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Today, the world was offered yet another invitation down in frequency. I’m happy to say, I declined! Even though my ego-mind was interested in finding out more information on the foiled terror plot, and commiserating with all the travelers delayed at airports everywhere, who were having to give up everything from their water bottles to their shampoo, perfume and lipstick if they wanted to get on a plane, I decided I would simply rather stay out of that realm of angst and fear. And when I thought to myself that this may be a “Wag the Dog” scenario, cooked up by one government or another, I decided not to go there, either. It seemed like the best plan was to stay out of it altogether. So, after a cursory review of the basic situation, and a prayer of gratitude that no planes went down, that’s what I did!

Instead, I worked on my book proposal—and really felt the energy flowing. Nothing is as nourishing for me as tapping into the energy grid where Higher Wisdom can be accessed. I listened to Earth Wind & Fire (so you know what state I was in!), and hung out in varying delicious degrees of joy. Now I’m listening to Robert Randolph and the Family Band and rocking out as I write this. I’m pretty darned sure I had the kind of really great day that those people who were glued to CNN did not!

I must say, I rejoiced at not having any plans for flying anytime soon, and felt a lot of gratitude for the guidance that created it that way for me. Though my ministry is expanding rapidly, and I once had visions of traveling all over the place as the result of such an expansion, I have felt a definite inner prohibition against planning anymore events in the near future that require travel. Not because of the threat of terrorism, but because I have felt the deep desire to be home, nurturing myself, healing my knees, writing my book, and just being. I think I’ll probably travel a lot in due time, but just not now. So it has all worked out for me (following your inner guidance instead of pushing always does!), and I am very thankful. I’m also glad Stepdaughter #3 got back from Paris when she did so that it was all very easy for her, and less invitations to worry for us.

Anyway, I was happy today to opt out of angst and into joy. In fact, as I contemplated my high-frequency day, it occurred to me that, as a planetary citizen, it was my civic duty to be joyful. Of course, it’s always our civic duty to be joyful, as that’s what keeps the frequency of humanity rising. But on a day like today when so many people are so easily moved into the fear zone, it seems especially important for those who understand how things work to make deliberate choices to be unmoved by thoughts of less than what they desire for themselves and the world. And, in the process, I got to feel FANTASTIC! Even my knees have felt better today.

Remember, my next free teleseminar is August 29 and is very appropriately titled “Vibrational Shelter.”

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Jordan said:

Hi Julia. Thank you so much for all of your contributions! I love your blogs and pi posts and your site. I have one thing to add about the occurrences on this day. I believe from the depths of my being that this new development in security procedures will lead to revolutionizing travel and security.
Here's what I mean: Did you notice that after the initial craziness dissipated, the security lines actually moved faster than ever before? I believe that with this new 'challenge' will come an entirely new form of security screening. I have been intending a streamlined airport security system since September, 2001. I know that it is out there. I know that it is coming. I intend to keep on intending a positive outcome for this! And I invite everyone else to join me.

Julia said:

Welcome to my blog, Jordan!
Thank you for your wonderful words of appreciation.
Thank you also for your powerful intentions about travel. I will definitely join you in that! I will confess to putting my focus a little too much in the ""what a pain in the butt,"" ""you've got to be kidding me"" place, but you've inspired me to focus upward about this!
I truly do believe that there are infinite realities that we access via our focus, and I would definitely rather tune my station to the reality where life is getting easier and more joyful in every way including travel! Thanks for reminding me.
Love and Appreciation,

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