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Wow. I feel great! All the presents have been bought and wrapped, all the food I’m to make for tomorrow’s Hamrick Christmas gathering is made, I had a great workout, I’m clean, my hair is looking good (new haircut!), and I’m finally FREE to enjoy this holiday! At last. It's great to have clear space ahead and I’m feeling very full of possibility.

While I was exercising this afternoon, I was reading Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold by Laurence Gardner. Quite fascinating. I’m barely into it but as soon as I post this, I’m going to go read till bedtime. There is a part that I haven’t gotten to yet on the gold being brought by the Magi to the infant Jesus. I look forward to reading that at this point in time (for obvious reasons) to get more of the historical context. Of course, we’re not talking about the form of gold that one makes jewelry from, but the manna that feeds the light body—that fed the Israelites in the desert—the white powder of gold with mystical qualities, including, it’s believed, triggering production of the telomerase enzyme in human DNA to restore the telomeres (cap ends of chromosomes) to slow and even reverse aging.

Some years back--9 or 10 I think--when David Hudson was lecturing about the white powder of gold and ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) and selling shares in his production facility under the auspices of the Science of the Spirit Foundation, I bought a share for $500. Sadly, due to continual struggles with the government over a five-year period, the facility to refine ORMEs never went online, and my $500 (along with a lot of other people’s) went into a black hole! Ah, well. I still am fascinated by the concept.

In addition to learning more about gold (manna), I’m feeling called to work with frankincense and myrrh this holiday season. According to my new Valerie Ann Worwood book, The Fragrant Heavens: The spiritual dimension of fragrance and aromatherapy, frankincense “holds some of the wisdom of the universe.” (I believe ALL essential oils do!) She says about it, “This sweet protector of the heavens operates far beyond the auric field in the light realms.” That sounds right to me. It certainly does affect the pineal gland, which is our portal to the higher realms. I love meditating with frankincense, or Brain Power, which contains frankincense. Of myrrh, she says, “The fragrance enables the letting go of the need to battle for the just against the unjust.” (Sounds like rising above duality, doesn’t it?!) She says that it resonates with the wounded healer and helps us drop our baggage so that we can walk the pathway back unencumbered. I can use a little of that action, can't you?!

Gee, I’m glad I have such amazing tools to work with! (Okay--even if I don't have the gold, I have the frankincense and myrrh, anyway!) And speaking of tools, I ordered a 12” quartz crystal “singing” bowl tuned to the key of E (solar plexus chakra) today. Got an amazing price on it and am using Christmas money from my parents to pay for it. Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!!

Now—back to reading my Laurence Gardner book...

(For some odd reason, I'm not able to make all of the text the normal periwinkle color!)

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