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I think I’m becoming a timeless being. Okay—returning to being a timeless being. We all start out as timeless beings, but soon adapt the ways of Earth life and before we know it, we are time-based.

I just didn’t realize that it has been a week since I last wrote in my blog. And even more startling than that, I realized yesterday, when I parked to go into my chiropractor’s office, that I had not left the house since the Monday prior—a whole week at home without ever going out anywhere! Now—to me, that’s a great week—living in my own little joyful world, not having to jump into the stew of humanity (who is frequently stewing about this, that, and the other thing). Because I’m in “write a book” mode, and because I seem to do better in the stick-with-it department when distractions are at a minimum, being at home and having nowhere to go is really supportive of my getting things done.

Sooooooo…you’d think I could report that I have made great progress over the last week. And I have…but then again, I have not gotten one finished chapter. I have 3 partially finished chapters, when what I need is one so I can get my book proposal together for my agent-to-be. But I have to go with the flow and do what is most natural. I tend to work like a pin plotter. If you’ve ever witnessed a CAD system (computer-aided drafting), you’ve seen how I write a book. A bit here, a bit there, a bit in another place and then back to add more to something I’ve already started. If you’ve read the preface to Recreating Eden, you know how badly I beat myself up when I was writing it because the process did not go the way I thought it “ought” to—or how I would have liked.

I think this time is a test to see how cool I can stay with the process when it doesn’t unfold in the way that my ego would most appreciate (neat, finished chapters, rapidly written). It has been a challenge not to get all bound up in judgment when most of a day passes and I feel I’ve frittered it away, answering emails, or getting otherwise distracted. Because it’s for sure that judgment isn’t going to expedite a thing. I do think I’m making progress, though, in allowing things to be what they are instead of what would seem tidiest and most satisfying in the short run.

Anyway, I would say that I haven’t blogged in the last week because I’ve been too busy writing, but the fact is that I’ve been too busy not quite writing. That—and I truly didn’t know how long it had been…Like I said, I’m a timeless being, throwing off the restrictions about time, the judgments about time, and the shoulds, ought-tos and supposed-tos about time. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t written sooner, that’s why—but I suspect I’m the only one putting the “should” on this.

And speaking of time, how did it get to be college time for Stepdaughter #2? She was JUST in 4th grade! She moved into her dorm today at the University of Colorado. Rick helped and says her dorm has a fabulous view of the Flatirons. As much as that girl loves to climb, I hope she can get her school work done! Stepdaugher #1 is off tomorrow for a semester abroad in Vienna, and Stepdaughters 3 and 4 have gone back to school this week. The baby is in high school this year! Time, time, time. Always on the move, whether you're paying attention or not.

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