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It's day 15 out of 17 of my fast, and it's doing wonderful things for me. I've dropped a lot of excess weight--14 lbs. since I've been here, for a total of 28 since October--lost all the puffiness in my face, and my eczema and its beastly itching has mostly cleared up. I've still been having some arthritis symptoms, but they're lightening up (hallelujah!), and some of the lumps and bumps I had (rheumatoid nodules) are on the wane. As Rick says, it may not be gone, but it's going in the right direction!

To explain the rest of the subject line, I have the infamous "faster's breath," caused by all the metabolizing going on inside. Even *I* cannot stand the smell of it when I catch a whiff from time to time! Seriously--sewage smells better. My tongue and teeth are "wearing sweaters," and I'm brushing my teeth more than usual just for relief! That will clear up once I'm eating again. Meanwhile, thank goodness for Young Living peppermint oil--a drop on the tongue works wonders.

I'm looking forward to breaking the fast on Sunday--I've been dreaming of salads--but at the same time, I would like to keep this up for a long time to see what further magic it can produce. When I get home, rested and centered, I am contemplating doing at least a modified "juice feast," a la David and Katrina Rainoshek ( and see just how far I can take this ("modified" as in maybe not for 92 days).

I don't leave the clinic until next Thursday morning, but they insist on at least 4 days of readjustment to eating before you go back home. They have amazing food here, which I had when I first arrived, and so I'm not unhappy to get to eat it again!

Speaking of juicing and raw foods and such, I am captivated by "Dave the Raw Food Trucker." Check out his YouTube videos. He's lost over 200 lbs. and cured himself of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and kidney failure. He's amazing. And for those who say "my lifestyle won't let me juice," this guy proves that it can be done. He says he keeps 2 juicers in his truck cab at all times and something like a 400-ft. extension cord to be sure he can get what he needs without fail. I guess if juicing and raw foods had done for me what it's done for him, I'd do that, too!

Happy New Year, everyone! I don't know many of us who will be sad to see 2009 fade into history. Let's allow 2010 to be prosperous, miraculous, fun and EASY!

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Today is a day--no matter your religion--to celebrate the Light within you and nurture it to its fullness. It is also a day to see the Light within others and nurture it to its fullness.

How? By refusing to be caught up in the illusions of ego which want to distract you from the Light and want to put you in resistance to the flow of Love. By seeing through others' ego "stuff" all the way through to the Love they really are. By choosing compassion over reaction. By being Love in action, no matter what.

The Love you experience is equal to the Love you allow to radiate. The pain you experience is equal to the amount of shutting down you do.

Though the Sanskrit greeting "namaste" is not normally a word associated with Christmas, I say let's keep a namaste consciousness. "The Light within me honors the Light within you."

Have a fun, high-vibe day today, wherever you are and whomever you're with.

Merry Christmas!

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Clearing the channel

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Courage is easily accessed by trusting that your Spirit is always taking care of you.

That was the thought that came to me early yesterday morning. I wrote it down on the little pad on my desk here in my room at the clinic.

The day turned out to be something of a Difficult World day. As has been the norm since I arrived here, it poured rain all day--again. I'll confess, all the gray and excess water has been getting to me despite my new affirmation. (See Dec. 21 blog entry) Indeed, the deluge continued through the night and for all morning today, too. But back to yesterday.

In the afternoon I had an appointment for a lymph drainage massage. Problem is, I was having so much pain in my shoulders (inflamed tendons according to lovely Marta, my massage therapist) I really couldn't stay still the way I needed to, though I tried. Much to my embarrassment, I started crying and couldn't stop. We joked that I was getting my lymph drainage after all. She helped me find a tolerable position and did some modifications so we could finish. I was so relieved when it was over--a sad thing when I could have been enjoying a lovely massage were it not for the shoulder pain.

