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The last two days have been quite full and quite marvelous! And quite joyous! Lots of “downloads” from Higher Wisdom—I have had to scramble to get it all recorded. Apparently, The Recreating Eden Series is growing! Yep—you got it—a series. I won’t get more specific because something is in the delicate embryonic phase, where talking about it can deplete the energy, but something is definitely asking to be born! And I am sure up for it—there is no time that I feel more aligned than when I am actively channeling new information.

Another very cool thing that’s been cooking for the last week that I felt I needed to delay talking about is that Ellen Kennon and I are making plans to invite you (and a bunch of your soon-to-be friends) for a Recreating Eden weekend in beautiful plantation country, St. Francisville, Louisiana (Baton Rouge area)! I’ll be doing a free talk, booksigning, leading a workshop, and doing energy attunements the weekend of April 1-3. Ellen has fabulous connections in the area, and a plump mailing list of area metaphysically inclined folks who have come to other such events she’s coordinated for Lee Carroll (Kryon), Meredith Young-Sowers, and someone else whose name escapes me at the moment—Steve Rother, maybe? We’re planning to hold the daylong workshop in a lovely place where nature can assist us in raising our frequency! The workshop will be “Increase Your Tolerance for Joy!” and I am really jazzed about it. And I’m jazzed about going to St. Francisville. I’ve intuited that there is Divine Feminine vortex there, and being that I have often been told I’m channeling Divine Feminine, Mother Mary energy, it seems like a perfect spot. Not to mention, a place of such beauty is a natural for an event designed to help you get closer to Eden! That part of the country is also in a power place for me according to the first astro-locality reading I had done. Denver (where I live) is on my Pluto line—Pluto being the planet of transformation—lots of potential for great growth and change, but not always fun! I feel such a lot of raw, masculine energy here--not very gentle. So spending time—and leading spiritual growth activities—somewhere that is optimal for my career AND with a softer edge will be a lovely respite for me! What a beautiful time of year it will be! Stay tuned for details on this. And save the date!

Rick followed his intuition this morning and emailed a woman who has an online magazine called "inspire!," whose review is a “Spotlight Review” on Amazon for Ask and It Is Given. He told her that since she loved that book, she’d likely love Recreating Eden since it was mined from the same vein of Truth. She wrote him back and invited us to send her a JPEG of the book cover, a chapter from the book, a bio, and the URL of to include in the March issue! So I did. She’s obviously a kindred spirit based on the little bit of contact I’ve had with her. The magazine gets a lot of visitors and has featured books by some high profile folks. That’s a nice bit of exposure for Recreating Eden, eh?

Well—I’d better wrap it up. Not only is it late and I'm yawning to beat the band, but I have to get up and be out earlier than usual in the morning. I’m going to a women’s networking luncheon that is quite a ways away. I’m taking books to sell, a sheet that lists the instant frequency boosters from the 2 newsletters, and a print out of the introduction to the book, my sign up for mailings sheets, and my business cards. I figure that since I don’t really have samples of a product to give out, a free chapter is as close as I can come!

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