Cocoons are for emerging from

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Recently, my "stuff" has come up in a new way around prosperity/poverty consciousness. Even though I've been consciously addressing this stuff for 20 years or more, I guess I've gotten to a new layer of the onion, so to speak, and I'm starting to realize just how dang comfortable I am with certain restrictions that lack provides! ICK! Well--okay--that I've recognized this seems like a huge step. So I do celebrate that!

What’s brought all this up is that with all the of the Law of Attraction resources I’ve been looking at lately (I’m currently reading Joe Vitale’s Attractor Factor), I’m trying on many of the techniques and finding myself reticent and unwilling to commit. In exploring why, I was guided to recognize that I have been, at some level, afraid to be free--or, rather, just so used to being restricted by lack, that it somehow seems frightening to let that go.

I sometimes feel that I am wrapped tightly in a sheet and that somewhere along the line, instead of trying to free myself, I’ve just snuggled down and decided to accept it—after all, it’s feels safe—like a cocoon. But never completely—it’s not actually comfortable—I still long to move and to be free of it—at least part of me does. What becomes of a butterfly that does not shed its cocoon?

I am ready to find new ways of being willing to move out of my "safe" feeling of being restricted by money issues into greater freedom. So, with the intention of expanding my “safety zone,” my new affirmation is "I'm willing to enjoy more wiggle room." (Saying simply that I'm willing to enjoy freedom is for some weird reason a little too scary so I’ll work up to that!)

Why, I wonder, would I have created a feeling of comfort at being restricted? The notion that it serves me is only an illusion. I need to move out of that zone and into the zone of full-on prosperity--if for no other reason than the success of the book and my mission of service--it's hard to have a bestselling book if the author isn't ready and willing to receive money! I don’t want to hold this life-changing perspective away from people because I’m too afraid to come out of my sheet!!!

I do think I’ll devise a visualization about emergence. I think I will be a butterfly coming out of its cocoon and happily sipping nectar from the money tree! (I don’t care that my dad says it doesn’t exist!!!)

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