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This is just going to hit the highlights for now—I’m pretty exhausted and overwhelmed at the moment with all that I need to do. I returned from Louisiana last night and decided that, instead of resting today, I’d better make the rounds of the garden centers and start catching up in my garden before all the “good stuff” was gone. It is, after all, a little later than I’d usually have gotten all my annuals, etc. as I didn’t want Rick to have to tend them in iffy weather while I was gone (Spring is ALWAYS iffy in Denver, with it not being unusual to have frost, and even snow, following a string of 80-degree days). So I’m not as rested tonight as I had thought I’d be—I’m hoping to catch up in the days to come. It is clear to me that I need some intensive rest and rehab of my emotions as well as my body so I'll spend most of the summer doing that.

In a nutshell, the time in St. Francisville was utterly transformational for me, as it seems to have been for a few others who participated in our special weekend. Turned out to be a smaller group than we even thought as of last week at this time, but it was truly one of those times when you could easily see in retrospect just why. (It was a quality group, even if it lacked in quantity!) And I see now that I was simply not up for more. I learned many valuable lessons—one of which being that it’s not that easy to lead a weekend focused on “joy” so very soon after your mother passes away! (Of course, I had planned it well before that happened.) With being so busy and not having time to process things much before the LA trip, it all kind of hit me as I struggled to pull off my vision. Fortunately, it all went okay despite my issues, and even though it didn’t look like I had hoped it would, I was assured by the wonderful women who participated that I was the only one not completely pleased with the way things were!

Ellen was a magnificent hostess. I can’t say enough wonderful things about all that she did to make it a really special weekend for all of us, and a special week for me. Her home is fabulous and such a lovely place to have such a gathering. (I was wrong in the last blog entry when I said it was painted in her paints—she says she hasn’t gotten around to that yet!) She provided wonderful lunches both days, too. Shadetree, the B&B where I stayed was just magical and Kenwood, Ellen’s ex, who is the innkeeper, and I really hit it off. He is a great guy who has put so much heart into Shadetree—so many special touches—I know he makes everybody feel like they’re his favorite guest ever! It was so healing to stay there in the “Gardener’s Cottage,” which was so private and lovely. Being in the midst of such lush, natural beauty was restorative for my soul. Not that Denver doesn’t have it’s own beauty, but I long for that over-abundance of green and the voluptuousness that Nature seems to exhibit only when you go far enough south.

I am glad to be home with Rick and the pups—but as I said to somebody—I forget who—I do kind of wish St. Francisville were home! It certainly wormed its way into my heart.

More to come—I still need to tell you about the booksigning at Rigsby’s and the wonderful surprise that Andrena provided for all of us in the workshop...

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