that means, it's my big teaching as well. I've been putting off sharing this for a variety of reasons--the main one, I believe, is embarrassment. I'm past that now--at least, mostly.

You know from my recent blog entry about Spain (and others preceding it) that I've been having a lot of trouble with my knees. I haven't wanted you--or anyone--to know how bad it had gotten. Or that, for the last 10 years (up until about a month ago), I've been on a pharmaceutical drug called "Enbrel" (an immune suppressant with dangerous side effects). It quit working recently, and after a depressing visit to the rheumatologist, who insisted I needed to go on another couple of toxic meds, with worse side effects than the Enbrel, I just felt everything in me say "NO!" It is time to get right with mySelf on all levels, and start trusting my Spirit with my health again, even if it's inconvenient and requires changing my life.

Why has my physical condition been too embarrassing to reveal? I'm Easy World Julia! I'm supposed to live in Easy World, where everything is easy. That, however, is something you can't do when you're out of alignment with your Spirit. What I've been experiencing with my body in recent months has definitely not been an EW experience. I'm the one who, in 1982, was guided to get off all medication and put rheumatoid arthritis in remission by following her Spirit--the very thing that led me to Eden--and who has made that very public, so I'm doubly embarrassed not to have been able to maintain that level of wellness. My main message is that the key to reaching the higher vibration necessary to experience Paradise is to follow your Spirit no matter what. When it comes to my health--especially, my eating--I have not been, at least, not fully, walking my talk. That is all changing.

Why do I feel I can finally reveal this now? Because I am at the point where I am once again being called to a level of impeccability with aligning with my Spirit that is unmatched in my experience since those days in 1982 when I found myself on the amazing path of healing that led me to cosmic consciousness. I can no longer dodge the call. My body is absolutely dictating that I heed it. I have been holding out in a number of ways,
obeying my appetites, and my harmful habits, as well as giving into my fears and the fears of others, and I just can't do it anymore and survive. (As you may have noticed it is one of my great challenges to accept my human-ness and to forgive myself for not doing this all perfectly!)

Last week, I could barely walk, even using a walker, and was in so much pain, I had to loudly and forcefully blow out air or yell "Ow!" to even take a step (you should have heard me making my way down the hall!). Getting from the edge of my bed to the toilet, literally just five feet away, was a feat that would sometimes take 15 minutes--or much longer sometimes when I would find myself too terrified to even try to stand up. Sitting there on the bed for forty-five minutes just getting up the courage to do it was not uncommon.

After reaching the point a few weeks ago where I was desperate and calling out to Spirit for answers, I was guided to go to Spain to the clinic for therapeutic fasting. That felt so, so right--and still does. However, as the state of my knees continued to decline, I was not sure how in the world I would be able to get there if I couldn't walk, but I knew that Spirit did.

Some hours after asking for help specifically for my knees, an inner voice told
me very clearly to Google "knee specialist, Denver," so I went right to the computer and did it. What I found with ease was information on a procedure called "Knee Vitality," administered at present only in Los Angeles and...Denver! (They treat the Dancing With the Stars folks!) I contacted the pain management center here that does them, and went in for a consultation week-before-last. (Thankfully, our insurance has paid for a rental wheelchair so I could get there!) I loved the place and the staff, and it was clear to me after the visit that this was to be the answer to my prayer for how I would walk well enough to get to Spain.

So I went in Wednesday for the first of three injections of a mixture of medicines (including the dreaded corticosteroids that I have been studiously avoiding for 27 years) and a form of hyaluronic acid that creates a buffer where cartilage has worn away. (Even though my main problem is rheumatoid arthritis, I have very little cartilage left in my right knee due to osteoarthritis.) They do this procedure using x-rays to see exactly where to place the needles. It was very fast and not very traumatic. Even though it involved 2 of my things on the list to avoid--steroids and x-rays--I didn't have the heebie-jeebies at all, a sure sign I was in the embrace of Spirit.

