Let's Groove

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I'm back from North Carolina as of last night--or at least, my body is. I think my soul is somewhere on its way between here and there as I still feel kind of disoriented. I spent the day resting and napping, napping and resting, and still I'm looking forward to going to bed tonight!

What a trip! It ran the gamut of experience and emotion, and I got lots of practice using my step-by-step frequency-raising techniques! I'm not going into the details now because I'm really just not in the right space for it, but I do want to share a magical experience or two. I had a bunch of them, and have made a list so I'll remember each one, and will add more of them to the blog as Spirit moves me to.

The one that I'm eager to tell you about right now happened yesterday on the way from Steve's and Stephanie's house to the airport. Well--actually, it started prior to that on Tuesday as I drove from Thomasville (where I had a great--though brief--visit with my dad), to Mary Mooney's offices in Raleigh that she calls her "Angel Space" where I was scheduled for attunements that afternoon. I had my iPod pumping out my joy music, rocking down the highway. As you'll know if you've read some of the past entries to my blog, Earth Wind & Fire is my high-frequency music of choice. So I'm cruising up I-40 with the song "Let's Groove" cranked up, and just as they sang the line that goes, "Move yourself and glide like a 747," I am passing the RDU airport exit with a big jet passing over my head. I grinned and said, "Cool!" as the synchronicity was impossible to miss.

Fast forward 28 hours or so, and I'm heading back to the airport area to drop off the rental car before heading back to Colorado . I had chosen to refuel the car myself as there's a very convenient gas station just the right distance from the airport near S & S's house on the way. So, I wheel up to a pump, open the car door, and what should be blaring from the outdoor speakers mounted on the gas station's mini mart? E W & F doing "Let's Groove"! Of all the songs in the world! Of course I was delighted--clearly it was a "God wink." And not only was that song playing, but there were only 2 other customers--not together--at the pumps, both of which were grooving to the music--both singing out loud and one of them at the top of his lungs! Grinning from ear to ear, I could not resist a little boogying myself while the tank filled! It was truly surreal. The song playing was magical enough, but the other people, only one of which looked even the slightest bit likely to be uninhibited enough to be singing and dancing at a gas pump, grooving unselfconsciously to the music was just the icing on the cake! It was like the Twilight Zone, only with no spooky ending!

As Steve said when I told him about it (he most graciously met me at the rental car place and drove me to curbside check-in and helped me with my bags), it was like a glimpse into a new, more harmonious world. Indeed, I distinctively had the impression that I had entered a parallel reality--or rather, created one. However it happened, it was just fabulous. And the rest of the trip was pretty magical as well. I'll tell you more of the details next time!

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