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What an interesting 48 hours! It began with someone asking me, in a public forum, a rather rude question that just happened to match up to a deep childhood wound. At first, I was just going to let it roll off of me, but apparently, it was important for me to deal with it as a couple of things came along to tweak it so that my inner child just couldn’t take it anymore and I “cracked” under the strain and allowed myself to feel the hurt and grieve the original wound. Which turned out to be a huge blessing! As I discussed just last time, Sweet Julie (did I tell you that is my inner child’s name?) is afraid about the direction I’m moving, and this incident was an opportunity to demonstrate that I will take care of her as we swim farther out into the big pond.

It turns out that yesterday was the Scorpio new moon, and such a melting down to the core to reveal the truth within was perfectly appropriate. A detailed overview (the effects of the new moon go on for several more days) can be found here, and another site that has great information on it is here. It would seem that now is an optimal time to clear out that deeply embedded “stuff” that is holding us back from manifesting all that we have come here to be and do. I know for sure that the issue that was brought up “in my face” over the last couple of days was seriously impacting my ability to accomplish what I’m here for, so hallelujah! A couple of days of hurt feelings and having to look at why they were hurt is a small price to pay for being able to process out some blocks to my progress in fulfilling my purpose!

I got a neat email yesterday from my dear friend since 7th grade, Donna Michael, who is a new age musician and wonderful spiritual-growth facilitator. (On my “Events” page, you can see a photo of Donna and a couple of other friends and me taken in June). She was thanking me for forwarding her an email last summer about a wonderful online short “movie” called “You are the Light.” If you haven’t seen it, you definitely will be glad if you do—it’s exquisite. Donna said when she saw it, she summoned up the chutzpah to call Mary Robinson Reynolds, the one who made the movie, and say, “I love your work—you need my music!” And, by golly, Mary’s latest movie, “The Thanksgiving Movie,” features Donna’s beautiful recording of her original composition, “I Did All I Could.” Check it out at http://www.thanksgivingmovie.com! I must say, I can claim no great credit for making the connection—I just did as my impulse guided me to and sent the link to some of my friends. You just never know when such a small, seemingly insignificant act may bloom into something important for someone. Indeed, that is the way the world turns, so to speak!

I know I’ll be talking more about this in future blog entries, but I was contacted last week by Gary Rebstock, who is putting together a promotional campaign for a book he co-authored, called Born A Healer, featuring Chunyi Lin, the originator of Spring Forest Qigong. I was immediately impressed with Gary and knew before I even investigated the book that it was special—can’t tell you exactly how—I just had a feeling. He overnighted me a copy, and my intuition was right on! It is a marvelous book—Rick is loving it, too—and Chunyi is a really remarkable and humble man who has come up with a powerful form of qigong which is available and practicable by anyone. He is devoted to teaching it to the world. I’m so excited about it! I’m thrilled to be able to help get the word out about the book and to learn the method myself. And I’ve made a new friend in Gary—we talked on the phone tonighthe’s a really helpful, generous person with wonderful energy. Win-win-win!

I love my life--even when some of it is not that much fun!



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