Lake Michigan bound

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I’m packing and preparing today for a trip home—well, to the home that has been the one constant in my life since even before I was born—my family’s cottage on Lake Michigan, which has been an anchor for my soul for as long as I can remember. I will be heading there tomorrow to arrive around 10:00 p.m. or so. Saturday morning, we are having another memorial service for my mom so the people who loved her there can participate (and there are many). She and my dad grew up spending summers at the resort where the cottage is (both their families had a cottage there) and is where they met. Since my dad retired and the cottage, which has been in my dad’s family since the 1930s, became theirs, they spent every summer, all summer there. They have many lifelong friends there that will be joining us in this last goodbye. After the service, there will be a reception at the country club, and we’re hoping it will be a celebration.

I have such mixed feelings about going to the cottage. I am eager to go on the one hand, because I know that being on the lake in such a dear, familiar place, on the water that I love so much, will be healing. On the other, I know it will a challenge for many reasons. Of course, there’s the emotional aspect of being at the cottage without Mom—something I’ve never experienced. And being there will be ever so much more poignant than being at what is now Dad’s place in North Carolina, since I never was there while she lived there—she died just a few months after they moved in, and the last time I was there before she was so sick and died, was just before they moved in. As far as the situation in the cottage goes, there will be a houseful for a couple of days, since it will be jam-packed with relatives who will be there for the service. The spoiled, only-child part of me (well, I wasn’t an ONLY child, but with both my sisters so much older and gone from my daily life by the time I was in 3rd grade, I learned to live like one!) is worried about the logistics of sharing the bathroom with lots of folks, etc., etc., etc., and about having the emotional space to feel my feelings—and, I know there will be some powerful emotions stirred up from the whole situation. My sister, whom I talked to today, who is already there and staying with my other sister, who owns a cottage there as well, says that Dad is tightly wrapped right now and is easily set off. He and I have a challenging relationship anyway. We’re very alike and get into squabbles and butt heads quite easily. I hope that I can remained centered, even though I, too, will be under stress and likely exhausted, what with the travel, getting in so late, and having to get up early (don’t like early, and especially when I’m tired!) for Mom’s memorial service, etc.! I won’t name all the potential stressors—there are a lot more—but suffice to say that the part of me (ego) that worries and feels the need to control, is all stirred up. Now that I have written this out, I will do my best to release it all and focus on aligning with the Divine Design so that it will be a beautiful time despite my issues! If you could possibly send some vibes of harmony my way and picture me happy, I’m sure that would help!

Changing the subject, we had a great group—and from as far away as Australia —on hand for my teleseminar Tuesday night. It was titled “Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency!” And just so I’d have the concepts fresh in my mind, I was hit with a big old problem that very morning! A doozy, too. I won’t reveal the details, but let me tell you, it knocked me for a loop. But I applied the formula for rising up out of the trouble zone, and by golly, it worked! And it gave me a wonderful teaching tool to share with the people in the seminar, and I got positive feedback about it. It was a little strange to teach without being able to see people’s faces to get a feel for how I was being received. I usually gauge my delivery and adjust it by looking at faces to see if there is bewilderment, or such, so I can clarify or slow down (the biggie for me), but I couldn’t do that on the phone. The up side to it was that no one could see that my hair was wet, I had no makeup on and no bra! I loved that part. Anyway, there were requests for more such seminars, so I will be doing more. Barbara Rose has volunteered to set some up and promote them for me since I am a member of her Institute of Higher Self Communication . She’s an amazing and generous person. I am lucky to have her as a friend!

So goodbye till next week. I will have my computer with me so I can do some writing, but probably won’t post again since there’s only dialup at the cottage and it’s just a hassle for other reasons. Have a great week and I’ll be back after the 22nd! Oh, yeah—and please picture me serene and joyful, relaxing on the daybed, looking out at beautiful Lake Michigan!

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Janet said:

I definately will be sending you good vibrations of harmony.
Today we had an X class flare.The ancient Egyptions call this time, The time of the 5th sun.
When you are on the lake think about the sun and how she is changing us and our planet. It's a good and a beautiful thing.
Have a wonderful time.

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