The Invitation You Don't Want to Accept

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My evolutionary adventures this week have provided me with an opportunity to refuse some very insistent invitations from the DWD...

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Sibylle said:

Julia, this is very interesting. I am borderline empathic, and since I work in an office it's often a challenge to dodge difficult-world negativity from colleagues (who are in fact lovely and mostly well-meaning). I would have thought writing it down, or saying it to someone would help manifest Difficult World, so I never did it. But I am willing to give it a try because as you say, just keeping it in tends to poison my system.

Thanks for that!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

As I'm sure you're well aware, it depends on your intent, Sibylle. If you have that stuff inside you and it's causing problems (and "stuffed stuff" always will--either outwardly by tainting relationships with others, or inwardly, like creating disease, etc.),you're already going to be IN Difficult World! So getting it out, in as non-harmful a way as possible, is a step toward getting back to Easy World.

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