The piñata memoir

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And the basement cleaning saga continues…Today, I tackled a box of things that I had not looked at since before I moved to Colorado seven years ago. I found lots and lots of notes for the book(s)—both the book that is, one that may be, and several books that will likely never be! For many years, I was like a blindfolded kid at a party, swinging at a piñata, wondering which swing would yield the treasures. With every new area of personal growth I tackled, I experienced such energy there, I would think that perhaps THAT was going to be the slant of the book I knew I was gestating but didn't fully comprehend. All these years later, I see that every single one of those things contributed to what ultimately was born, yet none was even nearly broad enough to encompass the task that I was about.

In addition to the notes, and lots of lists of desires, and letters to God about same, I found pads and notebooks full of inner-child, non-dominant hand writing. I did huge amounts of inner child exploration back in the early-to-mid ‘90s. As impetus to do the “job” in earnest, Spirit had me living with my parents for half of each year for seven years. I lived in their home year ’round, but they were away at their cottage on Lake Michigan, in Florida, or taking various trips interspersed with those for a total of six months and more. So I had the house to myself for many months on end, and we had about five or six months of togetherness each year. I don’t care how much you love your parents—if you live with them when you are an adult, after having lived on your own for almost 20 years, there are going to be issues that come up! (Not just for the “child,” for the parents, too!) I see the inner child work I did as self-preservation as well as long-term healing and energy release. At the time, I had an astrology reading—solar return and transits and progressions—with my friend and brilliant astrologer, Randy Wasserstrom, and he described it as Spirit designing the circumstances so that I HAD to do my inner child healing work and do it in an accelerated manner. My “mid-life opportunity,” he called it. In retrospect, I see what an amazing gift it was. That I survived it is equally amazing! (My dad might say that HE survived it was even MORE amazing, with all the head-butting and territorial disputes that went on in HIS house!) One of the ways I mined the experience was, in addition to solving many of my own personality puzzles through the work, was that I taught lots of inner-child related classes, (primarily at the Center for Life Enrichment in Winston-Salem, NC) that were very popular, because they were not only very healing, much of the time, they were a lot of fun! I found materials from those in the box, as well as some (if I do say so myself) brilliant writings by “Sweet Julie,” my inner feminine child. I may just have to share some of her insights on the blog sometime. She would love it—and you probably would, too!

What I realized from the whole exploration of my box of notes, inner child writing, workshop plans, and old letters to God asking for something new and different (much of which I now have), is that there is nothing you ever do that isn’t a part of the gift of healing you have to give the world. When you are in the process of healing yourself, you ARE healing the world! (And there I was, desperately trying to heal myself so I could get on with healing the planet!) Healing doesn’t have to be hard, either. My “sources” tell me we can heal and learn through joy and ease now in ways that weren’t possible before--that healing through slogging through the pain and heartaches of our Earth indoctrination is old technology. Outdated! We’re to approach our healing through climbing in frequency in whatever ways we can, step-by-step, so that the unhealed aspects of us are spontaneously healed, with only occasional needs to revisit the past for greater enlightenment.

The other big insight that was triggered is that every part of your personal growth, no matter how much it seems to you to be a result of your “screwing up,” or floundering. or swinging wildly at the piñata, is a part of God’s experience of being human through you. You really can’t screw up if you understand that your job is to help God experience every possibility of Him/Herself! That makes every possibility just as holy as any other! Some are more joyful than others, and I believe that our desire to experience the increased joy of higher frequency means that now God wants to experience, through you and me, what it is to be a human being operating closer to the Core, where there is less pain and more bliss. But whatever your course, you really can’t mess up! Isn’t that a relief? Wish I’d known that all those years ago!

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