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I have been surprised at how much my appreciation—which was already immense—for Rick, and our home together, has expanded and deepened since returning from my trip. As my personal rhythm continues to re-synchronize with the household and garden, and I shake off the “stuff” from my recent trip, I find myself eager to have an extended period with no disruption to work on projects and write, write, write. But, alas, the replacement of the roof and gutters, etc. are scheduled to start Saturday, with the roofing being completed on Saturday. That is, however, an improvement over the original schedule. It was to have taken a couple of days starting Monday, and I was supposed to take the dogs and go to my sister-in-law’s and her husband’s house in Vail to retreat from the noise and chaos.

As I was setting that up a few weeks back, I kept getting the message that it wouldn’t be necessary, but since I could figure out no reason to believe that I wouldn’t need a retreat, I went ahead and arranged it. (Notice that my omniscient inner guidance said “not necessary” but my limited mind decided that since it wasn’t able to decipher a reason, I had better make arrangements!) I must say, I was delighted to find out today that if they did the job Saturday, they could have a large enough crew to finish in one day, which means that if Rick and I just take the dogs and escape to the mountains for the day, I won’t have to move out and stay gone overnight and be away from Rick again so soon after my trip. I’ll be able to spend the day with him adventuring, and then sleep in my own bed for the nights during the rest of the project instead of vacating. Apparently, the gutter replacement is not so hard to endure in the house as the re-roofing would be—at least that’s what the guy in charge assures me.

I had another vivid experience of ignoring my inner guidance and then receiving the missing piece that my ego-mind needed to understand why I had “heard” what I did. Tonight I made dinner for the girls—all four were supposed to come, but due to some frantic, last-minute shopping, #2 didn’t come but #4’s friend came with her, making the “body count” the same. #3 and I harvested basil tonight and made another big batch of pesto, and then I fixed brown-rice pasta spirals with pesto, ala the cavatappi dish the girls like from Noodles & Company. I had some cut-up cooked chicken breast to add to the pasta, but I had the intuition to not add it. It was on the cutting board, though, and in my way, so, seeing no particular reason why not to, I went ahead threw the chicken into the pot--and then sensed that I was not to stir it in! Hmmm…When #4 showed up with her friend, whom we had never met and knew nothing about, it turned out that she is a vegetarian! Fortunately, though I had overridden the message not to put the chicken in, I was able to successfully pull her serving off the bottom since I had obeyed the message not to stir the chicken. It was gratifying to see why I had gotten the message I did. It is, however, important to practice obedience without needing to ever know why. Sometimes I do better than others with that! Thankfully, these latest examples have been low-stakes situations, but that is not always the case, such as the time I ignored my inner guidance and led to my dog being run over. But that is a sad story for another day. Suffice to say that our ego-minds are not all that eager to trust intuition, but with persistence, they can be trained!

I get the feeling that the reason these situations/experiences are so vivid in my mind now, is because the tolerances are getting tighter and the room to make mistakes with impunity is shrinking—at least in the universe I’m currently inhabiting. I’ve been giving major revived thought to the idea of being the creator of my own experience and the necessity of taking more and more responsibility for my thoughts and manifestations thereof, and of being impeccable with them. I have some cleaning up to do on that score! How about you?

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