When I got back to my room, I had a further meltdown. I asked Spirit to show me what I need to do to heal the shoulder problems and I cried and cried and cried and found myself begging for help as I was just too low on the vibrational scale to feel a clear connection. Now, I knew from an intellectual level that I didn't need to beg for anything as it is already mine, but I was at such a low point, it was all I could do. I cried on and off for a very long time and figured I must have needed the release. I realized a change I needed to make and so I made it. It was a painful night, but I made it through with some more tears and some more beseeching. Truth be told, the scary part was that I was worried I would not get as far along in my healing while I'm here fasting as I'd like to.

This morning, along with some really strong inspiration about things I can do to heal myself, I spotted the pad where I had written down the insight about courage, and I saw so easily that Spirit really has provided everything already and that I just have to be clear enough to see it. Sometimes that may take a bunch of crying.

Oh--and here's something kinda cool. A lot of my begging was for some clarity on what was going on with my shoulders and what to do. When Rick and I were on Skype last night having a chat, he mentioned that St. Martin's had put Choosing Easy World on Amazon for pre-orders (though without the cover image at this point.) Woohoo! When I went to look at it, there was a notice on the right side of the page that gave me an express checkout pass-phrase (something new Amazon is doing I guess). Here's what it was:
"Julia's perplexing health." I took it as a Spirit-wink.

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Here at Clinica Buchinger, I've received first class treatment all the way. The staff here--from the doctors to the housekeeping ladies--is a team of caring, nurturing professionals and it astounds me how efficient they are. They make sure you get everything you need, and right away. Kind of like the Universe does if you allow it!

So though I've requested many things since I've been here, I don't know why I hesitated to ask for a certain other few things--guess I didn't want to be perceived as a royal pain in the you-know-where.

This morning, I asked. I won't go into what I asked for, but suffice to say, all three requests were honored with a smile and within 10 minutes.

Oh--one thing I asked for this morning, I did not ask the staff for--I asked my Self for. I have been a little isolated as I am on a different fasting plan than the others, and so I receive my juices, etc. in my room. Another issue is that I can only speak the tiniest bit of Spanish, and though there are English speakers here, most speak Spanish or German. As an extrovert, that has left me a little lonely. So, this morning, I said, "Please provide me with a little more social interaction."

As I was leaving my morning app't with the nurse, one of the staff members fluent in English was outside her office, talking with another patient. We had a conversation about her gorgeous--but wet--shoes (she had stepped in a rain puddle on the way into work), and while we were talking, several other people came by and greeted me. Not a big demonstration, but I only asked for "a little more."

I love the way it's already all provided--you just have to show up to Easy World and pick up your goodies!

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Sleep, mucho agua, and the Solstice

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Here is something you've never read on this blog before: It's 7:05 a.m. as I write this, and I've been up for well over an hour. I may be turning into a morning person! Well, here in Spain, anyway, where there's an 8-hour difference in time from the Mountain Time Zone that is headquarters for me these days.

I've been sleeping quite a lot here at the clinic, and I take that as a healing sign. Seems just after afternoon tea, around 3:30, I feel a heavy veil of drowsiness come over me (I've been meaning to ask the nurse if there's some sleep-inducing herb in there) and I am absolutely compelled to take a nap and I just don't want to get up once I'm sleeping. It almost feels like I'm in the poppy field scene in the Wizard of Oz. I usually then (reluctantly) get up around 7:00 p.m. and the wait for evening veggie broth to come around 8:20 (I guess Spanish culture = late dinner). That usually wakes me up so that I either talk to Rick via Skype, or read or play on the computer, or all of the above and then go back to sleep before midnight. Very different for me!

How did I manage to be here on the Costa del Sol during the rainy season? It's been pouring rain steadily since sometime in the middle of the night Sunday (When I first woke up in the night and heard it, I thought someone in another room was taking a shower, but it was the rain on the balcony.). The locals are very happy because they've had a hot, dry autumn, and rain is a blessing. BUT, after the cold, gray and snow in Denver, I've really been craving sunshine. Being one whose moods seem to match the light levels, I had been psyched to be here, where there are reportedly 330 sunny days per year. Seems I've chosen to be here 23 days during the 35 non-sunny ones! So, I am convincing myself to relax and appreciate what is, because right now, it sure ain't sunny! My new affirmation: No matter the weather, the sun of my Spirit is always dazzlingly bright within me.

