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The Yahoo group, "Higher Self Communication," that Barbara Rose started, has been drawing my attention lately. There are lots of spiritually-oriented women out there who are involved in relationships with men that are not supporting their joy, which frustrates them, and I felt guided to respond to several posts to the list yesterday. Here is one of the responses I wrote that brought through some points that people appreciated:
“…Once we glimpse a man's divinity, we tend to hang on in
hopes of drawing it out and of somehow fanning it's flame and seeing him
live up to the potential that we've seen. I've been there and done that,
and it wasn't too successful! Only when I became unwilling to settle for
anything less than a man who was in touch with his divinity and
consciously living his truth was I able to attract/create a man who was
in touch with his divinity and consciously lives his truth.

There's another syndrome that is common where we are in a relationship
that meets many of our needs, but is sadly lacking in something we
really long for such as true intimacy, or real commitment and we say,
"Well, it's not great, but it's pretty good--probably as good as it's
going to get." And so, we settle. This is reinforced by the fact that
pretty much everyone we know has settled for less than wonderful, so we
don't believe it can be better. But IT CAN.

True--there's no flawless human being out there somewhere--as long as
we're human, there are aspects of us that need polishing. And until we
perfect ourselves by aligning completely with our God Realized Self,
there is no perfection, period. BUT, there are beings that are the right
match for us, and we ARE capable of attracting the right person who can
be truly intimate and someone who is ready to commit to creating a
fulfilling partnership!

Here's the thing, folks: WE are the creators. WE are creating our
experience based on the patterns within us. Relationships are mirrors of
our inner relationship with our God Self. Until you are committed to
having nothing less than your God Self deserves, you will continue to
manifest "less than" relationships. How committed ARE you to creating
something fulfilling? If you're involved with a noncommital man, it's
because part of you is not committed as well. If you were completely
committed to having that deeply fulfilling relationship and to honoring
God In You, you would not waste a minute, much less years, with a man
who was not ready! The idea that if you patiently wait and bide your
time till he's ready that he will come to your door one day, sweep you
off your feet, and you will live happily ever after is not fulfilling NOW.
NOW is the only time there is. And the likelihood that things are going
to unfold that way is very slim. Very slim, indeed. Not saying impossible, but slim.

I say, do whatever it takes to attune yourself with your God Realized
Self NOW and honor your own divinity. Make the total committment to
that, and you will have the perfect committed relationship within
yourself and that will be reflected in what shows up in your
relationships with other humans.”
Then, one person on the list posted this elegantly simple Sanskrit prayer
that goes, “Tvameva Mata ver Pita, Tvameva bandhu ver sakha…"
which translates to: “God, you are my Mother, my Father, my Friend my Mate…”

Isn’t that just perfect?!

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