Your work is having an effect, Joan

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Rick and I like watching Joan of Arcadia on Friday nights. While not all the ideas the show conveys about God are fully consistent with my understanding, there is a lot to appreciate about a television show that portrays God “disguised” as human beings! It’s usually very entertaining and has some powerful lessons woven into the best of the episodes. Tonight’s has Joan framed for something she didn’t do, and spending the weekend doing community service paying for the crime she didn’t commit. God tells her that there is a purpose in her participating in the community service weekend with the others, and so she goes into it more willingly than she otherwise might. But after two days of not seeing why she is there, she challenges God and shows her disappointment that she’s done the weekend for no good reason. Meanwhile, we are seeing what she can’t: all the important connections being made because of her participation. Connections that are changing people’s lives—not necessarily because of specific things she did to try to help, but because she was there, obeying God’s instructions.

“It’s the action, not the result that is important,” God tells her. “Your work is having an effect, Joan.”

I confess that I choked up and shed a tear on that one—it felt like God talking to me. (You know that God In You uses any medium at her disposal to get a message through.) It is no secret that I sometimes wonder if what I am doing has an effect. You know how your ego mind LOVES evidence, and when it doesn't see it, it has a hard time believing that anything is happening. I’ve talked about that on the blog before. Most times, I have full faith in the process unfolding in the unseen realms. Other times, my left brain won't believe it without proof. And when I let my small self be in charge, I feel like I have to be doing something large and dramatic to make a difference. I’d be surprised if you haven’t felt that way at least now and then, too. But the show reminded me of the power of the simplest of actions, taken in response to an instruction from God In You. Like the pebble that makes a tiny splash, but whose ripples move out to encompass the whole pond, everything we do makes a difference. Everything. And if it’s done in Love, then the effect is magnified exponentially. Kudos to Joan of Arcadia's writers.

Make sure you read Lisa Dale Miller’s commentary on this month’s new moon. It is not only powerfully insightful, it’s really well written. Even if you are not conversant in astrological lingo, you will have no trouble comprehending every idea in this. And it’s SO right on!

Today I walked around the backyard gardens and noticed that almost all the perennials are way ahead of “schedule” for leafing out. We’ve had such a mild month or so, the plants are sure it’s spring. This is always a challenge for me because it makes me want to get started on gardening and it’s really too soon to do much. But I won’t complain over signs of rebirth and renewal!

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