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It’s a couple of hours after tonight’s teleseminar, and I’m coming down from my energy high. It was a wonderful gathering and I was so happy that many people spoke up and asked questions and made comments. While the talks are always high-energy, this was the most dynamic discussion segment of any we’ve had thus far. Usually, when I ask for questions or comments, it’s me and maybe one other person at a time having a discussion, but tonight, we had a bit more of a pow-wow. Loved it! We had some technical difficulties to start with and the tape recorder wasn’t taping, but it turned out to be a simple resolution—I had dialed in on the wrong line—the recorder is set up only on my office line and I had used our personal line! Thankfully, I think everyone hung in while I hung up and called back on the business line. Mercury retrograde still playing havoc even though it’s gone direct again. It’s the “shoulder period.” I won’t be sad to see its retrograde influence fade on away!

As I mentioned last year around this time, back in the mid-1990s, I got very interested in the alchemical substance(s) called many names including ORMUS, mfkzt (pronounced moof-kooz-tee), the Philosopher’s Stone, white powder of gold, manna, monatomic, monoatomic, ORME, m-state, etc., when I first learned about David Hudson. He is an Arizona farmer who had discovered a strange phenomenon while trying to recover precious minerals from piles of goldmine tailings found on his property. I am lousy at chemistry and physics, and my memory on the details is fuzzy, but the gist of it is that he found that at a certain stage of the assay process, the mass of the minerals would disappear and then reappear. He spent $8 million working to discover the whys and the wherefores of this phenomenon and synchronistically, came upon some esoteric information that he matched up with what the lab discoveries were and deduced that he had rediscovered the Philosopher’s Stone. To read the story for real, you can go to . It is quite a tale.

Anyhooo…At the time, I invested money in his “Science of the Spirit Foundation,” which was to finance the building of a facility to process the material to create ORMEs (Hudson’s name for the substance—it stands for orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements). It turned out that David Hudson’s enterprise to process this substance failed (that’s a whole long story in itself) and I kind of let the whole thing go for the last five or six years. But I find myself fascinated with this once more, and in doing a Google search for something else, came across a lot of great information on it. I signed up for the ORMUS Yahoo Group and for a local group as well, and I am so excited to be learning lots and lots about it. Since I had last checked, it seems that quite a few people are utilizing various methods to make ORMUS and there are simple ways novices can do it at home with relatively inexpensive equipment, extracting it from magnetically charged water, for one. I’m investigating all the various possibilities, and there are alchemists with varying degrees of expertise producing products that are ORMUS-based. Why does this fascinate me? For this, I will allow you to do a little of your own investigation! The best place to start is by going to and following your curiosity from link to link!

I finally got a duvet cover for the down comforter I got for Christmas last year (I didn’t want to use it till I found the right cover) and it is heavenly. In fact, it’s calling me to bed! As it’s snowing and 4 degrees above 0 outside right now and dropping, I will really, really enjoy it tonight!

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ken said:

Hi Julia hope you are healthy. White powder of gold is a very interesting subject. The United States military is experamenting with amazing results so is Nasa. Ken thats me is also enjoying the wpog very interesting stuff. Some of the experiences i have had are when I talk to people i have noticed my head lowers and my forhead looks them in the eyes Iam amazed by the skys cloud formations my dreams are very eviormentally focused. When i walk my dog Iused to walk normally at regular speed now il explain this way I hear my lungs talk to my brain saying speed up my brain tells my legs to go faster my legs just start going like mad Ican go like this for miles on the way back i eat 2 tsp of bee pollen and i feel great on the way back. It may sound strange the lung brain leg thing but it is a fact.I also give a little bit to my dog Crow. I believe its good for her. I hope. My friend gives it to his 17 year old shituz dog you wouldnt believe the diferance in her actions it amazes me people who do not know about wpog think the dog is alot younger than he tells them.You look at the dog she looks 17 years old but she does not act it. Anyway we who take wpog are guiney pigs for the long term effects are not known so my journey countinues peace an love from ken.

Julia said:

Hi, Ken~
I have not used the white powder of gold, but have tried various other ormus products, and have found them generally to be enhancing to my spiritual growth. I am currently only using a Volixer (magnetic blender) to activate ormus in water (with various salts added). I really like the way I feel when I drink it, and find my intuitive capacity is increased as a result.
Yes--there is a guinea-pig factor at work here, but I believe if you stay in close with your inner guidance, it will always steer you in safety.
Glad you dropped by!
In Joy,

Jim said:

I have been using Bee Pollen for around 20 years now. I found a reference to Moatomic elemnts and Bee Pollen.
Are there monatomic elemnts in Bee Pollen?
Kind Regards,

Julia said:

Hi, Jim~
Interesting question--I don't have any concrete info on this, but my guess would be yes as ORMUS seems to be in just about everything to greater or lesser degree--especially, it seems, those substances that are very healing.
You might be interested in the ORMUS Yahoo group. You can join for free and there are lots of great discussions that go on there! That would be a good question to ask of that group.
If you do research and find anything, out, do let me know!
In Joy,

Jean said:

Interesting article. i did some research and found this website and seems great to me but i little expensive also.

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