Speaking of darkness and weather and such: Happy Winter Solstice! Today is a day to celebrate the growth that is happening in the darkness of the unseen realms--that which hides beneath rest and stillness. Take a healing nap today if you can, or simply sleep mindfully and with appreciation tonight--it's a grand way to celebrate the current cycle!

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Paradise & progress!

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This may be the most beautiful place I have ever been. The building is very traditional Spanish architecture with white stucco and arches everywhere with bright yellow awnings. Against the blue sky, it's stunning. But it's the flora that does it for me, and the lovely vibes here.

My room has a balcony with a distant sea view, overlooking the clinic's central garden, and it's utterly breathtaking. I have always loved palm trees, and the ones here are stunning. They're not the swoopy, windblown kind that you see on a tropical beach, but the upright ones you see in those British colonial prints that are so popular in decorating--the ones with the monkeys and such. (I'm sure there are botanical names for each variety--I just don't know them!) They are sturdy and look like green fountains. Many other trees as well--cypresses and hardwoods like giant oaks of some variety--at least I think that's what they are, as I see acorns on the ground around them.

The perfectly tended garden also has prolific plantings of roses, bird of paradise, African daisies, lots of succulents, and all sorts of things not in bloom right now in the winter. The bougainvillea that drapes around all the arches and spills off the balconies is gorgeous and prolific. According to those who live here, Marbella doesn't have fall or winter--it's always spring or summer.

I neglected to bring a camera, but I'm having Rick send one, so I'll hopefully be able to share pictures of this soon...

When it's sunny in the morning, as the last 2 have been, I've loved sitting on my balcony soaking up the Vitamin D-creating rays and meditating. Lots of birds singing and clinic sounds, which I love because this is such a loving, nurturing place. The air temp is chilly, but the powerful sun makes the balcony toasty warm.

As for my progress, I just weighed on the nurse's scales and was excited to see that I am down 6 lbs. since I got here 5 days ago, and down 20 lbs. in all since I started shedding weight end of October!

I'm starting to feel better, too--the most important element of this. The detoxing stirs things up so you don't necessarily feel great at first, and, indeed, I have felt worse for the last 2 days, but I know the drill so it does not worry me at all and this morning, I feel better than I have in a while. I can tell things are definitely moving in the right direction.

I had my first of three colonics on Friday and I'm sure I lost at least a pound then and also lots of toxins. It feels good to be so clean inside--and getting cleaner.

Fasting has been easy. As long as I don't think about food, it is totally fine. I'm very motivated!

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My first days at the clinic

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After a rough journey of alternating between Difficult World and Easy World, I am here at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella. I can absolutely tell you that the Difficult World Dictator is no respecter of place and has no interest in allowing grace, even when you feel you really, really deserve it! (Deserving, of course, is a DWD illusion which he sets you up for and then loves to deny you a reward for!)

Even in this magnificent setting of total care, unparalleled nurturing and breathtaking beauty, I have managed to succumb to him over and over as extreme fatigue and almost unrelenting physical pain have placed me in space where I've been far too vulnerable. BUT, as I keep choosing Easy World and continue to unwind from the odyssey of getting here and making the transition to a whole new paradigm, I feel the longed-for space of healing opening up in me. As is typical, I wanted to feel that sooner. But I am learning to trust the process. And for the millionth time, realizing that pushing things only slows them down.

I am truly humbled by being here. The attention to detail is unbelievable. While it is a very expensive place to come for 3 weeks, it is very clear to me that every Euro is put to full use. From the housekeeping staff, on constant call and delivering things to your room such as bottled water, tea, comfort items (loving the hotwater bottle placed under the real down comforter every evening), and any meal you may not be able to go get yourself, to the nursing staff, available 24/7 (when I have more energy, I'll tell you a couple of funny stories about this!), the amazing food (I had a couple of days of "regular" food before fasting started yesterday) and dining room service--well, it's all absolutely amazing. The marriage between German efficiency and the Spanish setting is an alchemical wonder.

