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Okay. One more story from my recent North Carolina trip. If you’ve read the blog entries about my drive to the airport to return home, you’ll know I was really in the groove, so it won’t surprise you that the magic continued. I don’t remember if I told you that I requested wheelchair assistance all the way through this trip because of my knee. Well, I did, and met quite a few really lovely people who were so very helpful to me. Swallowing my pride and accepting this assistance turned out to be much easier than I had expected, and it really saved me a ton of stress (not to mention, I don’t think I could have made it under my own steam based on the condition of my knee).

Anyway, when I got to the gate at the Raleigh-Durham airport on my return home, I was still buzzing from all the wonderful energy of spending time with Steve, the Earth Wind and Fire episode at the gas station, and the amazing hawk and mouse sighting, as well as my wonderful conversation with the young Moroccan man who pushed my wheelchair to the gate. I’m sure my vibrational frequency was sky high (pardon the pun!). I had a seat right next to the gate counter, with just a seat between me and a gorgeous African woman with a toddler, and as I was talking to Rick on the phone to tell him I’d made it to the gate, I noticed that there was a man at the counter talking to the gate agent, and that whatever the agent told him had completely freaked him out. It soon became clear that he had missed his flight. He flopped down in the seat between me and the woman and child, and buried his face in his hands. “Great,” I thought.

He soon jumped up and said something to the woman in a language I didn’t recognize and took off toward the main terminal. I looked at her anguished face and found myself saying, “Is everything okay?”

She said, “We missed our flight. My husband’s father died in Kenya , and they’re holding his body till we get there and we just missed our connection to Amsterdam .”

She looked like she was going to lose it at any second. I immediately put my hand on her arm and said with an amazing amount of authority, “Everything is okay. Do not freak out. That will not help. Take a deep breath (we both did) and let it go. There is nothing you can do but simply trust that All Is Well.” I felt extremely powerful—like a force of nature—and she responded to it. She visibly relaxed a bit, but then dropped her purse, and the contents spilled everywhere. I could see the anxiety rising again.

I said, “No big deal—let’s just pick all this up.” That seemed to steady her again as the three of us collected her things.

I got out my bottle of Peace and Calming essential oil and put a drop in her hand. The adorable little girl wanted a drop, too, so I gave her one. The energy shifted immediately as the oil did its work. I made conversation with the woman and the child a bit to distract them. She told me she had come to the U.S. just 2 years ago from Kenya to marry her husband, who had been here a bit longer. As she told me that they had come to the airport from about 60 miles away by hired van, and that they had checked their luggage, so they didn’t have an easy way back home, nor their things, I could see her anxiety level starting to rise.

Once again, I felt spiritual power surging through me and practically commanded, “There’s just nothing you can do about that except to simply trust that All Is Well and that you will be taken care of. Any other attitude is inviting more problems.”

Then I got out my bottle of Release and once again, gave her and the little girl each a drop, which they both inhaled deeply and gratefully. About that time, the husband returned looking overwhelmed and upset, and the woman immediately said, “You need a drop of Release!” So I got the bottle back out, and, not knowing what the heck “Release” was, he trustingly extended his hand for a drop, rubbed it all over his face and buried his face in his hands. Within 5 seconds he emerged looking like a different man! Those amazing oils!

When my flight was called a few minutes later and I got up to board, the woman thanked me profusely, saying, “I don’t know how you managed to calm me down, but it was amazing. I don’t know what would have happened if you had not been sitting there and been so kind and helpful.”

I do not know what happened with their dilemma, but I did feel very powerfully called to do what I did, and more than that, in the perfect vibrational space to do it. While your joy is always powerful, in this case, it was really obvious that my being in such an empowered state was able to make a critical difference for that family. It really felt wonderful to be used that way by Spirit. I'm so glad I was vibrationally available.

One more little tidbit about the trip—in a blog entry prior to my trip, I mentioned wishing to have Rick’s strong arms to assist me in my travels. And that it occurred to me that God has all the strong arms in the world and that I would just consider the Divine to be my traveling companion. Well, I had men with strong arms volunteering to help me right and left! I never even had to ask—they’d just see me limping along and rush up and ask if they could help! Very, very cool.

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