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I keep coming back to a particular challenge over and over again. I try not to see it as a stumbling block—just a major opportunity. Here’s the thing: Recreating Eden is describing a whole new paradigm. And one that doesn’t dovetail all that successfully with the current one! What I mean is that anything I teach relative to it requires an entirely new mindset and set of assumptions/understandings on the part of the people receiving the teaching. Those of you who have read the book can probably see what I mean. These are not difficult to comprehend, but it does require being provided with the whole picture to create the necesssary new gestalt. Why do I bring this up at this particular time?

I’ve been writing a magazine article on Joy, for people who may or may not have read the book—my assumption is that the vast majority will not have—and I find that there are building blocks to the understandings that have to be put into place before certain things can be understood—before they really make sense. This isn’t a problem when you’re writing about something that fits into the world the way we’ve been perceiving it—into the duality matrix. Everybody already has a foundation in it, so there’s not as much background to provide and you can launch right into the topic at hand. But when you’re describing a whole new ballgame, with all-new rules, it’s pretty important that people see the bigger picture so they don’t try to apply what you’re saying to the old game. Even people who have been on the spiritual path for eons likely haven’t entirely grokked the “world according to Recreating Eden” if they haven’t read it. While there’s much in it that’s familiar, how things fit together is different, and there’s a new gestalt that requires some familiarizing. Of course, I can certainly provide all the background for people, and explain about how and why we left Eden, and how we’re designed, and how we can get back to Eden, etc.—it’s just that magazine articles have word count guidelines, and explaining everything takes up a lot of words! It doesn’t leave as much space for the specifics I’m wanting to concentrate on.

Still, the important thing is that people understand the basic message—that they wake up to the new ballgame. The very human aspects of me just sometimes wish that foundational education part of things was already handled so that I would have more opportunity for communicating about the nuances of living the return to Eden and all the interesting adventures involved in the ascension process. (Hey—I guess that’s what this blog is for!) As more and more people read the book and comprehend what it really says, it will be easier for me to talk about related topics without retelling the basics. I dream of having a gatherings of people who have all read the book, comprehended the entire picture, and are living the process, so that we can share at higher levels without any need to start with the basics. Meantime, I will continue to outline them as much as possible, and I’m sure in the doing of that lies much education for me, too! It is my honor and privilege.

We went to hear my eldest stepdaughter's choral concert this evening. It also happened to be her 19th birthday, but with her schedule, we won't get to celebrate it with her for a few more weeks. (She's the one that has the lead in the community theater production and was just in a play at school AND has choral stuff galore going on, etc.) She is in the music program at the University of Denver. She had a solo tonight and did a beautiful job. She has the voice of an angel--which shouldn't be surprising--she IS one! I am truly blessed to have four amazing stepdaughters that I get along with so splendidly!

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