The injections were a success, as I was pretty sure they would be. I am not yet walking normally (glad I'll be getting 2 more treatments), but am far and away better off than I was. As Rick noted, I'm not puffing and blowing when I walk, and not screeching in pain. My right knee, which had been so swollen and stiff I could not straighten it or put weight on it for a very long time after sleeping or even sitting for awhile (this is why it took so long to get to the bathroom), is no longer swollen, and I can get up and down with relative ease. Yes, I'm VERY well aware that this is a temporary solution, but it will get me to Spain where my intensive healing can commence. Meantime, I've already lost 10 lbs. with ease, just from eating as my Spirit is guiding me to instead of the way I was.

I feel so blessed.

More soon...

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And that winner is Sibylle L., from Dublin, Ireland! Sibylle got all the answers correct--she was one out of only two who did. Should I be embarrassed that such a tiny percent of my blog readers were brave enough to tackle 11 questions about stuff in my blog?! When I told her she had won and had been up against so little competition, here's what she said, "It looked like a lot of work, but once I got started searching for the answers to the questions, I had so much fun, I didn't want to stop."

Sibylle wins the grand prize package of an Easy World mug, an Easy World wand, an Easy World button, and a signed first edition of Recreating Eden.

The runner up is my old buddy and high school boyfriend, Steve S., from Lexington, NC. He'll be getting a free download of his choice from the Recordings page on

I'm happy that at least 2 people had fun probing 5 years'-worth of Julia's Blog! For the 10th anniversary celebration, I'll come up with something a little less daunting!

Congratulations, Sibylle and Steve and thanks for your entries!!!

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I have two hugely exciting, seemingly unrelated (although we know that everything is related!) items to report about Spain.

First, I got word week-before-last that my publisher, St. Martin's Press, has sold the Spanish foreign rights (Spain only) for Choosing Easy World! According to my agent, this is extra cool for this to happen so early in the process. I am super excited to see it in Spanish!

And I'm going to need to brush up on the pitiable amount of Spanish I recall from high school, because I am going to Spain in December! Not because of the book deal, but because that is where Spirit has guided me to go for healing.

If you've been reading my blog, you know I've been extra challenged of late with the rheumatoid arthritis I've had for almost 28 years now. I kept the disease in remission for a long, long time after having gone to a Swiss natural healing clinic in 1982, not long after I was first diagnosed. Rheumatoid arthritis was threatening to ruin my life, but in answer to a desperate prayer, Spirit guided me to Bircher-Benner in Zurich. I had huge success there in getting off all medication (and I was on a lot at the time, including high doses of corticosteroids), getting total pain relief, and recovering all joint function by eating a raw-foods diet and getting all kinds of natural therapies.

It was during this time that I had the experience of cosmic consciousness that I reported in the Introduction to Recreating Eden (you can read this for free online--just click the link). This came from my total devotion to listening to and obeying my Spirit's guidance impeccably, eschewing all other input and advice. It was an amazingly magical time.

Flashing forward to now, in praying for an answer for my current situation, I realized that, in a nutshell, I had fallen out of alignment with my Spirit when it comes to my health. Lots of reasons I won't enumerate now (this could be a book in itself), but suffice to say that the time has come to re-align. With the rheumatologist having only more toxicity to offer me, and it just feeling so, so wrong, I knew that working with my body instead of against it was the way, even if it meant changing my way of eating completely, with all that entails emotionally and practically. As I surrendered this all to Spirit and said I was willing to do whatever I needed to, magic started happening again!

In a series of cool synchronicities, I was guided to discover a German clinic that uses similar approach to Bircher-Benner (which, sadly, is no longer) that has a branch in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. It is Buchinger Marbella, which Buchinger Marbella.jpgcan check out by clicking the link. Going there appealed to me more--for obvious reasons--than going to Germany in the winter! It's very expensive, but Spirit provided for that, too! Some money that had been tied up just "happened" to come available now. And my dear, sweet 88-year-old Dad, who isn't up to traveling, has donated his airline miles which will cover the flights.

I'll be blogging a lot more about this, but it feels so right to be doing this and to be really willing to do whatever it takes to be well. No more messing around--I literally need to walk my talk about aligning with my Spirit in order to make it through this time of extreme energy upheaval (as we all do). Of course, in order to do this, I need to be able to walk, period, and things are well underway now for me to do so with ease once more!

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