I need to go to my morning nurse's check-in right now and then to get my morning juice, so I'll sign off for now, but I'll write again a.s.a.p. I will monitor my energy to be sure I'm not leaking by spending too much time trying to keep up with normal life to be sure there is a maximum amount for healing. Thanks to the many of you who have offered prayers and visualizations of my glowing health and total well-being!

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Hasta luego

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Just a quick note to say I'm off to Spain in the morning!

I have managed to be in Difficult World a lot today. Something about going overseas with disabilities for the first time and trying to comply to all the travel/packing regulations has really brought forward my control-freak Difficult World Dictator! My last round of international travel saw me very active and self-assured. I need to invite that gal back! Just because she's going to need extra help, doesn't mean she needs to hide out.

I won't go into all the things that have happened to show me I was in DW today, but suffice to say, they were numerous. And yet, now that almost all that has to be done is done, I'm ready to get on the plane and r-e-l-a-x and allow Easy World to pull me in.

I will check in from the clinic whenever I get things set up.

Meantime, you can check out the new page I made for Choosing Easy World that includes the fabulous endorsements the book has received from the cream of the crop! Exactly the folks I wanted to endorse it!

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CEW progress report

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I need to get focused on packing and such--I feel like I've been in a complete fog and I'm just now waking up and realizing that there are only 3 days before the morning when I leave for Spain! So many details to handle. Very glad I know about Easy World. Now, to remember to choose it... (grin)

But I did just want to report the latest in the Choosing Easy World book saga.

I received the Spring/Summer catalog from St. Martin's Press, Choosing Easy World's publisher, today, and not only did they give it a 2-page spread, they had listed their marketing plans for it and they are HUGE and exciting and I feel SOOOOOOO blessed.

I also connected with the marketing manager for the first time today and in her email she said, "I LOVE the book. You have created an amazing, totally accessible and wonderful work. I'm so thrilled to be working with you on it!"

I'm in total awe of how Easy World is handling all this. Naturally, Easy World wants the book about itself to do great, but still--wow!!!

I'll see if there's a chance to write again before I leave, but I suspect my next blog entry may be from Spain!!!

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Please excuse my blogging lapse--I've been busy having some breakthroughs and such!

The injections in my knees have been a huge success--one more session to go this Friday, and my next healing move (at least, my next tangible one) will be to go to the clinic in Marbella and do the 21-day juice-fast. I'm getting excited and, if the truth be told, a little teeny bit scared about it. Not the fasting, just the weight I've assigned to the whole thing. The Difficult World Dictator is very threatened by this undertaking, and thus is inserting as many doubts as he can get through the wall of enthusiasm and confidence I've erected.

Here are some of his taunts: What if it doesn't work? (Julia--why would Spirit have guided you to do it if it isn't going to be effective?) What if I get better but can't keep up what I need to do in order to sustain feeling good? (Julia, then Spirit will guide you to the next doable step.) What if don't lose as many lbs. as I feel I ought to while I'm there and my knees continue to bear the stress of the extra weight and I end up needing a total knee replacement? And what if that doesn't really work? And what if I end up not being able to walk and I'm stuck in a wheelchair? And on and on. (Julia, get your mind out of the gutter--I mean, Difficult World and create it the way you want it, not how you don't want it! Anyway, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, and the guidance about what to do and when will come to you in the moment, when needed.)

Yet, regardless of all the stuff the DWD is lobbing at me, I feel so high-vibe and fantastically faith-filled and sure that this is right! I went to the chiropractor yesterday and though I could have walked, I allowed Rick to wheel me from the car into his office without resistance or being embarrassed or anything--something of a first. It just made sense! And who really cared? Only my vanity. Phooey on it! I want to save all my knee power for the trip. It's amazing what dropping resistance and allowing can do for one's energy. Between that and the adjustments, Dr. Stimson measured my vibrational frequency/level of consciousness (ala David Hawkins in Power vs Force) at 1280! That's over a hundred points higher than last time. I've not made such rapid jumps since he first started measuring me several years ago.

There may really be something to this notion of letting go of resistance and following your Spirit! (insert big wink)

There's more, but I'll let you digest this one and get back to you on some of the fresh insights that have started downloading into my brain...

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