Sleep and frequency

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I’ve been giving more thought to the concept of needing rest and sleep to keep your frequency up. The reason it’s been on my mind is that, with the roofing and guttering projects, and workers showing up very early in the morning, I’ve had my most productive sleep time (early morning) interrupted a lot lately, and for various other reasons, haven’t been sleeping all that well anyway. You may have noticed—or maybe not—by looking at the time stamp on my blog entries, that most of them are posted in the late night and early, early morning hours, often between midnight and 2 a.m. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m particularly creative then, or if I’m such a procrastinator, that it’s only late at night that the pressure builds sufficiently for me to get things done. Whatever the case, I have a track record of not being productive in the normal morning hours, and do better late at night. ANYWAY, I do tend to burn the candle at both ends a lot, and have been thinking about how I need to pay more attention to getting enough sleep.

When I don’t get enough sleep, my brain is foggy (it sure was yesterday), I don’t feel as well or able physically, and most germane to this conversation is that I have a greater tendency to feel crabby and uninspired. It is far more challenging to stay in joy when you are tired. Why is this? I believe all the preceding is that lack of sleep and rest lowers frequency and makes you more vulnerable to the conflicting energies of the duality matrix. Something I mentioned in Recreating Eden is that when you are asleep, your left brain, conscious mind, “Adam,” is turned off and out of the way so that “Eve” (right brain, subconscious) can align properly to fully receive the flow of energy from Source for rejuvenation. If you’ve ever had a night where your left brain seemed to be unable to let go completely as you slept, and you waked up less rested, you’ll understand why that releasing of the reins by “Adam” is so vital to being able to receive the flow of revitalizing energy from Source.

Along with the revitalization of our physical and mental bodies through sleep, I believe that we receive higher wisdom by virtue of our surrendered rational minds. I believe that with Adam off the job, Eve is able to receive information that is normally blocked. As I said, I felt quite uninspired and unable to do much yesterday, but today, after nine hours of sleep, I was inspired and eager to convert that inspiration into various projects, and I got a lot done with a minimum of effort and what I worked on turned out quite well.

So, imagine how the frequency of the Whole would be raised simply by everyone on the planet being well-rested! Imagine the inspiration that might find its way through if we provided Eve the opportunity to align properly by sleeping well and deeply and enough. Think how much more joyful the world would be if so many of us weren’t sleep deprived and running on empty. Maybe it’s our responsibility—those of us who are conscious of this—to make it a sacred goal to get enough sleep and rest, because we really can’t change anyone but ourselves—and we don’t have to, since, by the power of unified radiance, that which we do to raise our own frequency affects others.

That said, I believe it’s time for me to get this posted and get to bed!

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