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I’m not proud to tell you that I spent much of yesterday again immersed in news of the Katrina travesty. It just seemed impossible to stay away from it for any length of time. At one point, I was so ill from it—in particular, from reading about a little boy, finally boarding an evacuation bus, who was being forced to leave his dog behind and crying so hard, he vomited, calling out the dog’s name “Snowball! Snowball! Snowball!” over and over again, I just had to go to bed. This particular issue hits me so personally. That there are thousands of such partings going on, and thousands of stranded, and now dead, pets that were, and are, precious to someone, is just almost too much for me to bear.

Some might say, “With all the human death and suffering, why would you be focused on that?” Well, as is illustrated above, this IS an issue of human suffering, as well as animal suffering. Of all that that child has had to leave behind, his heart was broken by having his beloved dog wrenched away from him in a way that leaving his home and familiar surroundings just won't. The bond between a human and a dog is powerful—indeed, sacred. You may already know that I have an intense love for and deep attachment to my two dachshunds, Roly and Lilah. They are not the first canines to be my “fur children,” whom I have loved with a passion. Before them were Luna and Buddy and before them was Mercedes. Even before Mercedes, (who was my first dog as an adult), was the dog of my childhood, JoJo, and some beagles that we had briefly when I was very young. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. Before Rick came into my life, I had always loved dogs more deeply and fiercely than I had ever loved a human. A lot of it has to do with self-love, or deficits thereof. Dogs love you when you cannot love yourself. Dogs provide the closest thing to unconditional love that this world of duality has to offer. They come into the world programmed to love and to be loyal—totally focused on their master, and totally devoted to her/him.

So it is about the most heartbreaking thing I can imagine to have to break that sacred trust and abandon such an innocent and faithful heart. That people casually abandon and abuse dogs is such an abomination to me that I truly cannot bear thinking about it. I will confess that the specter of having to abandon my beloved dogs has haunted me to the point of affecting my major life choices. I might have moved to the Gulf Coast myself before I met Rick because I wanted to live somewhere sub-tropical. But one of the several things that kept me from actively pursuing that is the very worry that in the event of an evacuation, I might somehow have to be parted from my dogs. The fierceness of my love for them perhaps leads me to fear and takes me out of the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony. This is certainly an area of faith and trust that is lacking in me, and something I would do well to shine Light on. Non-attachment, for me, seems far easier in every other facet of my life. So these stories of wrenching partings really push my buttons in a way that no other aspect of this monumental human tragedy do.

Anyway, I went to bed last night feeling pretty hopeless—not just from the animal issue, but from the recognition that we have deceived ourselves into believing things about our country that just aren’t true. Even though we knew that our government was, to put it charitably, blind to the ramifications of some of its priorities, it would now seem that the assumption that, bottom-line, there were provisions in place to handle humanitarian emergencies and that, of course the government would mobilize and do everything necessary to save people, was me (along with a lot of others), living in la-la land, putting trust in something that is not where our trust belongs. Another wake-up call. I went to bed closer to despair than I can remember being, with a desperate question, "What can we do about this?"

When I awakened this morning, I awakened in more than just the physical sense. I guess the sleep took me back to higher frequency where the perspective is much greater. I heard, “Keep doing what you’ve been doing, Julia. Recreating Eden has it exactly right. You must keep your focus on the Light.” And I realized, once again, that truly, the most powerful thing in the world to do is to keep our focus off of the "remodeling mess," and simply Love. To radiate Love unconditionally so that our frequency is raised to the level of a new reality. This is not airy-fairy. This is not speculative. This is truly the most important, most powerful action we can take, and while it may lead to the revelation of other efficient, effective tangible, measurable actions, in harmony with the Whole, it is the act of Loving that raises your frequency enough to reveal that to you. I had lost that knowing yesterday, so pulled down into the sadness, horror, and fear was I. But in the light of day, it was crystal clear that the only way out of this is by raising the frequency up out of the place where the lower nature of humanity has no effect, where greedy politicians have no power, where there is no illusion that hurting someone else is anything other than hurting yourself. The only way to be “safe” is to rise in frequency to where turmoil and pain don’t manifest, and where we seek harmony because it is all that appeals to us. And you don't do that by collapsing into the illusion that something is going wrong.

Yes—I awakened this morning. Thank God.

Here is a link to the Humane Society who is standing ready to rescue pets when they're FINALLY allowed in. And here's a link to info about my upcoming free teleseminar, "The Only Safe Place," which I named before Katrina was even a tropical storm. Could be I was receiving a little divine guidance on that one...


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